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Chapter 26

Bella sat in the car watching the night speed by. Everything was going so fast and she was having a hard time sorting it all. The pain had not lasted long before she had awoken to a new world. It tempted her, distracted her, made her want to forget the very real dangers and fear.

She could smell everything, see everything. She wondered if her sense of touch and taste was more pronounced too. She looked over at Jasper...How would he feel now? How would he taste? Would he be sweet? Spicy? Salty? Would he feel hard as he had when they had made love? Would he be smooth to her touch, soft and pliable, warm? She unconsciously licked her lips before she heard his soft growl and shook her thoughts away. Right, not the right time for that.

Her thoughts turned to Alice. Alice knew more than she was saying. Bella had not pushed her. It was too hard to keep focussed. Emotions swamped her, wanting to control her and she needed to keep her mind on saving her mother and unborn sibling.

Alice had told them what they needed to do. Ordering them in a tone that left no room for arguments. Bella had been surprised that Jasper listened to her so readily. She knew he didn't like relying on her visions. They were now speeding to Florida, where Alice had assured them Edward was keeping her mother. Along with them, in separate cars, a small army followed.

Bella began to chew her bottom lip, would they be in time? Alice had told her they would, but she had held something back. She knew more than she told. What? Why hadn't she told them everything?

She heard movement in the back seat and turned to look at Erin. The man sat next to one of Jasper's guards and wore a guilty and worried expression. Bella's eyes narrowed. Jasper may be willing to forgive the man but Bella was not. She wished she could have ripped him apart, limb by limb. Not only had he attempted to hurt her mate physically but he had succeeded in hurting him emotionally.

Jasper would say nothing, show no signs of the deep hurt he felt at the betrayal by a man he considered a friend. Bella knew it was there though, buried along with all the other hurts he kept hidden. She turned back to look at Jasper's strong profile. He was so handsome it made her physically ache with desire and love. He deserved so much more than his life had given him. When this was over she was going to lavish him with love, comfort his sorrow, ease his burden.

She heard him growl softly and she felt him push his gift towards her, showering her with feelings of protectiveness, tenderness, admiration and love. If Bella's eyes could shed tears they would be. His love was a balm to her soul and helped her calm her emotions and gain focus.

"We will be there soon Isabella. We know their positions. John did not find Renee but I should have no difficulty sensing her when we are within range. I will rescue her and Edward will die. He will not worry you anymore. I won't let him." Jasper told her, his voice was deep and determined. Bella shivered a bit at the sound of it.

She turned back to the road. Jasper had sent John to spy immediately on finding out Edward's position from Alice. Then he had waited for Bella to awaken and gathered his troops and made his preparations. They had left immediately after Bella was fed. Bella hadn't wanted to wait but Jasper insisted she eat first.

Her first taste of blood had been non eventful. She had thought about it quite a bit when she had begged Edward to change her. She had wondered how it would taste. Would it be disgusting? Would it taste like ambrosia? Would she like it? She remembered how it had made her shudder, the reality was that it tasted like blood. It was neither disgusting nor appetizing. She had drunk it without a thought. Her thoughts ran around her mother, Jasper, the danger her father was in, her rage at Edward, her guilt for bringing Jasper and her mother into her danger. The taste of blood, the debate on whether to drink human or animal blood, it didn't really matter.

Bella began to practice with her shield. Peter had helped her learn to control it while she was human, but there was only so much she could do with it as a human. Now she felt like she had better control of it. Better range and she felt as if it was stronger. She practiced wrapping it around the inhabitants of the car. Shielding all then shielding separate individuals.

She was so engrossed she didn't even realize the car had stopped until she heard Jasper's soft "Isabella?" Bella shook herself and exited the car. She looked around at the gathered vampires. She watched as Jasper gave him their orders. They rushed to obey him. Bella couldn't help the admiration she felt for him. He was so strong. When his troops were where he wanted them he turned to Bella and pulled her in his arms. He kissed her passionately and Bella trembled in his arms.

"You will stay at my side at all times Isabella." He ordered. Bella couldn't help the smile that developed at his bossiness.

Jasper tried to ignore the feelings coming from Isabella. She distracted him and he needed to be focussed right now. The army was larger than the seer had told them. Had she not seen it? What else would be waiting to surprise them? Edward had created an army of newborns. Quite a few were gifted.

They were outnumbered but Jasper had no doubt he would win. His people were battle hardened and trained to fight new borns and those with gifts. They would win, he just hoped that they didn't have too many casualties.

Jasper began to send out a healthy dose of fear toward the vampires hidden around them. He tried to hold down his disgust at Edward. The boy was far from the battle with two men. He had set a very poor trap for them. Jasper had no problem walking right into it. If he wanted to he could drop half the vampires surrounding them. He would trust his people though and concentrate on rescuing Isabella's mom.

He didn't want his people to have a difficult time, though. So he searched the enemy. He was able to pick out those that had the most arrogance. He concentrated his gift on them. Only five, Jasper let out a snort of derision. Edward was an arrogant fool to send such a pitiful force against him. He knocked the five gifted vampires with a very high dose of fear. Once identified his people moved in, taking out the gifted ones with ease and practice. They had fought together for decades and knew how to react without being told.

"Erin, Pele, Isabella you are with me." He commanded and started in the direction he knew Edward to be. He didn't look to see if he was obeyed. He knew he would be. Even Erin would follow him. He hadn't met Erin's mate so couldn't distinguish her from the rest but he was sure they would get her location from Edward.

"We will find your mate." He told the worried man behind him. He couldn't be angry with him. He would have done anything for Isabella, he had done many things he normally wouldn't for her. Erin was just duped. It did hurt thought that he had betrayed him for such a long time. Jasper shook the thoughts off, no time for being a pussy, it was time to settle scores.

The battle raged around them and Jasper struggled with the need to enter the fray, to let his beast out and let his anger take over. He wouldn't though, he was saving his rage for Edward. Jasper didn't even know Isabella was shielding them till he saw one rather ambitious new born bounce off it. He grinned at the sight, torn between the disappointment of not getting a chance to vent his anger and his pride in his powerful mate. Pride won out and he smiled at her as they walked through the battle unscathed.

They arrived to see Edward with two other vampires. One had to be Riley, the other Jasper didn't know but the man was extremely arrogant. Jasper wondered what gift the vampire had.

Edward stared at Isabella. Lust came off him in waves and Jasper growled before sending him a strong dose of insecurity and impotence.

Edward turned to Jasper and shook his head. "None of that now, we have things to discuss. Can't do that if I'm on the floor in a ball crying, now can I."

Jasper said nothing. He had to admit the boy was strong emotionally. He had dropped other men with the amount of angst he was sending to him. There had to be something else helping him. Jasper looked at the two men with him. One scowled at him the other grinned.

"Ahh you are a quick one. Yes I think you have figured it out. Say hello to my very own happy pill, Mick." Edward said. "Of course he's not as useful as you. He can't read emotions nor can he send negative emotions. Still he's my very own Prozac. You can get some through, cause hey you're the Major, but he keeps me from being a blubbering idiot."

"Where's my mother?" Isabella cried.

Jasper watched the boy turn his attention back to her. He experimented with sending out fear to Mick and Riley. They felt it but neither were incapacitated.

"Well she's near, love." Edward held up a small remote. "This handy little device is a remote that is set to detonate the very large explosives I have set in the shed where she is." Isabella gasped and Jasper growled.

"Now that we know the situation. Riley go stand near our heroes, make sure they are not able to use their gifts, while Isabella and I discuss our upcoming wedding." Edward said with a smile.

Jasper debated whether he could move fast enough to get the remote from his hand before he was able to detonate the bomb. Jasper growled again as his anger began to climb. The seer hadn't mentioned any of this. Did she know? All of this looked planned she had to have known. He upped the intensity of his emotional sendings. The men staggered and Riley actually fell to his knees for a moment.

Edward's thumb twitched on the remote and Jasper felt his determination. He let up immediately. Riley placed a hand on his arm and Jasper felt his abilities dim. Of course the vampire was not as strong as him but when paired with Mick's abilities, Jasper felt weak and helpless.

"Good, now Mick, why don't you take our good Major's head." Edward said with a sadistic grin. "I promise I won't kill him, love. He's just too dangerous to allow to stand there barely contained. Keep your shield to yourself or I will push this button. Your mother will die and your lover will follow before you have a chance to think of protecting them."

Jasper watched as Edward held up the remote, his thumb over the button. His mind raced with different scenarios, but he found none that would keep Isabella's mom from being incinerated. He growled but remained still as Mick walked to him.

Erin watched it all with growing horror. The Major was actually going to stand there and let himself be killed. His life was worth so much more than Bella's mothers. Couldn't the girl see that?

Erin's guilt rose this was all his fault. He had fed Edward information for years, had tried to kill a man he admired and loved for him. For an ideal that was a lie, from a man who was a liar.

He couldn't let this happen. In a flash he shook off Pele's grip and grabbed Riley. The two men gripped each others arms. Their gifts clashed with each other and fought for dominance. Erin heard noises around him but he paid no attention. This was his battle, this was his chance at redemption and this man would die.

He poured his gift out on him and watched in satisfaction as Riley weakened and finally fell to the ground in a heap.

Esme watched the battle from a short distance. She didn't know who was an ally and who was an enemy so she skirted the edges not entering the fray. Really she didn't know how to fight anyways. No, she needed to find Edward. It was time to fix her mistakes. She knew exactly where he would be.

She found them easily enough but stayed hidden, watching the interplay. She saw the remote and heard Edward's threats. She fought to keep the growl that wanted to come out inside. How could he so callously use Bella's mother against her. He had to know the woman was pregnant.

Esme watched with growing anger, then horror as she saw Erin grapple with Riley. Jasper started to move forward but Edward shouted something and held up the remote.

Esme had, had enough. She moved out of the shadows and lifted her arm, intent on burning Edward to a crisp. She saw the fear in his eyes as he turned in her direction. For a moment she remembered the boy she had loved but then her mind replaced those memories with images of Bella bruised and frightened.

"Stop! She'll die!" Edward yelled.

Esme was beyond rational thought. She only knew one thing. It was time to stop Edward for good. Fire shot from her and enveloped the boy she had once loved.

Edward watched Erin grapple Riley with disgust. Stupid man had always been a loose cannon. A pawn he barely held in his control. He nodded to Mick and Mick moved forward to decapitate the Major in place of Riley.

Edward held up the remote intent on giving another threat. Jasper started to move forward and Edward yelled "Stop!" His thumb twitched on the remote. Jasper did stop but to his horror Esme appeared out of the shadows.

It all came back to him. The vision, that first day he had met Alice she had seen this moment. The moment of his death. The moment that Esme burned him alive. Terror filled him. All he had done to prevent this had been for nothing, he was going to die and everything he had done had only hastened the matter. He would have laughed at the irony of it but his fear held him tightly. He watched as a moment of tenderness crossed Esme's face then it was quickly replaced with anger and determination.

"Stop! She'll die!" He yelled desperately.

Esme didn't listen as the scene that had haunted Edward for so long played out and she lifted her arm. As the flames shot to him he pressed the remote.

Bella heard Edward as he ordered Riley to incapacitate Jasper but her mind rebelled. What could she do? She could shield him but then Edward would push the button and her mother and unborn sibling would die. But if she did nothing Jasper would die. Edward said he wouldn't kill him...but Edward lied often...

Bella stood there in indecision till Erin made a move. Erin began to fight with Riley...Bella looked over to Edward who now held up the remote. Oh no! Oh no! were Bella's only thoughts.

"Stop!" Edward yelled. Bella looked over and saw Jasper's dark look. He must have moved. A noise caught her attention and she saw Esme appear from the shadows. Bella felt as if her heart was in her throat as Esme and Edward stared at each other.

"Stop! She'll die!" Edward yelled.

Bella watched in horror as Esme raised her arm and flames shot toward Edward. She stared at his thumb as it began to descend on the remote.

"Shield the remote Isabella!" Jasper growled.

Bella obeyed instantly, sending her shield around the little black remote. Edward's thumb pushed but the button did not move as the flames engulfed him. Bella waited for the boom but let out the breath that she had been holding when she realized that it wasn't going to happen. Edward and the remote laid in ashes on the ground. She looked over and saw that Jasper had made short work of Mick and Erin had drained every bit of life from Riley. Riley now laid on the ground unseeing eyes staring at the sky.

"Isabella go to your mother. Erin go with her. I believe your mate is with her." Jasper ordered. Bella looked at him, she didn't want to leave him. There was a battle still going on.

"I have been in many battles, Isabella. I will be fine go to your mother, leave your shield around yourself and get them out of that building." He told her then kissed her gently before striding back to the battlefield, Pele on his heels.

Bella turned toward Erin, a glare in her eyes. She nodded her head to him and started to walk to the shed. She would let him come with her but she'd be damned if she shield him.

They opened the door and saw two women chained to the wall. Bella rushed to Renee and easily broke the chains. She scanned her mother and easily saw that she was physically unharmed. She could hear the fast heartbeat of the baby and knew that it was okay.

"Bella, your eyes..." Renee gasped.

"I have a lot to tell you Renee but right now my mate is out there fighting and I want to be with him." Bella said and looked over at Tanya and Erin. They were in a passionate embrace. She cleared her throat twice before she got their attention.

"I need you two to watch Renee while I go help the Major." She told them. She still didn't trust Erin but she did trust Tanya they had to have developed a relationship while being held captive together. Regardless Bella knew that her mate was more important to her than Renee and she had to be with him. While a part of her knew that was callous she couldn't help it. She saw her mother's hurt look but ignored it as she walked out the door.

The battle was over before she got there and Jasper was directing the clean up. He turned to her as she approached him, his face calm and his eyes boring into hers, looking for any sign of distress.

Bella smiled for him. "She's safe." was all she said before embracing him.


Alistair sat across from the happy couple, a scowl on his face. He listened as they recounted the tale of the battle they had seen. The woman, Tanya was sitting on Erin's lap as they talked. He could see their joy.

"We have been traveling a little since then but we plan to rejoin Eleazer and Carmen. I heard Kate has found her mate and I am anxious to meet him." Tanya told him.

Alistair shut his notebook. "Well thank you very much for your insight, it has been helpful." He said as he stood up and left the booth. He tried to be polite but their obvious love and happiness was making him sick. They had to the most touchy feely couple he had ever met. Still with their input he was able to gather a bit more for his history he was writing.

He remembered the day the gypsy had told him the prophecy as if it was yesterday.

"The sword and shield will join

The mind readers will be defeated.

The vampire with white eyes will usher in an era of justice and freedom and you Alistair you will chronicle it all." She had told him and walked off, leaving him angry and indignant. He wanted no part of prophecies, he wanted to stay alone and anonymous in the shadows. It was safer that way.

Her prophecy had come true. He now knew the sword to be Jasper Whitlock, the feared major of the south. The shield was his mate Isabella Swan. He had thought that she had misspoke and their was only one mind reader, Aro. Of course, she had been precise there had been two. Aro and Edward, they were defeated and a white eyed vampire, Charles Swan had taken Aro's position. He ruled the vampire world very effectively and there was a new age of freedom and justice.

The Major and the Volturi were no longer enemies, they were allies. They enforced the laws but allowed more freedom than they had before. Vampires were free to join either group or not, free to live as they wanted without fear of being used in an endless war. Still peace was kept, the humans were kept ignorant and any vampire who broke that rule was swiftly dealt with.

Alistair had been determined to ignore the prophecy. He didn't want to be a chronicler. He didn't want to know too much. Knowledge could be dangerous. He had resisted the prophecy till last year. Carlisle had convinced him to meet Charles Swan. Well it hadn't really taken that much. Alistair had been curious. It was the biggest mistake of his life.

Charlie had read him in an instant and the bastard knew just what buttons to push to get him to do what the prophecy had foretold. He had been traveling the country getting eyewitness accounts. There was too much sickeningly sweet romance in this story for his taste. Too many happily ever afters.

Felix and Alice, while an odd couple were deliriously happy. She led the big guy around by the nose and he let her. She rarely looked into the future now. Things were peaceful and there was no need. She had a little bit of trouble from the Major after the last battle but he had forgiven her when she explained her reasons for not revealing all. Everything had played out just right so the Major let it go.

Esme gained control of her gift and she and Carlisle had stayed in the south wanting to be with their family. Rosalie quickly moved up the ranks as her skill in battle and leadership skills became apparent. Emmett stayed by her side, enjoying life in the south.

The Major and Isabella were married in a human ceremony and her mother and father attended. Renee had a baby boy and had actually begun to grow up a bit as she cared for her infant. She had taken everything in stride and no one made a big deal about her knowledge of vampires. No one had the heart to force a change on a brand new mother, so Renee had remained an exception to the rule but she was watched closely.

He had seen the Major and Isabella in battle once and it had been a sight to see. They moved in perfect harmony, the sword and the shield. He had to admit he was glad to have seen it. Glad to have met them. They weren't overly affectionate as Erin and Tanya were. They weren't like Alice and Felix a mismatch that fit together.

The Major and Isabella were two halves of a whole. Even though she was a shield he was her protector. Even though he was the sword she had cut through his barriers to the man inside, showing the world what he really was. The Major was still a scary son of a bitch but now he was so much more. No longer was he just the enforcer of laws who hid how much he cared and protected those around him. His empathy, instead of being viewed as a weakness was seen as a strength. His people had always loved him, but they had done so in secret. Now they were open about it.

Alistair closed his notebook. Things had turned out well, he smiled in spite of himself. He was kind of glad he was the chronicler, he was glad he knew this story. He just hoped it wouldn't cause him problems...but it probably would.

Author's Note: I really hope you all enjoyed this story. I very much enjoyed writing it XD