Author's note: This is going to be a dark and angst fic I have many plans concerning Gohan. There are swear words and depending on which way I decide to take this fic there might be several adult themes later on. Characters may be OOC depending on how you view said characters. Please forgive any spelling mistakes.

Summary: Gohan is blinded by what happened at the Cell games. What will happen to him now that he can no longer see. Story will span time from Cell games to high school.

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Blind Wishes

Everyone looked up as the dust finally cleared from the blast that had ended the Cell's life. They were just in time to watch a small body plummet towards the earth and hit. Son Gohan earths savior was not moving. Piccolo and Krillin were the first to reach him. Climbing down the crater Gohan's body had made when he had hit the ground they both pulled up short as they reached the eleven year old boy. Hard bitten warriors themselves even they were shocked at Gohan's condition. Finally Krillin spoke.

"What happened Piccolo?" he knelt and picked Gohan up.

Piccolo took a closer look at the boy. Most of his face was burnt as were his hands and part of his chest. Blood was oozing from several wounds and one arm hung uselessly at the boys side.

"There must have been some backlash from the blast that killed Cell and he got caught in it Krillin. That's the only explanation I can think of."

"Do you think he will be all right Piccolo?" Krillin murmured trying to keep his voice down so the others who were waiting anxiously at the edge of the crater wouldn't hear.

Piccolo looked around uneasily as well and motioned Krillin to start flying Gohan out of there and to the lookout.

"I don't know Krillin. His face I'm not sure about but the rest of his body should be fine."

They motioned to the gang that they were going to the lookout to see Dende and as they were taking off they saw Trunks being picked up by a battered Vegeta and the rest of the gang following them. The two warriors flew in silence occasionally looking at the still form in Krilllin's arms to assure themselves that he was still breathing. As soon as they reached the lookout Dende ran out to meet them. As the others touched down behind them. Piccolo motioned Dende to care for Trunks first. And then spoke mentally to his Namekian brother.

//Dende make sure Trunks is ok first. Krillin and I are taking Gohan to a private room. He is in real bad shape but Trunks wound is mortal.//

//Sure Piccolo. I will find you when I'm done with Trunks, // came the calm reply.

With that done Piccolo motioned to Krillin and they went inside the lookout to place Gohan on one of the beds. A few minutes later Dende came bustling in and gasped in horror as he saw Gohan.

"Piccolo what happened?!" the new guardian of earth cried out as he immediately headed to Gohan's side and began to heal him.

"We think he was hit by the backlash of the blast that killed Cell Dende." Piccolo answered in a weary tone of voice. "Will you be able to heal him."

Dende looked up from healing Gohan with a look of regret on his face and said in a whisper that was barely audible.

"His eyes Piccolo he's going to be blind." With that the little namek began to cry as Piccolo and Krillin looked on shocked to their bones.

Gohan the little kid they thought of as their own was blind at eleven years of age. Piccolo managed to sum it up in one word.


Just then Gohan began to wake up. Dende was busy wrapping gauze around Gohan's head to cover his eyes when the boy started stirring. He just finished bandaging as Gohan started to speak.

"Piccolo? Krillin?"

"What is it kid?" Piccolo answered

"Is he dead? Is he finally dead?"

"Yeah kid he is finally dead."

Hearing that Gohan turned over curled into a ball and began to cry into the pillow. Piccolo wanted to stay but decided Krillin would be better at this thing and left to go out side and tell everyone the news. As soon as he stepped out side he could see everyone was their including Chi Chi, the Ox king, Master Roshi, Bulma and everyone. They all looked at him but Vegeta was the first to speak.

"Well Namek where is the brat?"

Piccolo ignored Vegeta and walked over to Chi Chi who stopped her ranting as he came closer. Piccolo stopped in front of her and took a deep breath.

"Chi Chi, Gohan is blind."

Everything went to hell after that. Chi Chi screamed and fainted Bulma did as well. Everyone else looked either totally shocked or were bombarding the poor Namek with questions. Even Vegeta looked faintly shocked but quickly covered it with his usual scowl. Finally Piccolo got tired of everyone shouting.


Amazingly everyone went silent and stared at Piccolo except Bulma and Chi Chi who were still unconscious. When he had everyone's attention Piccolo spoke again this time in his normal tone.

"What part of Gohan is blind did you not understand. Backlash from the blast that killed Cell hit him in the face and even with Dende's healing abilities it wasn't enough to repair the damage. Now Gohan will probably be out here in a little while and all of you better not upset him anymore."

Piccolo glared at everybody one more time before he turned and stalked back into the lookout to Gohan's room. The boy was still curled up in a ball but he didn't seem to be crying anymore. Krillin sat on the edge of the bed looking down at the still figure with sadness etched on his face. He turned as Piccolo came in and put a finger to his lips to signal for quiet.

"He fell asleep after he stopped crying. Piccolo has anyone gotten the dragon balls yet?"

"Yes they are already here Bulma got them before she came."

"Do you think his eyesight would be able to be restored by them?"

Piccolo thought for a minute "You may just be right Krillin. I'm going to meditate outside the door call me if he wakes up."


As soon as I had heard that cell was finally dead I just couldn't control it anymore and I began to cry. I heard Piccolo leave the room and I could hear Krillin come over and sit on the edge of the bed he started to rub my back and say something but I couldn't hear him. Kami it hurt so much . My dad was gone and I had killed him by not doing what he told me to do. Finally I could cry no more and as I slipped back into sleep I thought to myself why are there bandages on my eyes.

The next time I woke up I could hear Krillin and Piccolo talking. I heard the words eyesight, lost, and dragon balls. So that's what the bandages are around my head for. I almost let out a laugh but I didn't want to let them know I was awake so I kept silent. I am blind. I am blind. I am blind. Was a mantra going through my head but the more I thought about it the more I realized it was a just punishment for being arrogant and killing my father.

Krillin was busy talking to himself about the dragon balls and how he had planned on using a wish to deactivate the bombs in Android 18 so maybe she could live a normal life, but that it was much better that I was going to get my sight back. Don't worry Krillin I thought to myself your still going to get your wish.


Finally Gohan woke up for good and listened patiently as Dende explained about his eyes and removed the bandages. Gohan's eyes which had once been black had somehow stuck with the blue that came with the super saiyajin transformation except they were now sightless orbs that showed nothing. Gohan's eyes had always been expressive but they were lifeless now. He seemed to accept his blindness quite easily which had Piccolo, Krillin and Dende just a little worried. Krillin told him that they had the dragon balls and were going to wish everyone back and then wish for his eyesight back. Gohan smiled a little at this and then turned to Piccolo determination written all over his face.

"I will walk out there on my own Piccolo. Will you give me an edge of your cape so I know where im going?"

"Sure kid."

Gohan scooted to the edge of the bed and slowly stood up getting his balance adjusted. Piccolo slowly picked up the edge of the cape and put it in the boys small hand. Together they walked out of the room and out side. As soon as they appeared everyone started calling out hello's and asking how he was doing.


As soon as Dende took off the bandages it hit me full in the face. I was blind. It was utter blackness. Thank Kami Piccolo, Krillin and Dende were there for those first few moments I think I would have gone insane if I hadn't been able to feel someone's presence. It was enough for now that I could feel their presence but it still scared me that I couldn't see. I wasn't going to be a wimp though and I knew I was going to have to face everyone sooner or later. I gathered up all my determination. Krillin was telling me that they were going to wish everyone back to life with the dragon balls and for my eyesight to come back, but I wasn't really listening. I was trying to figure out how to get around with out losing all my pride. I hit upon an idea turned to Piccolo and asked him if I could use the edge of his cape to guide my self. Surprisingly enough he agreed, I suppose he felt sorry for me.

I scooted to the edge of the bed and reached down with my feet to find the floor once there I slowly stood up. Without my ability to see everything was off including my balance so I had to wait a couple seconds to adjust. once I did I took a deep breath and started out the door with Piccolo at my side. Once we got outside I could hear everyone calling out to me saying hello and asking how I was doing. I blocked them all out for a minute and searched for that one special voice that would signal my mother. When I didn't hear it I figured Piccolo must have told her that I was blind and she had freaked out and fainted.

"Piccolo did my mom faint?" I asked turning my head in the direction I thought he was.

I felt him jump he must have been startled that I guessed. Then he answered me.

"Yeah she did kid and so did Bulma."

I was thankful that Piccolo chose to tell me the truth. That was one of the things I was most afraid of that people would treat me defiantly like I was back to being two years old again. Thank Kami for Piccolo he has never done that.


Chi Chi and Bulma finally woke up and after Chi Chi smothered Gohan for a while everyone decided it was time to call the dragon and bring everyone back to life. Bulma laid out all the dragon balls and called the dragon. As impatient as ever he immediately asked for the first wish. Bulma told him that we wished everyone who had been killed by Cell to come back to life. As Shenlong was going to grant the wish Goku interrupted and said he didn't want to come back because evil was attracted to the earth because of him and it would be better if he stayed dead. Chi Chi immediately went into a rant about how she needed him and Gohan needed him to especially now. As Chi Chi was ranting Goku chose the moment to have a mind to mind conversation with his son.

//So how are you doing Gohan?//

//Dad I'm blind.//

Apparently Goku hadn't been told this because there was a shocked silence before he responded.

//How Gohan?//

//Backlash from the blast that killed Cell I was to exhausted to block it and it caught me right in the face.//

//Wow son I'm sorry.//

//It's ok dad, but why don't you want to come back.//

//Well son everyone that wants to destroy the earth has been after me so I think its better for the earth if I stayed dead.//

//Are you sure? I mean is it because I killed you?//

//Gohan you did not kill me don't ever say or even think that. I don't have much time now so take care of your mother for me ok?//

//Ok dad.//

The conversation finished Goku managed to interrupt Chi Chi and say his goodbyes before he had to go and Shenlong granted the wish. Almost immediately Shenlong demanded the next wish. Just as Krillin was about to speak and ask for Gohan's eyesight back a voice called out.


Everyone turned to look and there stood Gohan determination in every line of his face. Gohan spoke again.

"Krillin don't wish for my eyesight back make the other wish you wanted. We can wait for me what you want is more important."

Chi Chi screeched and fainted again everyone else looked shocked and were wondering what was more important than Gohan's eyesight. Krillin was just as shocked but managed to ask.

"Are you sure about this Gohan? I mean you really need your eyesight back."

"Yes Krillin just do it. We can deal with my eyesight later this needs to be done now. Besides the dragon may not be able to help me anyway so go ahead and wish."

With an almost helpless shrug Krillin turned to Shenlong and wished for the androids to have the bombs inside of them removed so they could lead normal lives. With the last wish granted the dragon balls split up and scattered once more. Leaving everyone staring at Krillin and Gohan in shock.


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