Your name, forever the last on my lips.

It took them a long time to get here and neither of them is ready to let go. In the midst of a tragedy you discover how there's nothing stronger than the human spirit. Includes The original 12. I don't even know the new kids.

A/N:So yeah, I have all this mixed feelings still about Glee, Cory and how they plan to give closure on the show. It's not a lie that I am reborn Gleek, if we can call it that, truth is the show helped trough some rough things when it first came out. It was about someone like me and I could relate. I had so much faith in Glee, no lie that I shipped Finchel but I have never written a fanfic before, I posted my first one a few days ago and had to take it down for muse and personal reasons, I'm thinking about turning an idea I had into something greater like a book so I can't focus in more than one story at a time. So here is this story to celebrate the inspiration that he was. This might be heartbreaking due to recent events but I can't get it off my head. It's a testimony to Cory and Lea's love for each other.

Thank you so much for reading.

Chapter 1: prologue.

So much has changed. If you would have asked Finn where he would have been 6 years ago he wouldn't have had an answer. But that was long ago. Fresh out of highschool and had just married the love of his life. They had moved to New York. To a shoe -sort of apartment. They had big aspirations and dreams. Rachel's destiny was two sided. One was Broadway. The other was Finn, it wasn't a lie he had struggled to find his true calling. He had tried so many things. All dead ends. All of that changed when he met Bobby Mayer. He had heard him sing one day while out on a stroll with Rachel and Kurt. He was an unprivileged kid who loved to perform, unlike Finn, he had not finished school, he practiced on he off streets of the city for money, which he used to practice with some other kids who loved the music as much as he did.

That was when Finn finally discovered he wanted to be a teacher. He wanted to help these kids reach their potential. For a a while, he did it on a very low budget and practically no pay. Rachel had been supportive of the whole project, with Kurt more than excited to be a part of it too.

Time passed and things seemed to be falling into place until a new event would change their lives forever.

About a year after they moved to the city Rachel got pregnant. Finn almost fainted. It was so sweet.

He remembered all the feelings he had battled with when he was believed to be Quinn's baby daddy. This was different. He was married and truly happy.

There was a routine that practically involved getting out of bed early. The first sign of morning would be feeling his daughter's small body against his. Rachel was already up. She could listen to her and Kurt's voice over the sound of dishes being washed. Kurt lived across the hall from them, he and Blaine were the greatest baby sitters, who usually assaulted them in the morning begging to be fed.

"Daddy?" A small voice touched his nose and he smiled. "Are you up?"

"Maybe" he mumbled. His eyes still closed. Hannah giggled he picked her up and threw her across the bed. Finn could hear Kurt saying something about the laughter. The little girl climbed down the bed as Finn was about to tickle her and she broke into a run.

"If you two wake up that baby..." Rachel scolded them when they reached the kitchen. Too late. The baby was up. Finn winked at his daughter and kissed his wife on the lips. "Eww!" The little girl chipped in.

"That baby is going to end up mute." Kurt interjected, heading to check on him.

"You woke him up. You get him." Rachel told Finn who rolled his eyes.

"I've got rehearsal, he better be asleep when I get back from the shower." Finn's expression changed instantly.

"I'm on it"

True to his word, the baby was not sleeping but had ended his crying. Hannah was already finished breakfast while Finn fed their little boy. Rachel had to smile to herself. She knew back when she had married Finn that everything her dads had said turned out to be true. Life was hard. Specially since they had had kids, but it was beautiful. It was moments like this that made it all worth it. She was a Broadway star like she had always dreamed of. She had helped Finn get his studio to teach low resources kids the gift of music, ironically there were all sorts of children there. Underdogs like they had once been. Rachel was also glad he had this sort of job because he could usually take the kids with him. Hannah ( Full name, Hannah Barbara Hudson first one, picked by carol and Burt,) was more like him, a big hearted and sensitive kid. She adored Finn. Perry was another story, it was still a bit early to detect it but she sensed, he too, would be just like him. Michel Perry Hudson (named after the great Michel Jackson, or Michael Douglas if you asked Finn , and Steve Perry, journey vocalist).

This was her life now. Mom, wife and diva, she was so incredibly grateful to have Finn put up with her. They had their bumps, but all and all they were happy.

Finn walked hand in hand with his daughter on their way to preschool, while holding Perry close, Finn remembered the time when he had made this same walk when she was a baby but he was also excited for his baby girl to have some kid contact. She did pretty good at school, considering you didn't do much at preschool and yet she had already started to read. She was four and a half, going on five and she had been reading for a year now, so that was pretty big.

After dropping her off, he would head to the studio. It was like having a giant choir room, studio just sounded cooler.

He had gotten his teaching degree by taking some extra courses online and with an aid while he balanced, studies, work, supporting Rachel and being a dad.

When he got there, Bobby had gotten an early start with a girl who had just joined about a month before. Bobby was no longer a student, but a partner in making this a success, he was more available, single and would forever be grateful to Finn for getting back on track.

That was who he was now, and it was great.

So what's the verdict? Would love to hear what you think.

So on Michael's name. One of Cory's names was Michael so I thought it would be kind of awesome to honor him like that, and well Perry.. Journey, sort of explains itself.

I wasn't going to get back into fan fiction in a while because I am in fact on the process of writing my own book, so... But maybe this will help me too! Thanks again for reading.