Notes-Okay so I discovered that I love writing Jack and Miranda romance when I finished "The Wedding of Commander Shepard" so I decided to start a mini-series about Jack and Miranda's "First Date" that I mentioned in their "Wedding" chapters. I will warn now that this story will probably be my most NSFW to date. If you don't like reading adult stories well...don't read this. I'll update with chapter 2 soon

It was winter in Vancouver and a heavy blanket of snow covered the Canadian city. The cold of the snow storm was doubled by the late hour of the day that darkened the streets. Inside a small quite bar Jack waited impatiently at her table. She bounced her knee up and down in an attempt to quell her boredom.

Where the hell is she?

She was supposed to be here by now.

Jack already didn't want to come to this and now she had to wait around in this up tight bar until she could drag her bubble butt to where it was supposed to be. Maybe she never intended on showing up. Maybe she was just trying to trick Jack into waiting around for her with no intentions of ever arriving.

That bitch.

Jack rose from her seat. She decided that ten minutes late was her tipping point and she wasn't going to waste any more time waiting on her. Just when she had given up hope however the door to the bar slid open. In strolled Miranda Lawson, but Jack was surprised to see she was without her usual attire. She wore a long black winter coat that covered her body but Jack could see from her table that her face was made up. Her lips painted with crimson colored lipstick and her raven colored hair was slightly curled framing her almost impossibly beautiful face wonderfully.

Jack hadn't tried to deny it to herself that Lawson was attractive but the former Cerberus operative looked exceptionally sexy that night. Miranda's stunning beauty made Jack sit back down but she couldn't point to why.

What the hell is she all dressed up for?

She wondered.

What does she think this is? A date?

Is this a date?

While Jack was lost in her thoughts Miranda made her way over to the biotic's table, her high heeled boots clicked on the tiled floor as she approached.

"Sorry I'm late Jack. I guess I still don't really know my way around." Miranda said.

Then Lawson undid the buttons that kept her heavy winter coat together and removed the garment. Jack almost did a double take when she looked upon the outfit Miranda had worn.

It was a slim red dress cut low enough to display a tantalizing amount of cleavage that Jack had to fight the urge to stare at. Maybe it was just because of how eye catching Miranda's other 'assets' were that Jack hadn't noticed it before but the woman's breasts were remarkable. Large and firm looking, Jack was shaken by how much they were catching her eye.

Did she think this was date?

Suddenly Jack found herself wishing that she did before she squashed the thought. This was Miranda Lawson she was talking about. The same bitch who had called her a mistake, the same bitch who had been at her throat every second aboard the Normandy. And she had decided long ago that she wasn't into women. But still that dress.

"Damn, and I thought the shit Cerberus had you prancing around in was slutty." Jack said trying to mask the confusing enjoyment she got from the outfit.

Miranda narrowed her eyes clearly unamused. "I thought we agreed to do this to put an end to comments like that."

Jack rolled her eyes.

Miranda sat down. "You don't like my dress, Jack?"

Jack groaned and decided she'd be honest. "It's actually kinda hot."

Miranda smiled. "There. Was that so hard?"

"What the hell do you think this is?"

Lawson shifted in her seat. "What do you mean?"

"Coming here all sexed up like that? You look like I picked you up off the street."

Miranda's glared at Jack's exposed chest. "I hardly think you're in a position to be criticizing my wardrobe when your still dressed like some two credit whore."

Jack laughed. "Takes one to know one, princess. So what you think you can flash your tits at me and make me forget all about Cerberus? Not gonna happen."

"I do not expect our histories with each other to be forgotten. I simply thought we could agree to put them behind us for the greater good."

"Sure whatever. I just don't get why you needed to play dress up."

Jack could tell she was embarrassing Miranda something she had previously thought impossible. But she found that insulting her was not as much fun when Miranda didn't fight back.

Miranda stood back up "This was a mistake." she said obviously feeling foolish that she had gotten so dressed up.

The convict groaned and reluctantly called out to her.

"Goddammit, Sit back down. You want to do this? Let's just get it over with." Jack said.

Slowly Miranda dropped back into her seat. "Listen Jack, I know we haven't got along very well. But if we can't work this out we're going to lose our jobs. Like it or not we're stationed together, and like it or not we are going to have to work together. I am willing to be an adult here and start again. Are you? Or will you insist on acting like a child?"

Jack huffed out a disgusted groan.

"Use your words Jack." Miranda snapped.

"Fine." Jack said. She was comforted by the woman's insult and it made her feel like somewhat less of a bitch for being so cruel.

"Good. So I suppose we should order something to drink."

Miranda signaled the waiter over with a wave of her hand. Lawson studied the drinks menu and picked out an expensive and complicated cocktail. The waiter arrived and Miranda opened her mouth to order but was interrupted by Jack.

"Shots, lots of them." Jack said flopping the menu into the waiters arms. "You wanna drink with me then your going to drink what I want."

Miranda narrowed her eyes and handed her menu to the waiter. "If you insist." she said.

Jack was surprised. Maybe the cheerleader was tougher than she gave her credit for. Or maybe she was letting her good looks cloud her judgment. But she wasn't going to fix this problem by continuing being a bitch to her so she decided that she'd at least stow the insults as best she could for tonight.

"You think you can match me drink for drink, Princess?" Jack challenged.

Miranda leaned in and smirked. "I know I can."