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Chapter 9 : The opening night

Juliet paced nervously around the quaint dressing room , clenching and unclenching her fists , her palms clammy and twitched every so often. All she could hear was the sound of her own dress swishing against the floor and her on rapid breathing. She stopped pacing and sat down on the small sofa and glanced at the clock hanging on the plain white wall. Five minutes before showtime she thought nervously... her eyes darted to the dressing table where lots of intricate jewelry sat waiting for Juliet to place them onto her neck. Then suddely she felt the familiar presence of Erik. He stood just in front of the mirror gazing at Juliet and she could have sworn she saw his lips turn the slightest bit upwards. Juliet felt her face grow warm as she cleared her throat, meeting his gaze through the mirror , his eyes quickly shifted away from her as she sat down on the sofa, her elegant read and gold dress sprawled around her, she motioned for Erik to sit , patting the spot beside her. He gracefully walked toward her but didn't sit. And she could feel his eyes gazing at her even though she wasn't looking.

"You look beautiful , Juliet." He said , his deep voice breaking the silence between them. Juliet shook her head in response , keeping her eyes downcast , intent on staring at her gloved fingers instead.

"What is wrong?" He asked , the curiosity in his voice unmistakable. When she didn't answer , she felt his cold fingers tilt her chin upward , so that her eyes would meet his.

"I-i can't go on stage..." she stammered. Her voice was so soft she wondered if he could even hear her. But of course he did , and Juliet saw his golden eyes narrow.

"Why not?" He asked, his voice sounded as if he could think of no reason why she wouldn't want to go on stage.

"Is it because you're afraid?" He asked again. His melodious voice attempting to soothe her but to no avail.

"You will do fine Juliet , we have practiced the score inside and out and i-" as he continued she cut him off placing her small hand on his.

"Its not that..." she trembled.

"I-i thoguth that the costumes would look exquisite on Veronique when she played the part of Elvire so I made all of the costumes for her with the back showing. A-and when Veronique became sick I forgot to change the costumes... I was so busy with practice and trying to manage all of the other costumes..." her brown eyes searched his for solace as it dawned on Erik why she needed her costume changed.

The scar on her back was going to show throughout the entire opera and everyone would see.

But of course he gave no hint on what he was feeling as he said " stand up." Juliet looked at him curiously but did as he said. "Turn around" he commanded. Again she did as he said and felt herself shiver. Juliet felt her entracite bun begin to unravel , the clips and pins falling to the floor as waves of brown cascaded around her shoulders she ran a hand through her hair as she looked at the mirror reflecting her now covered back.

"There, now that wasn't so hard, was it?" Erik asked , Juliet turned to face him and she grinned

"You my good sir are a true genius." She was tempted to hug him. To wrap her arms around him. But she didn't. Of course. She was too much of a coward to do anything , she thought bitterly.

The two sat on the crimson sofa uncomfortable silence ; suffocating them both. After a moment Juliet turned and gazed into his eyes , "Erik? Can I ask you something?" She asked , turning away as for him to not notice the blush creeping up her cheeks.

"Anything." He answered absentmindedly.

"You promise?" She inquired.

"Yes , yes." He said , growing impatient.

"Well , since you promised... who... who is Christine?" She stuttered.

Erik turned sharply to look at her , eyes wide with shock. Slowly they narrowed , in distrust. "Where did you hear that name?!" He asked.

"Hey! You promised!" She said , avoiding his question.

Eeik sighed as if defeated and looked at her. "Somebody that I used to know , a long time ago..." he answered cryptically. But Juliet could tell when she looked into Erik's golden eyes was that Christine was much more than someone he used to know. When she looked into his eyes she saw so many emotions swirling underneath the surface. There was longing , hate , love and most of all sadness. This woman , whoever she was had broke his heart.

Suddenly the sound of someone pounding on her door interrupted her thoughts. Juliet surveyed the room looking for Erik but he had vanished once more.

" I gotta figure out how he does that..." she muttered to herself. Then gazing at the mirror she smiled and said "thanks Erik..." before she was once more interrupted by the mystery person banging away at the door. She answered the door and found that it was Phillipe. He smiled at her "its showtime Juliet ' good luck. " she smiled back and thought ' I have all the luck in the world' she made her way quickly through the corridors and hallways noticing a few ballet girls rushing to the stage.

She soon made it backstage as she began tapping nervously watching everyone else bustle about , the many stagehands and ballet girls gracefully warming up.

Juliet began to recite her lines , singing softly to herself going through the warm ups Erik had taught her. And before she knew it she heard her que. It was her time in the spotlight.

She gracefully walked out to the stage. She wasn't Juliet anymore. She wasn't the hopeless clumsy romantic. She was Elvire. She felt the heat of everyone's stares , but she brushed them off. Imagining herself back in Erik's music room and suddenly she wasn't afraid anymjore. Juliet took in a breath , opened her mouth and began to sing.

Juliet's gaze shifted from the gigantic chandelier looming over them to Jonathan , the lead male's eyes. And then she saw them. Two bright glowing gold orbs gazing at her from box five. She couldn't see anything else execpt for those two pools of gold , but she knew it was him. It was Erik. A surge of emotion filled Juliet as she continued to sing. She had never heard herself sing like that before.

Every note more passionate, more powerful , more pure than the last. And she erased all thought of the thousand of spectators watching her at that moment as she locked gazes with Erik. She sang only for him. Once her part was done she rushed off stage with Jonathan. Receiving respectful glances from the ballet girls that were rushing onstage. A bead of sweat trickled down her forehead as she glanced at Jonathan, he was smiling at her.

"What?" She asked , defensively. But that only made his smile grow wider,

"Nothing, nothing, its just that i've never heard anyone sing so great like that. Seriously you were amazing." He continued staring st her , as if that wasn't totally weird and creepy.

"Thanks..." she said trailing off. Still unsure if the vibe she was getting from him was good or bad. But she was not going to find out.

Again it was their time to go back on. And once she meet Erik's gaze her voice became that of an angels. Every note sounded of pure perfection. Passionate, sweet, it was a symphony of emotions entertwined with music.

Before she knew it the opera was over and all the singers and the rest of the cast were lined up to take their final bow.

A roar of applause crashed like thunder in Juliet's ears. Roses and flowers of all kinds were thrown in all directions. It was like the performances she was told about. A standing ovation. Crying "encore! Encore!" The singers held hands and bowed , finally filing off the stage followed by the chorus girls and the ballet troupe. A last rush of applause followed and then the audience filed out one by one from their seats. Finally everyone was gone and the auditorium had gone silent.

Juliet peeked form the large velvet curtain searching for a familiar pair of gold eyes but to no avail. Dissapointment clawed at her throat but she pushed it away knowing he would show up later to congratulate her.

She made her way back to her room where to her surprise a crowd of people stood waiting once the y spotted her; Juliet's name was shouted throughout the long corridor. She tried to push past them, but thank god for the two faithful managers who stood beside her.

"We are so sorry but miss Juliet will not be answering any questions tonight. We will try to answer for her to the best of our ability." Anthony said. Juliet smiled gratefully and rushed onto her room shutting it behind her. Juliet let out a sigh and plopped down on her small sofa. She closed her eyes hoping she could get a tad bit of sleep when she heard the familiar sound of a certain cat. And felt something light jump on her stomach. Juliet popped one eye open wondering if she was just dreaming.

"Ayesha?!" She gasped, as she felt Ayesha nuzzle her head against her palm. Juliet sat up and wondered out loud , "how did you get here?" The petite black cat gazed at her with those two bright blue eyes. And then Juliet noticed something on Ayesha's neck. It was a brown leather collar with a gold tag hanging from it. Engraved on the tag was the name "Ayesha". Juliet smiled at the air. Knowing it must have taken a lot of time to get that collar on her.

And then she saw something sticking up from Ayesha's collar. Juliet slid it out from her collar and looked at it , curiously.

It was a blood red rose , with a black ribbon tied around it with all the thorns trimmed off. Juliet gasped and grinned fingering the petals smelling it's sweet scent. She took a drinking glass and filled it with some water and placed the rose inside , tugging the ribbon free and tied it around her hair.

With the image of the rose in her mind she quickly change out of her extravegent costume and put on a simple grey dress. Giddy to visit Erik and thank him for the unexpected present.

She grabbed Ayesha and cradled her in her arms as she made her way through the dark tunnels but having no trouble finding her way to the lake. There sat the boat in which se placed Ayesha in and rowed; the feeling of happiness powering her like a battery.

Once she reached shore she jumped out and tied the boat and picked up Ayesha. "Erik!" She called looking in the music room and everywhere else "Erik?" Fear and worry began to creep up her spine as she continued searching for her friend that was currently MIA

Finally she found him in the one place she never went. In the one place where they fought and SHE promised him to never go snooping back there. He was kneeling before that statue of the woman. Her perfect face smiling as if she was mocking him as he knelt there.

"Erik?" She timidly called out. No answer.

"Erik, what is wrong?" Still there was no answer. Juliet knelt down and placed a hand on his shoulder , and she felt him flinch under her touch

"Go away!" He said, his voice was hoarse , as if he had been crying.

Juliet licked her lips, thinking of what to say. She began softly , "Erik , I can't help you if- " but she didn't get a chance to finish because his gloved hand swung back and hit her in the stomach. "LEAVE ME!" He shouted. His eyes burned with sadness and anger as he glared into her chocolate orbs.

Juliet wordlessley stood up , eyes downcast. She turned around and walked away , Ayesha meowing helplessly pawing at Juliet's skirts.

"Stay here okay?" She murmured to Ayesha. Her footsteps echoing in Erik's ears as he heard the boat lap against the waves of the Rue Scribe.

(Upstairs in the audiotoriam)

Juliet sat on the marble staircase gazing down at her pale , fragile hands , and watched as tiny droplets of water splashed around in her palms. She angrily wiped the tears on her dress and ran a hand through her chocolate colored hair.

"Excuse me?" Someone asked. Juliet looked up in awe and fascination when those words touched her ears. It sounded as if they had come from an angel. The voice was soft and musical and when she looked to meet the face that belonged to the angelic voice she thought she was staring in the eyes of an angel.

She had beautiful honey colored locks that cascaded down her back like elegant waves , and wide innocent baby blue eyes that reminded Juliet of the sky on a summer day. She gasped and stood up to shake her hand.

"Umm , yes?" She tentively answered , almost forgetting that the woman originally asked a question in the first place. The woman was wearing an elegant dress. With lots of layers of fabrics and ribbons and lace. It was breathtaking and most surely one of the most expensive dresses in Paris. Juliet felt as if she were filth next to the woman. She felt underdressed and ugly.

"You are the girl that played Elvire? Yes? I love how you sang tonight. It was truly beautiful." The woman continued on and gave Juliet a breath taking smile.

"My name is..." the woman began , but Juliet already knew who she was , because she had just seen her moments before in Erik's lair smiling her breathtaking smile.

She was the woman that broke Erik's heart.

She was Christine.

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