"Lewis" Olivia said as she starred into the Beast's eyes. "Hey sweetheart, Miss me?" Lewis says as he pushed the barrel of the gun to Olivia's head. "Listen, Lewis...we..we can work this out." Olivia says studdering, putting her hands in front of herself as to protect herself from the Evil that was in front of her. Lewis grabs one of Olivia's arms and twists it "Sweetheart, we are gonna work this out, the way I want."

Olivia crying from the pain coming from her wrist and arm starts to beg him "Please, Ple-Please Lewis, I'm a detective for god sakes, don't you know that Amaro and Craegen will come looking for me soon?" Lewis smiled as he brushed Liv's cheek "It will be done by the time they get here."

Lewis didn't waste no time, he took all of Olivia's guns off of her and unloaded them, throwing them across the floor, he started to pull off her brown trench coat, when she suddenly found the strength to fight him off, she kneed him in the groin " Get off of me." she said pissed at Lewis. "Not gonna be that easy sweetie." She punched him in the face, sure that she had broken his nose from all the blood gushing out. "You little whore, that's it" Lewis yelled to Olivia as he started punching her, he punched her in the face at least three times, before he started kicking her, he kicked her in the ribs, her abdomen, and in her back several times. "I can't believe it, I'm gonna let this happen to me?" Olivia thought to herself as she sheltered her face from the blows, and curled into a ball. "There you see, this is how it's gonna be you Dumb Detective Bitch." He began to drag Olivia by her beautiful brown hair to the Kitchen.

She was kicking and trying to grab onto anything she could to get him to stop..she ended up knocking over her lamp and end table onto her already beaten body, she fought so hard. "Stop it, Just stop you damn bitch, you aren't going to win this one." Lewis said eviley to Olivia as he sat her up against her Kitchen chair, he took her own handcuffs and handcuffed Olivia to the table, she slid down the chair and fell onto the floor she was lying sideways..you could see her bruised eye, and cheek the way the hall light was shining onto her. "Aw, is the Little Detective getting weaker?" Lewis asked Olivia. "Just le-leave me alone no-now, p-please" Olivia begged. "Oh No Sweetheart we're just getting started." Lewis whispered into Olivia's ear.