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Chapter one : lets get things straight

The girl walked down the winding pathway and crossed the Paris streets. The morning rising up above the hilltops , sending pink and purple hues across the sky.

She quickened her pace , feeling happy and bubbly inside.

Finally she came to her destination : The Paris Opera house. She gazed up at the gigantic building , taking in the site. With all its statues and pillars. Out of the corner of her eye she thought she saw a man staring out the window. When she turned her head , the girl saw nothing but a blur of black and white. She dismissed it as nothing but a trick of the light. She returned her focus to the architecture. "Big and beautiful" she thought. And it was her job to fix it. She had to renovate the ENTIRE opera house... Of course not by herself

You see , this is how it all got started.


Anthony and Philippe were the new managers of the Paris Opera house. Both were good friends of Juliet , they were both very young and superstitious about everything. And would belive anything you told them. Nobody knows why they became the managers of the opera house. They didn't know a thing about opera or music. Some say that it was because of the famous "Opera ghost". Whilesome would run away in fear , Anthony and Philippe would ask for his autograph... Even if the opera ghost threatened to kill them with a punjab lasso , they wouldn't budge an inch.

One night , Anthony , Philippe and Juliet were playing a game of cards. When Anthony said ,

"Hey , lets make a bet." A devilish grin formed across his face.

"Sure , why not." Juliet shrugged.

"Well , since we are the new managers of the opera house , we can hire whoever we want , and as you know , before the place officially opens , somebody needs to renovate it first. So here is the bet ,we are going to put you in charge of the renovation staff. If you can actually make them listen to you and get some work done. If you do , then I will let you stay there with a room of your choice... Even the prima donna rooms! Plus , you get free meals. And! Full pay." He crossed his arms and had a smug smile on his face.

Juliet , paused and thought about it.

"Fine." She said.

"Ha! You will never get those oafs to listen to you , your a woman and women do NOT belong in a mans world. " Philippe said while wiping away a tear.

That's when she got an idea. "You'll see!" She said blashing a deep shade of red.

-End of flashback-

Juliet sighed , and she pulled out the key to the opera house. She turned the key and opened the door. A blast of coldness hit her. She walked in. The first thing she saw was a huge ballroom. Even though nobody was there , she thought she could here the laughter of party guests and the clinking of champagne glasses. But this time she heard something. Not anything from her imagination , but it was something real. It sounded like... footsteps , a man's footsteps. Suddenly she got the feeling like she was being watched! A shiver ran up her spine. "W-who's there?!" Juliet stutterd. She whipped around at the sound of more footsteps , coming closer and closer. And then , stopped. As soon as those foot steps ceased , she bolted for her suitcases. She opened one up and dug around , she pulled out a match and a lantern. Juliet waved it around only to find nothing but dusts and rats. Juliet pulled out a map that Anthony had given her. Right now her task at hand was to find herself a room.

Juliet walked through the dark hallways never shaking of the feeling that she was being watched. She would turn around every time she thought she heard footsteps or saw a shadow that looked strangely humanoid. Finally she saw a room that was to her liking. She figured out that it was a primma donna room because it was so fancy and big. On one wall was a full body mirror , a dresser on the other side and a couch by the window. But what was odd was that the mirror was srangely spotless , it looked as if somene regularly cleaned it. In fact , so did the whole room! "Huh." She muttered. "Whatever , time to start unpacking!" she started putting away all her clothes (They were mostly mens clothing , since she hated wearing dresses.) She took of her brown jacket and beige hat and opened the closet door. "What the heck?!" Inside the closet was full of fancy , clean , dresses! All of these should have rotted away by now! Juliet looked at the dresses , there were about dresses for each and every color in the rainbow , and shoes to , there so many she lost count! "Woah" she gasped. Juliet hung her jacket and hat on the rack and closed the door. "What is going on around here?!" She returned to packing , and quickly finished. Her thoughts being plagued by all that had happened today. From the man in the window , the footsteps , the room and the feeling that she was being watched.

"Just forget about it Juliet , your probably just nervous being alone in a big place like this. Tomorrow everyone else is gonna come and you will be fine. Just read a book and fall asleep." She said to herself.

And thats just what she did.

It was probably five in the morning when sh woke up to the sound of footsteps. She clutched the book she was reading , ready to defend herself. The footsteps were coming closer and closer. Juliet pretended to be asleep. She opened her eyes just a little bit , and saw a man. Wait , what?! Juliet leaped of the couch . She held the book as if it were a bat. "WHO THE HECK ARE YOU?!" She shrieked. She threw the book at him and bounde for her suitcase , inside she kept a knife. She grabbed it just as she was thrown back by her mystery attacker. She got up and ignored the pain in her back. The man lunged at her , she was on the ground. In the moon light she could see his face he was a burly man with brown curly hair , with a beard coming through. She looked at the window , it was open "Oh I see , he was a mugger and came through the window. I am so silly , I thought it was the opera ghost!" She thought to herself. She was still on the ground , wrestling the man. She kicked his stomach. And he flew back , he got back on his feet and grabbed a knife , her knife! "How ironic , I am going to die with the weapon I tried to defend myself with." She thought. When she looked at the man again she saw a man looming over the mugger. Punjab lasso in hand. The mugger held the knife at her neck " Any last words?" He hissed.

"Look behind you" she whispered.

But it was too late.

The man had killed the mugger with a noose. The mugger dropped to the ground. Dead. The man was very tall and had a long , black cloak and white mask covering half of face.

Juliet touched her head and felt something sticky she pulled her hand back and saw what it was. Blood. The masked man knelt down and picked her up.

And that was all she saw before she blacked out.

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