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A little background for this story: After Peter and Char escaped Jasper killed Maria and took over her army. In time he defeated all the southern armies and became their leader. Peter and Char rejoined him and helped him rule the armies. Even the Volturri feared the southern armies. He never met Alice or the Cullens. He only knows of them by rumor. The incident with James and his coven did not happen. Tanya jealous of Bella and determined to win Edward told the Volturri that Bella knew of their existence.

Her Protector

Chapter 1

Alice sat tensely, her family gathered around her breathless waiting for her to guide them. The Volturri were coming. They had decided they waited long enough. They were going to wipe out her entire family.

She was frantically making decisions and seeing their outcome. Every decision lead to someones death, most of the time Bella's. If Edward would just change her or let her be changed...but he refused. Even with death at their door he refused.

"If you would just change her..." Alice began.

Edward growled loudly. "I won't damn her Alice."

Alice sighed, no one would go against him. Even though they were all going to die. They all expected her to pull a miracle out of her ass. If only she could find someone strong enough to protect her. Hmmm...maybe. She had heard rumors that the Volturri feared the Major. Would he be willing to help them?

She made a decision to go ask for his help by herself...She was rejected and came back to find her family dead. She made the decision to go with Bella...again the rest of the family wound up dead. She decided to go with the whole family...her visions got blurry...only one thing was clear they were all alive. She saw Bella happy laughing with a blonde vampire. Edward was unhappy but alive. Esme and Carlisle were alive but alone. Rose and Emmett were on another honeymoon. She couldn't see herself, but if her family was alive...

Alice looked at Edward, he was frowning. He must have seen her visions. 'Just because I saw her with a blonde doesn't mean she left you. Besides I've always told you that she may not be your mate. You can't know without tasting her blood.' Alice thought to him.

Edward growled. "She's mine."

'I understand you are afraid of not being able to stop but Edward if you love her you would want her to be happy. Even if that isn't with you.' Alice thought to him.

Edward's only response was another growl. Alice sighed and began to search again. Hours later the only possibility that even had a remote chance was all of them asking for help from the Major.

"I won't do it Alice." Edward said.

"Then you will condemn us to death Edward. It's bad enough you won't change her. If you did that we wouldn't be going through this." She wasn't sure that was entirely true there were visions showing the Volturri capturing Bella, Edward and herself anyways and forcing them to join the guard. It was why Alice hadn't pushed harder for Bella's transformation.

"You know that's not entirely true." Edward said smirking.

"You have sat with me for two days searching visions." Truth was he wouldn't leave her alone..."You know this is the only possibility." Alice said. The others looked between the two of them but said nothing. They waited patiently to be told what was going on. She hated how much they trusted her, how much they relied on her to keep them safe. What if she failed?

She looked over at her family. Esme was held by Carlisle, she was watching Edward, while Carlisle was watching her. Rose and Emmett were sitting on the couch. Emmett was very involved but Rose looked bored. She never liked Bella nor Edward really. Edward was lost in thought. Last she looked at Bella. Bella looked frightened and frustrated. Alice knew she wanted to be changed and Alice had even thought of doing it herself, but in her visions it always ended badly. Bella hated that she had put them all in danger. She was more frightened for them than herself.

Alice loved the girl and admired her for her selflessness. She wished though that Bella had never met any of them. She had watched as the shy but strong girl had turned into a timid, clinging vine. Even now she sat watching Edward, waiting for his decision, never daring to voice her opinion anymore. It had happened so gradually Alice hadn't seen it. Little by little Edward had worn her down until Bella looked to him for everything. Never talking or making any decision without looking to him first. She was so afraid he would leave her and she believed she wasn't good enough for him.

Alice scoffed. If anything Edward was not good enough for her. Truth be told Alice didn't like Edward much. While she made an effort not to look into the futures of her family, trying to give them privacy, he regularly read their thoughts as if it was a right. She knew he didn't have to. Carlisle believed he couldn't control it. Alice didn't buy it.

At the very least Edward didn't have to comment on what he heard. He did though using what he learned to control the family in subtle ways and sometimes overt ways. She heard Edward growled and she frowned herself. 'If you don't like what you hear don't listen.' She thought to him.

She would never say that out loud. Carlisle wouldn't like it, in spite of Carlisle's obvious favoritism Alice loved him. She was very afraid that her position in the family was weak. She was the last one to arrive and Carlisle wasn't her sire. She desperately wanted to stay with the Cullens and Edward knew this. He held it against her constantly, getting her to do what he wanted.

'We need to ask the Major. You know it's the only way.' Alice thought to him not daring to say it out loud without his approval.

Edward finally nodded.

Alice began right away not wanting him to change his mind. "The only way I have seen to save us all is to ask the Major for his protection."

Esme gasped but Carlisle looked to be in deep thought. Bella looked confused, no one had told her who the Major was. Emmett looked excited while Rose continued to look bored. They all looked to Carlisle.

"It could work...The Volturri would never go against him overtly. Still they might try something underhanded. We will have to keep on our guard. Are you sure of this Alice? I have heard that the Major is ruthless." Carlisle asked.

"My visions get fuzzy after we ask for his protection. I'm not sure he even gives it but I have seen after we ask him. I have seen each of us alive. No other vision has that outcome." Alice said not wanting to divulge too much. Her visions were tricky, sometimes telling others of them changed them. She searched again, to be safe, and saw that they would still end up alive with this course of action.

Emmett stood up suddenly. "When do we leave?" He asked in his normal booming voice. Alice couldn't help but smile fondly at her brother. Bella began to giggle but stopped when Edward shot her a glare.

"Tomorrow." Alice said hoping to stop Edward's intimidation of Bella.

Bella fought the tears that threatened to spill. Saying goodbye to Charlie was harder than she had thought it would be. Of course she hadn't told him the truth, she told him she was going to stay with a friend in Arizona. She had given him her cell phone number but hadn't been specific in what she told him. He had been hurt and asked her to stay for at least the summer. She was eighteen and he hadn't tried to order her. Only the knowledge that if she stayed she would put him in danger, stopped her from caving in to him.

She sat in the back of the car gazing out at the scenery that sped by. Alice was driving so while the speed was ridiculous it wasn't as bad as when Edward drove. Edward had insisted she sit in the back so she could lay down and sleep if she wanted, but it felt like she was a child relegated to the back seat while the adults took the front.

She snuck a peek at the back of Edward's head. Even from behind he was perfect. Bella frowned and looked down at her hands in her lap. What was she doing? She had put them all in danger and the truth was she wasn't good enough for any of them.

Edward couldn't really love her, he just felt responsible for her. It was obvious, he rarely was intimate with her and pushed her away whenever she tried to be with him. Their kisses were chaste and no tongue whatsoever was ever involved. Bella wondered what he would do if she tried to initiate such a kiss. She sighed, she wouldn't know how to. No one had ever given her such a kiss. She had seen Emmett and Rose in their make out sessions but didn't think she could ever be as brave as Rose.

"What's this Major like?" Bella asked wanting to get her mind out of the gutter.

Edward snorted. "He's a barbarian." He said with scorn.

Alice looked at him with annoyance. "He is ruthless but fair. He rules the whole of the south and keeps a large number of vampires in line. He can be cruel but no one dares challenge him. He has few rules but the ones he has he enforces harshly."

Bella shivered a bit. He sounded horrible. "What are his rules?" She asked.

"He won't let children be hunted. He won't let vampires torture their prey. He makes them keep a limit to their feeding. Mates are sacred and he won't let vampires harm another's mate. No one can be changed without his approval and of course humans must be kept in the dark as to our existence." Alice answered.

Those sounded like good laws to Bella.

"Tell her what he does to those who break the rules." Edward said in a bitter voice.

Alice didn't respond for a long time. "He decapitates them and puts their heads on pikes around his compound."

Bella gasped in horror...this was the vampire that was supposed to protect her?

"As I said he is a barbarian!" Edward growled.

Bella no longer pursued the conversation. Now she was frightened more than ever. She trusted Alice though, if she said this man would save them Bella would follow her advice. She would do anything to save the Cullens.

She laid down and closed her eyes, trying to block out thoughts of the sadistic vampire they were rushing to meet. She woke when the car stopped. She groggily sat up and looked around.

"Are we there?" She asked sleepily.

"No, but from here on out we will have to run. He doesn't allow vehicles on his land." Edward said.

Alice jumped out of the car with her usual energy and came over to Bella who was just exiting the car. "I brought you some food." She said with a big smile as she handed her a sack.

Bella took the sack and opened it. Mmmmm a roast beef sandwich. At that moment she loved Alice. She gave her a hug and dug into the sandwich. She was so hungry. Alice laughed in happiness and brought her a soda and some chips.

Edward just looked at her with disgust. Bella frowned but began to eat more lady like. She knew he didn't approve of her eating junk food, but she couldn't really turn it down. So she tried to eat more careful like he asked her to many times. He had told her that her manners were atrocious. Bella forced a couple more bites down before giving up. Her enjoyment of the food was gone.

"I know you don't like junk food Bella. I'm sorry Alice was so thoughtless. I however did think of you." He said pulling out a bag.

Bella fought back a groan, but took the bag obediently. She didn't even look at the contents, she just opened it and began to eat. She knew she had to eat it all to make him happy.

Luckily for her the rest of the family arrived and she no longer had to force herself to eat. They were going to leave their luggage, as they were unsure of their reception yet. Edward would carry Bella. She climbed on his back, closed her eyes and hung on for dear life.

The run seemed to take forever but couldn't have lasted long. Bella was shaking when Edward put her down. He smiled at her and gave her a swift kiss on her cheek. Bella stared up at him in adoration a blush on her cheeks. She saw Edward tense and looked around to see two vampires appear from nowhere.

The man was tall, with dirty blonde hair and a smirk. The woman was very short, almost as short as Alice, she had long blonde hair and she too wore a smile. Her smile was more friendly and less arrogant though. Both had blood-red eyes.

Carlisle stepped forward. "Hello, My name is Carlisle Cullen and this is my coven. Esme my mate, Emmett and his mate Rosalie, Alice, Edward and his mate Bella." Carlisle introduced them all.

The man laughed. "You brought a human here!" He seemed to think this was hilarious and would have kept laughing if the woman beside him hadn't hit him in the back of the head. Bella fought back a giggle.

"Hey y'all My name is Charlotte. You can call me Char. This idiot is my mate Peter." The woman said as she came forward and shook hands with all of them even Bella. Bella liked her instantly.

The man stood there watching them all with that irritating smirk. Bella felt Edward growing impatient beside her and hoped he would say something soon.

"So y'all are here to see the Major." He said grinning at each of them. Carlisle started to answer but Peter interrupted him. "Well c'mon then." He said and turned while waving his arm in a gesture for them to follow.

Bella waited till Edward started to follow. She made sure to stay very close to him. It was dark and Bella had trouble seeing. She clutched Edward's arm afraid she would fall and bleed. That would be a disaster here.

They entered a large barn and followed Peter and Char to a hidden door in one of the stalls. They entered to find a wide hallway, well lit. They made many turns and Bella was sure she would never be able to find her way out of here by herself. She had faith that Edward would be able to though.

They entered a large room with what looked like a throne at the end. The room wasn't overly decorated but it did seem designed to intimidate whoever was in an audience here. There were ten vampires standing silently along the walls. There red eyes stared at them and made Bella horribly nervous. Edward put his arm around her and drew her close. She was a little surprised at his gesture.

They waited for what seemed like forever before a door opened and a very tall vampire walked out. All vampires were gorgeous but this man...Bella felt her face go hot. He was a blonde god. He had to be the Major she couldn't imagine anyone going against him. She remembered Edward and Alice's words about him. She could believe them. He was ruthless and he was a barbarian.

"We have come to ask your protection." Carlisle said without preamble. The man that Bella assumed was the Major, ignored Carlisle.

His red eyes studied each of them in turn and Bella thought he was reading their souls. Finally it was her turn and those red eyes turned on her. She thought she would collapse when he caught her eyes. She wanted to look away but was unable to. His gaze was hard and callous. She knew she would know no mercy from this man. Then suddenly something changed his eyes...She saw a loneliness that made her want to weep. As quick as it came it was gone. She must have imagined it.

Edward began to growl and pulled her closer to him. Those eyes returned to Edward and he began to sneer. Before anyone could move the tall blonde had taken her from Edward's grip. Bella didn't even have time to be afraid before she felt his fangs on her neck. She should be afraid, she should be screaming... she wasn't instead perversely she felt a tingle down her spine and shuddered in pleasure as she felt first a sharp bite then his tongue licking the wound soothingly. She was sure if he wasn't holding her up, her knees would have given out and she would have fallen to the floor.

"No!" Edward yelled and tried to rush to her side. He didn't even make it a step as the silent guards moved in and held him in place. The rest of the Cullens looked tense but were still.

"Please don't hurt her..." Esme pleaded.

He pulled Bella behind him and turned to the Cullens. Bella felt slightly dizzy from everything but otherwise okay. What had he done? Did he change her? Shouldn't she feel a burn? Edward had said the change was painful. Her skin tingled where he held her arm surprisingly gently, but she felt no pain.

"I know who you are Esme Cullen. I know that the Volturri is after your coven, because you have not changed this human." The man said in a strong deep voice. His voice seemed to run through her, tickling her insides and making her feel funny.

"I also know that it is an excuse to gain your two gifted ones. You have come for my protection. I will give it to you. A human in my halls would be considered food so I have marked her as mine. No one will dare touch her now." He said not only for the Cullens but for the guards in the room too.

Was she now his food? Bella's hand went to her neck. There were bumps there now...a scar?

"You are welcome to my protection as long as you stay in my territory. If you leave it you will no longer have my security." He said with a pointed look at Edward, who was still being held.

"She's mine give her back." Edward growled.

"You can not protect her." The Major said. "Char will show you to your rooms. You are free to hunt what you prefer, she will explain our laws."

The Major took Bella's hand tucking it into the crook of his arm, in a very old-fashioned gesture. Bella was too dazed to resist. She heard a commotion behind her and turned to see Edward struggling against his captors. Suddenly Edward went limp and the guards began to lead him away. Bella started to try to remove her arm but the Major's once gentle grip became hard.

"He will live. You will come with me." He said simply.

It was futile to struggle and Bella was used to giving in so she followed him without a word. She saw a slight frown on his face and hoped she hadn't angered him. He smiled at her and she caught her breath at the smile.

Before she knew it she found herself in a bedroom. It was very large. Books adorned the walls, a large canopy bed with black satin sheets and a large black comforter was in the middle. She saw a desk with a computer in the corner.

He walked over to the bed and pulled back the comforter. He gestured for her to enter, Bella hesitated suddenly afraid of what his intentions were. He said nothing merely picked her up like a child and laid her down. He pulled the comforter up to her chin and tucked her in. He stared at her for a minute and Bella felt her heart pounding in her chest.

"Goodnight Isabella." He whispered and turned away.

Bella was confused and was sure she wouldn't sleep, but her eyes closed and she drifted into a restful sleep.

Author's note: I try to write one story at a time for fear of my stories running together. I had to start this story though as the plot wouldn't leave me alone. I hope you enjoy it ;D