Title: Key-Hole

Author: Remmy

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Rated: PG-13

Pairing: Harry/Draco

Genre: PWP? fluff, sap, romance, humor

A/N: My first every created slash. Be easy on me!! Mostly smut, fluffy, and was intended to be funny. Notice the key word, intended here. Visit my ujournal! I just got it!!

Disclaimer: If I were JKR, I would make H/D a real pairing. Since I'm not, I'm stuck with writing out of my imagination. *sighs*



No. This was NOT happening.

Harry Potter, the hero of the wizarding world, the savior of the world from the evil clutches of Voldmort, was having a trouble. A very serious trouble, in fact.

"Arrrrrrghhhhhhhh," he screamed in a fit of frustration into the empty corridor, knowing fully well that no one, no one would hear him nor help him for a quite a long time.

He was standing in the deserted looking corridor, with his back to the empty and quiet hallway, and facing a large stone... thing..., probably meant to be a door, with an intricate dragon design on it.

Harry would probably appreciate and admire the beauty of the green and silver dragon, if his finger was not stuck in the little hole by the evil looking dragon's mouth.

"Owwwwwww," Harry moaned in pain, and craned his neck in attempt to see his poor abused finger. Realizing for the umpteenth time that it would not have any avail. He sighed loudly, kicked his innocent invisibility cloak lying by his feet, and opted to think how he got into this ridiculous yet very serious situation.

Oh yes. It happened when Ron decided to snog Hermione heavily on the squish armchair by the fireplace in the Gryffindor common room. Harry, apparently very nauseated to watch his two best friends engaged in a tonsil hockey, decided that he should go out and explore the wonders of the Hogwart's Castle. So he got out his invisibility cloak, leaving his wand by the bedside table, or more like, forgetting them, and strutted out of the common room.

Bad decision.

He was walking along the Slytherin part of the corridor, reviving the wonderful memory of the polyjuice potion back in the second year, and wondering how quickly time passed. He was having a perfectly happy time. Until he saw this evil thing.

Somehow in his memory-reviving moment, he had failed to realize that he had stumbled into the more deserted part of the castle, and that he had reached a dead end. A dead end with a dragon in its green and silver glory carved into the stone. It looked beautiful. The dragon, which seemed to be glaring, was breathing out silver fire, with it's silver wings and otherwise green covered body with green eyes. Entranced with the beauty of it, Harry had thoughtlessly reached out his hand to touch the dragon.

Very bad decision.

He mindlessly started to trace the dragon, feeling the contours of its body, noticing that the color of the eyes of the dragon were similar, not if same, to those of his. He was still enraptured by the beauty until he noticed the hole.

He had wondered what the purpose of the hole was, and decided to stick his finger into it for a better inspection.

Ultimately bad and stupid decision.

Thus, Harry Potter, the boy who lived and the brave Gryffindor, got his finger stuck in the hole.

Harry, having finished reviving the events leading up to the entrapment, cursed at his own stupidity, and wondered about the eventual events which could lead up to his death if no one discovered him.

'Imagine that, Harry Potter died as the result of getting his finger stuck in the hole. This would make a great headline,' Harry thought in scorn and tried once again to pull his finger out. And once again realizing that it wouldn't work.

He was irritated. His legs are *fucking* hurting from standing for two hours or so, and his finger (an index one) were hurting like shite. It was almost midnight, and the chances of anyone discovering him were getting slimmer and slimmer, seeing that it's after curfew.

Now that he thought about it, even if it turns morning it was very doubtful that any of the Slytherins would help him. Seeing that this is the Slytherin part of the castle. This is not very pleasant.

In desperation, Harry grumbled loudly, "I would gladly give my virginity to whomever that would get me out of this stupid predicament." Yes, Harry Potter, in his seventh year, was a blushing virgin. (Harry sends evil glare towards Remmy) Well, maybe not the blushing part. ^^;...

As on cue, an artificial cough alerted Harry that he may well soon give up his virginity, he turned his tired eyes to the welcomed intruder. Or not so welcomed, in this case.

In the empty corridor, there stood Draco Malfoy, with his trademark smirk, all accounted for.

"Potter? What the hell are you doing here?"

Blushing heavily, Harry coughed and replied, "Well, What are you doing here?"

"Me? This is the door to my room, so if you would kindly step out of the way... Oh, and did you say something about giving up virginity?"

Even in his state of pain, he remembered that Malfoy was the head boy, therefore had his own room. Which means that only person who could possibly get him out was Draco Malfoy, and the person who he would give out his virginity to would also be Draco Malfoy. Harry shuddered in horror or the happiness of it. We, the readers, would never know.

"Well.... er..... that's the problem.... I can't get away from the door," Harry said, blushing like a bride on her wedding night and effectively avoiding the virginity question.

"What do you mean a problem? It's not that complicated to take a step away from the only entrance to my room so I could get some sleep," Draco sneered, "I hate errands," he added as if an afterthought.

"Er... Have I told you lately how ....er... great you were?" Harry said, hoping that he might gain some sort of favor from Draco so he can get his finger out.


"No, Potter. But, do tell, what do you want?"

A very suspicious glace from Draco.

An Embarrassed cough from Harry.

"Malfoy, my finger is stuck in this hole"



September, 2002
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