Title: Key Hole

Author: Remmy

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Rated: PG-13

Pairing: Harry/Draco

Genre: PWP? fluff, sap, romance, humor

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"NO WAY!! NO FUCKING WAY!" Harry started to scream after a minute of silence.

"Well, looks like the news just sunk in... Potter, do you think I want to?" sneered Draco, seemingly not pleased with the situation at all.

"There must be SOME way out of this! Didn't the book say anything? There must've been SOMETHING!" said Harry, hyperventilating.

"Potter, you are hyperventilating. Don't get worked up over it now. We haven't even started it yet."

Smirk from Draco, slightly amused with Harry.

"I am NOT!! You sick bastard!" said Harry, hyperventilating even more.

"Are we doing this, or are you going to stay here with that... problem," snickered Draco.

"Fine. But...how do we do this, if uh...my finger's stuck? Besides, we are out in the hallway! Anyone could see us!"

"Very good observation. I would have to free you first from the hole if we are going to do this at all. Then, we have some time to recuperate, and well... some time to 'get worked up to it', as the book said."

"Seriously Malfoy, what BOOK did you read?"

"I will not dignify you with that answer."

"How long do we have until you know...?"

"You are a big boy now Potter, I'm sure you can say it. Repeat it after me. 'Sex'."

Draco was rewarded with a BIG glare on Harry's behalf.

"Oh, and we have an hour or so.. I think.." added Draco, smirking.

Harry taking determined breaths.

"All right, free me and let's get this over with."

"Took you long enough. Finite Incantatum"

With an audible 'pop' Harry's finger slid out of the hole, looking all innocent as if it didn't cause any trouble at all. Harry glared at the offending hole, the finger and the dragon.

"Now, let's move to a more comfortable place, shall we?"

With that Draco murmured password into his room (Draco is a sex god) and the Dragon, which tortured Harry before, let them pass, but not before sending a surreptitious wink obviously meant for Harry.


The room was gorgeous. Let's just clarify that before the plot, if such thing exists, advances.

Of course, Harry wasn't going to admit that to this soon-to-have-sex -with rival. It was almost like a miniature version of the Gryffindor common room except that there was a huge leather couch, few bookshelves filled with books, a little mahogany desk and the fact that the room was decorated in silver and green. Also, there was a king sized bed in the midst of the room, adorned with green silk sheets, all screming 'money!'

Wanting to feel the silk, Harry sat down on the edge of the gigantic green silk bed. Draco sat on his leather couch, looking all very... sexy.

"Hey, Malfoy?"

"What, Potter?"

"Shouldn't we... er... read through the book of yours to see if there is any loophole out?"

"There isn't a loophole! I read the section, since it concerns my room and all!!" said Draco, almost frantically.

Harry just scrutinized Draco meaningfully.

"What? You don't trust me or something? Believe me Potter, fucking you isn't what I fantasize about every night in bed."

"You fantasize?"

"NO! That's beside the point, you stupid git! Pay attention!" yelled Draco, with a suspicious red tinge in his cheeks.

"You do!! Awww...well... that's disturbing. Who do you fantasize about, anyways? Is that why you asked for the room? You actually fantasize about me, don't you? You actually don't have to have sex with me, but you are just making up, aren't you?" taunted Harry, his problem now temporarily forgotten.

"NO! God, you are stupid!" with that Draco rose, walked over to the bookshelf, picked up a book and threw it towards Harry.

"I knew you'd show me the book."

Draco just scowled and mumbled.

With a triumphant grin, Harry picked up the book and examined the cover. Quiddich and it's History

"Uh... you gave me the wrong book."

"The book's double bound." was the nonchalant answer.


"It's double bound. God, Potter! Doesn't Weasley own a double bound book, or Granger?"

"Whatever it is, I don't think so."

"Well, double binding equipment is expensive."

"I don't care. I just want to see the book."

Irritated sigh. Draco walked over to the bed and tapped the cover three times. Almost instantly, the book turned itself out, and the cover changed to a different book. Titled, Salazar Slytherin, the Fabulous Slytherin Sex God.

Almost instantly, Harry burst out laughing.

"That's the name of the book??"

Draco grumbles.

"That's why it's double bound... If you tell anyone about it, I'll tell everyone that you were begging to have sex with me."

"Huh, like they will believe you. What is double binding anyway?"

"Well, it's for rich wizard boys to hide porns and such. See, you take a very academic book, say... Hogwarts: a history, and take a Wiz-boy magazine and magically bind it with the right binding tool, and now you have 2 books in one. All you have to do is think of the book you want to read and tap the cover three times. The binding equipment IS expensive, mind you."

"Oh.. Well, tell me where the thing about sex is!"

"Eager, are we, Potter?" With that, Draco flipped to chapter 14 which was titled, Salazar and his ploy.

More laughter from Harry.

"Merlin.. Who wrote this book anyway?" still chuckling, Harry started to read the text.

During when Salazar, the sexy founder of Hogwarts, was thirty, he realized his deep and everlasting love for Godric Gryffindor. However, Gryffindor was currently in an affair with the Minister of Magic. To overcome the grief and to have a chance at having a sexual adventure with Gryffindor, Salazar set a charm around his protector guardian.

The charm, was deceivingly simple yet very dangerous. The effects were what Salazar was looking for. A one night of sexual relation, with the violator. It was very simple to create the spell. All he had to do was to combine a privacy charm with an obligatory charm, and added a little bit of sexual arousal charm. (For more information on the charm, refer to appendix F)

However, there were some minor glitches in the charm. Salazar must have sex with everyone and anyone that gets trapped by the door, or he would be subjected to sell his soul to the devil. Back then, meetings with devils were common occurrences...

With disgusted sigh, Harry snapped the book shut and placed it on the bed.

"God.. I read enough. I believe you, Malfoy. Ugh.. Slytherin wanted to knock up Godric Gryffindor? I must repeat, who WROTE this?"

"I told you that it was true. I don't know who the author is.. he or she chose to remain anonymous for some reason."

"Hard to wonder why. Anyways... Malfoy, let's get this over with."

"Well, then. Strip, Potter."


"Eh.. Malfoy?" asked one very red and naked Harry.

"WHAT? I'm trying to concentrate. God, you are skinny!" said Draco looking up from the task of disrobing. It takes concentration, you see.

"Who.. uh.. gets to be on the top?"

"Me, of course! Haven't you read what the book said? Wait.. you haven't. It's in the appendix."

"Oh.." and Harry raised his eyes to meet Draco's and accidentally skimmed through his endowment, and blushed even further.

Smirking, Draco turned away from Harry, and bent down to pick his clothes up. Flashing his arse.

Harry's breathing hitched.

"Well, lie down, Potter."

Big gulp from Harry.


"I feel like as if I'm deflowering a virgin." said Draco, atop of blushing Harry.

"Well... technically..." Harry blushed more, if that was possible.

"Oh, god. You are a virgin?" snickered Draco.

"Shut up, Malfoy. Just shut up."

"Don't worry, Potter. I'll make it good. You may call me Draco when you are coming."

Glare from Harry.

"Well, here it goes. Relax Potter. It's going to feel good. Lubricare"

All Harry thoughts disappeared along with this virginity as Draco performed a miracle with his fingers.

As they started their sensual love making, neither boys realized that the book fell from the bed and landed on the floor, automatically opening to the appendix, read so many times that even the words looked worn.

...the future residents of the room, after Slytherin's death, had all tried to take off the charm or modify the charm in some way. It was impossible to get rid of the charm completely, for the original version was modified by Salazar himself. However, one resident had succeeded in modifying the charm in the 18th century, and had managed to ensure that the victim were only caught if the resident has a strong feeling of love for the intruder. The protector guardian, completely aware of the resident's feeling, would sense whether the person trying to encroach has an aura of love from the resident. If so, the charm activates, serving its purpose. If the violator is not loved by the resident, the victim is then burnt to a severe degree without any pity from the protector guardian....

At the margin of the page, there was a small, almost illegible writing unmistakably written by Draco - Harry.

well.. that sneaky bastard Draco...^.~



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