Chapter 6

They wouldn't let us in when they were getting her ready, but after all the wires were attached, they let us into the light blue room with a smile. Barf. I went home before they let us in so I could get us some stuff, (tablets, games, ect.) and I was prepared. Well, I wasn't prepared for what I saw.

I obviously saw Rose, but it was horrible. The wires were all tangled and a mess glued on to this white cap that was glued to her head. They were taking her blood pressure when we came in, and she looked pale and horrible. "God, are you okay?" I asked.

The nurse answered for her. "She's fine, just some blood drawn. But you have to remember: she's off her normal medicine. If she has a seizure, it's vital that you press this button." She instructed, handing me a button connected to her hospital bed. I nodded. Not like there was pressure or anything.

"Wait, hang on..." Phil said, obviously confused. "She's off her medicine?"

The nurse nodded. "Yeah, we need to monitor her brain."

"Does that mean- if she has a seizure...we have to be in the room?" I don't know if that question was meant to be answered, but I said,

"Yeah, but the nurses will come in Phil." He was already starting to shake. Great. I have to deal with enough already. He nodded shakily. The nurse finally left, leaving me, Phil, and Rose alone to do whatever we like.

"What should we do?" Rose asked. She glanced at the TV, then my backpack.

"We could have a threesome," I suggested sarcastically.

"We couldn't do that, as much as I'd like to, they're monitoring us," She pointed to a small camera in the corner of the room. I don't know if she was joking, and I don't know if Phil knew either, but he punched me in the arm for the suggestion. I think.

I started to rummage through my full backpack, trying to avoid any awkward silence.

I'm not entirely sure what happened next. I heard vibrating. But not like a phone, more like a bed that is rubbing against a wall. I grabbed my DS out of my backpack and turned around. Rose was shaking, her eyes fully open, but she didn't seem there. I realized what was happening. Seizure. I dropped everything in my hands and pressed the button. It started recording. "Help! She's having a seizure!" I watched as Phil stood motionless, paralyzed. Nurses rushed in, poking her with needles and wires. Rose continued to shake. It was horrifying. Those lifeless eyes, staring at nothing, watching her body shake. I hadn't realized the tears pooling at my eyes, and I tried to blink them away. That didn't work.

What if she dies? No, she couldn't. She won't. She wouldn't do that to me. But what if her cancer- No. I had to shut my brain up.

I grabbed Phil's arm and yanked him towards me and dashed out of the room. We went into the hallway, and I slid down the wall while collapsing into sobs. Phil sat next to me. "Shh," He cooed, trying to make me feel better. "She'll be okay."

I sniffed. "Are you sure?"


"Pinky swear?" I asked, holding out my pinky. He nodded, connecting his pinky with mine.

"But what if the cancer...?" I asked, knowing I didn't have to finish the sentence.

"I don't know, but I know we'll get through this." I nodded. A nurse came through the door.

"She's done having the seizure. She'll be out for a while, so be patient." We both got up and walked into the room. Rose's eyes were closed, and her body was lifeless. It was scary. I saw her chest rise and fall, and I knew she was okay. I sat down and retrieved my dropped items, finding a small dent in the DS.

"W-Wanna play?" I asked him. He nodded and I handed him his blue DS and we played Mario Kart for about 35 minutes, then Rose woke up.

"Ow," She moaned, rubbing her head.

"You're awake!" I half-screamed, jumping up from my seat. I ran over to the bed. She didn't respond, just rubbing her head.

She started screaming uncontrollably. What do I do? "What's wrong?" I asked frantically, and by this time Phil was out of his seat as well. The air was full with her piercing screams.

"My head," She moaned through screams. "It hurts! My head!" I called to the nurses and one rushed in with a bag that looked just about half full of clear liquid. She put a needle in Rose's hand (which caused loud screams of pain from her) and attached the bag.

"Pain meds," The nurse said to Phil and I. "She'll calm down in a bit. Might be a bit loopy." Then she left. Sure enough, 3 minutes later, Rose settled down in her bed, her eyelids heavy.

"You okay?" I asked her. She nodded.

"What's the last thing you remember?" Phil asked, stepping next to me by the bed.

"Phil? Is that you?" She asked, reaching towards him. He grabbed her hand.

"Yeah it's me." I made a fake gagging sound. "You need a girlfriend, Dan."

"I don't remember much." She looked around, starting to panic. "Wait- where am I? Where's my bed? What happened? Get me out of here!" She started struggling in her bed.

"Shh, it's okay," Phil shushed, successfully shutting her up. "You had a seizure."

"Oh," She replied, calmer. Yeah, the medicine was working. "Dan?" She asked, startling me for a moment.


"Do you still see the monsters?" How am I going to respond to that?

"No, no. That was just hallucinations. I'm better."

"Okay, but remember- if you ever see them again, think really hard, and think about things that make you happy. Like llamas, and colors, and smiles, and Phil..." The list went on, and I could tell the medicine was making her loopy.

"Wait, wait, hold up," I interrupted. "Why'd you say Phil?"

"Because, silly," She started grinning like a complete idiot. "He makes you happy. I can see it. When ever you fight, instead of you being angry, you're sad. Sad of losing him." I never really realized how true that statement was. Instead of saying something to Phil or said something witty, I just blushed. I hope no one saw that. "Oh my god," She said, astonished. "Guys, guys: I can see colors!" Yeah, it's working.

"Yeah, well, why don't you take a nap, Rose?" Phil told her. She nodded and snuggled into her pillows.

Me and Phil played Mario Kart the rest of the day, and Rose had a total of 4 seizures, which is what the Doctors had hoped for. It was a traumatic experience.

What was the worst, though, was how much her hair was disappearing. Chunks were falling off, flowing to the pillow. It was heart breaking.

Eventually the painful 48 hours were over, and we were free to go after they took out the IV and took off the wires. They'd have the results in next week.

-1 Week Later-

"C'mon, Dan, we have to go with Rose to get the results." Phil called to me through my bedroom door.

"Meh," I groaned, getting off of the comfort of my bed. I threw on some skinny jeans and a Danosaur t-shirt, and we went to pick up Rose from her apartment.

We walked down to her apartment door and knocked. "Come in!" Rose called from inside. We walked in on Rose downing her horse pills of medicine.

"God, how do you swallow those?" Phil asked in awe. Rose giggled and pecked Phil on the lips. I rolled my eyes. "Shut up, Dan."

"Are you ready to go, or are you going to have sex first?" I asked sarcastically. They make it too easy for me to mess with them.

Rose grabbed her keys and we set out for a cab. I, being the tallest of all of us, am able to hail a cab easiest. We told the cabbie the address and settled into the car.

We finally made it to the hospital and we were led to a small room. "Wait here," A office worker called to us.

10 minutes later, the doctor came in. "I'm afraid we have some bad news." Panic flooded my body, and a wave of sadness washed over Rose's face. "The epilepsy- it's worse. She needs more medicine and a some more tests." Fuck.

I could see tears flooding Rose's eyes, and Phil's too. I can't cry in this situation. I have to show control.

"But-" Rose sniveled. "But I can't afford any more medicine."

"I'm sorry. But you need more. You could have seizure while on the dose you're on now."

At this point, Rose was bawling and cuddling Phil. Rose does have a job at a bookstore, but it doesn't pay much. Enough to pay the bills, she told me.

"Thank you, Doctor." I told him, while I picked up Rose and gave her a piggy back ride while we picked up the prescription. It's normal, trust me. Rose stayed on my back the whole time until we got into the cab.

"What-what are we gonna do?" She asked through sobs.

"I don't know," Phil answered.

"Wait! I have the bestest idea in the whole of human history!" I screamed, startling the cabbie. "And it'll work!"