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Summary: Gohan is blinded by what happened at the Cell games. What will happen to him now that he can no longer see? Story will span time from Cell games to high school, the world martial arts tournament, and maybe further.

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//...// Is telepathy

      Are thoughts or rather hearing character speaking to themselves inside their heads


Mini Tournament    Part 1

As Gohan walked along side Vegeta on a street in East City he listened to the chatter of all the various people around him. Most were talking about the mini tournament, which was scheduled to start in an hour. In order to keep from standing out to much Gohan and Vegeta had decided to fly from Capsule Corps land outside of the city and walk to where the tournament was being held.

East City was located on the edge of a desert the biggest city in the area. As a result many of the people were those used to living out in the desert and its conditions. Apparently the tournament had been originally scheduled to be held outside the city in the desert. However the natives had managed to convince them it wasn't a very good idea because of the dust and sand storms. So the tournament was being held inside the city apparently in one of the parks. Gohan managed to glean this information from one of the passerby's minds and told Vegeta. He wasn't about to ask directions and knew Vegeta would most likely say something arrogant and piss the person off if the prince could be convinced to even ask for the directions.

So after Gohan got the information he told Vegeta and was now following the Saiyan Prince to their destination. As he walked he noticed that they weren't attracting all that much attention from people. Which was interesting considering they were in their full costumes masks, streaked hair, and everything else. He found out the reason from the mind of one of the small children running about. Apparently there were a great many strange looking people around for the tournament and the natives were used to it by now. Gohan chuckled to himself as he wondered all of what could be considered strange. Apparently quite a few non-humans were participating as the animal people were plentiful in these areas.

Gohan felt Vegeta stop and stopped as well breaking out of his thoughts he cast his senses around and concluded they must be at the tournament site from all of the somewhat high ki's he sensed. Of course they were only high ki's compared to a normal humans. From what he could sense there were only a few that might provide a decent practice for him or Vegeta. He gave a mental shrug and reminded himself not to underestimate anything or anyone. He snapped out of his musings to hear Vegeta snarl at some poor fighter.

"Where do we register? Tell me or I will blast you!"

Gohan sighed and walked over to where he could feel Vegeta was holding some person by their shirt and waiting for a reply. Just as Gohan reached them the person Vegeta was holding managed to stutter out an answer.

"J-J-J-J-Just around t-t-t-the c-c-corner and to the l-l-l-left."

Vegeta then dropped the poor guy. As the fighter scrambled to his feet and ran in the opposite direction, Gohan turned his head in the direction he guessed Vegeta's face to be and tsked.

"Shame on you Vegeta scaring the poor guy like that. He probably wet his pants. Now lets go register before it's to late and I want to know what my name is going to be you still haven't told me the names you came up with."

Vegeta just grunted at the shame comment and his lips turned up into his trademark smirk as Gohan whined about the names. Turning in the direction the petrified fighter had pointed and starting to walk he called back.

"You will know once we sign up brat no sooner. Now hurry up let's get this over with and find someplace away from all these annoying humans to wait."

Gohan made a face and began to follow Vegeta to the registration booth. He felt many of the other fighter's eyes on them as they walked and almost had to snicker. Everywhere he went Vegeta just had to do something to make himself stand out no matter what. From what he could hear after the little episode in asking for directions Vegeta had established them as people not to mess with and people bound to be tough fighters in the ring. As Gohan caught up with Vegeta he found the him standing behind another person who was standing in front of a desk and talking to someone who seemed to be sitting down. Gohan figured that it must be the place to register. As he stepped along side Vegeta the man in front of them walked away and they were left facing the man sitting behind the desk.

"Names please and what competitions you are entering. Solo, team, or both?"

Vegeta sneered down at the monk who had his pen poised and ready to write.

"My name will be Hageshisa and his is Hakai we will be in both."

The monk looked a little startled at the names but dutifully added them to his roster as a team and both in the solo competition. After he finished adding them to the list he rummaged in a box and came up with two patches with numbers on them and handed them to Vegeta and Gohan saying.

"These are your numbers you are required to wear them someplace visible on your outfit so the judges and tournament official will know who you are. Please meet in the center yard behind me in half an hour where we will be determining the eight competitors for the solo matches and the team matches. Next!"

Vegeta and Gohan moved away from the booth and headed towards a relatively deserted spot on the far side of the place they were supposed to go to in a half an hour. There were a few trees and Vegeta leaned up against one with a scowl on his face and his arms crossed over his chest. Gohan settled for sitting with his back against the side of the tree careful of his hair and relaxing until they had to fight or do whatever it was that determined the eight spots. As Vegeta spoke he scanned the crowd and the other fighters with a look of contempt on his face.

"Boy there isn't anyone here worth my time even with those rules you created. Everyone here are weak humans or animals this is going to be boring I don't know why I let you talk me into this."

Gohan tipped his head back so his face was tipped up in Vegeta's direction and replied.

"Aw come on Vegeta some of them have high power levels for a human. Granted they still aren't close to Krillin or even Yamcha but that's because they are different. And you know exactly why you let me talk you into this."

Vegeta just humphed and returned to glaring evilly at anyone that looked in their direction. More fighters were starting to gather around the area where the elimination was supposed to take place. Where Vegeta and Gohan were they were in the front and off to the side a little and had a clear view of anything that happened. Gohan took the time to ask Vegeta something that had been bothering him.

"Hey Vegeta? Why in the world did you pick Hageshisa and Hakai, violence and destruction? Most especially why did you pick me to be destruction?"

Vegeta snorted and let out a small laugh before responding.

"Because brat the names had to fit with our personalities. You are destruction, Hakai, because you blow things up more than I do and I am Hageshisa, violence, because I am more violent than you are. Do you understand now brat? And we had better start actually using the damn names there are to many of those nosy news people running around."

Gohan just started laughing when Vegeta gave him the explanation. He had to agree with Vegeta after hearing his reasoning. When it came to property damage or damage done to anything but flesh and bone he definitely caused more than Vegeta.  Vegeta's name also fit him perfectly Gohan didn't even have to think about that one it was just an integral part of Vegeta. Wherever Vegeta went most likely some form of violence followed. When he heard Vegeta's comment about the reporters he sobered up and reminded himself to start calling Vegeta Hageshisa and start responding to Hakai. They didn't need reporters getting a hold of their real names because of some slip of the tongue since it was almost a given they would be in the finals. No doubt reporters would want to actually talk to them. Gohan and Vegeta had both agreed ahead of time to avoid the reporters after the tournament even if they had to IT out of there. Just then a gong rang and someone announced it was time for everyone to gather at the designated elimination spot. Even more fighters were appearing around the already gathered fighters. Gohan curiously scanned everyone's power levels just for the heck of it finding nothing higher than expected he turned his attention and senses to where the spokesman was supposed to appear. A minute later a short bald monk in an orange robe and a microphone stepped in front of the group of fighters that had gathered. As soon as Gohan sensed the monk step out in front of everyone else he got off the ground and leaned up against the tree next to Vegeta. The monk cleared his throat and all of the talk died down to listen.

"Ahem. Welcome fighters to the first mini tournament. Please be advised if you did not register and receive an official number you will not be able to participate and we ask you to please leave now. If you have registered and have a number please put your number on some part of your body that is clearly visible to tournament officials if you have not already done so."

There was some angry mutterings as several of the fighters were forced to leave because they didn't register and a bunch of ripping noises as people stuck their numbers on. After first checking with Vegeta to make sure he had his number right side up Gohan stuck it on the upper arm of his bodysuit deciding that would be the best spot. The monk waited a few more moments as everyone got their numbers on before continuing to speak.

"Due to the number of competitors at both the WMAT and the expected number at the mini tournaments instead of regular elimination fights we will be using a new invention created especially for the WMAT."

Two other monks began dragging a large covered object to the monk with the microphone. Gohan was curious even with his senses he couldn't tell what the thing was just that it was large and seemed to be made of mostly metal. Finally the other two monks managed to drag it over to stand next to the first monk.  Putting his hand on top of the cloth covering the object the monk waited a moment then whipped the cloth off.

"This is the Punch-O-Matic 500. Contestants will line up according to their numbers and punch the machine, which measures the strength of the punch. The eight top punching scores will be the eight finalists for the tournament. For the team fights the two individuals scores will be added together and the top eight scores will compete. Please line up according to your numbers and we will begin to record the scores. Let me warn you according to the company they tested the machine with the world champ himself who received a whopping score of one hundred and fifty at half of his power. Let's hope some of you can come close."

Gohan was appalled he couldn't believe what he was hearing. A punching machine would decide a martial arts tournament placing? It was pathetic and foolish. Someone who is strong may not necessarily win over a fighter who knows more or has more training. All it did was calculate brute strength without taking other factors into account. He felt someone poking him and snapped back to reality. Vegeta was poking him in the back trying to get him to move.

"Well brat are we getting in that ridiculous line or not? This punching machine is a joke especially if that idiot Hercule got a 150. I wonder how high the score will go?"

Vegeta said the last sentence thoughtfully with an evil glint in his eyes. Gohan resisted the urge to roll his eyes and began walking in the direction Vegeta was going saying out loud.

"Hageshisa your going to have to find our places in the line I can't read the numbers and don't even think about destroying that contraption that would bring way to much attention to us and delay the tournament and I know you don't want to be here any longer than necessary."

Vegeta grabbed Gohan by the elbow as he made his way down the line looking for their spots. He should have known the brat wouldn't let him have any fun.

"Your right Hakai the sooner this all happens the sooner we fight. By the way you're number 43 and I'm 44. If the fool got a 150 then we will need to barely tap the damn thing. Getting in the two hundreds should be enough. You! Move those are our spots!"

That last sentence was said to warthog looking fighter with the number 45 on his chest and standing behind a fighter who had 42 on his arm. The warthog fighter gave Vegeta a glare but moved back to allow them their place in line. Gohan smiled bemusedly as Vegeta shoved him to stand in front of him and behind the number 42 fighter.

"Really Hageshisa the two hundreds might still shock them a bit but your probably right it will at least guarantee our spots, I doubt anyone else will get that high. You do realize that we aren't guaranteed to face each other in the finals right? Depending on the order we are in we might fight before then. I hope not because that would be awfully boring but it's possible."

The line was slowly but steadily moving forward as they were talking fighters scores were being yelled out as they happened.

"#9 receives a 110"

"#17 receives an 84"

"#25 receives a 56"

"#29 receives a 128"

"#33 receives a 139"

"#38 receives a 71"

All in all so far it hadn't been anything impressive but some scored close to what Hercule had been reputed to score at. Gohan just wasn't interested in hearing the scores there was at least three hundred fighters here so no one could make any predictions. Finally the line reached the point to where there was only three people in front of Gohan. He could feel Vegeta practically vibrating with impatience and knew they would both feel better once they got through this and had a chance to get away from so many people. Both Saiyan's were not really people persons by nature and tended to get irritable with too many people around them. Then it was the fighter in front of Gohan's turn. He stepped up to the machine stood there for a moment then dropped into his stance and threw his fist out hitting the machine square on. The numbers flashed at the top of the machine and then finally settled upon one hundred and seventeen. The fighter let out a yell of triumph as the number was announced and fairly skipped out of the way. Gohan just shrugged and stepped up to the machine. It was a metal contraption about chest high with a huge padded circle on the front where the person was supposed to punch. On the top of the machine was the screen that showed the number the person got. Gohan just barely brushed it with his fist and waited for the monk to announce the number.

"#42 receives an amazing 209!"

Gohan smirked in the direction he felt Vegeta and walked over to the side amidst a stunned silence from the monks and the crowd. He felt Vegeta step up to the machine and do the same thing as himself, barely brushing it. A moment later in a disbelieving voice the monk announced the number as Vegeta wearing a smirk of his own walked over to Gohan.

"#43 receives an even higher 238!"

As Vegeta walked up to him Gohan dryly commented.

"You just had to outdo me didn't you."

He got no response other than a slight snicker as the two warriors walked away from the crowds of fighters to relax and wait for the results. Two hours later the gong was once again sounded for everyone to gather. All of the punching scores were in and it was time to announce the finalists for both the team and solo matches. Gohan and Vegeta returned to their former spot propped up against trees and waited for the results to be announced. The same short bald monk from before raised his hands for silence and once the talking died down began to speak.

"Welcome once again fighters we are ready to announce the results from the punching scores and name the top eight scorers for both the solo and team matches. Once your number is called please come up to the front. We will start with the solo competition. The first finalist is number forty-three with a score of two hundred and eighty three."

Gohan could feel the smugness radiating off of Vegeta as he pushed away from his tree and walked over to the monk who checked his number and nodded indicating for him to stand off to the side. There was a lot of muttering in the crown both about Vegeta's score and his appearance everyone was wondering who this fighter was. The announcer cleared his throat for attention and continued.

"The second finalist is number forty-two with a score of two hundred and nine."

Gohan stepped away from the tree he was leaning against to walk over to the official careful to avoid anyone. He went and stood next to Vegeta lifting his arm to show the official his number. Before beginning a telepathic conversation with Vegeta.

//It seems we were right Vegeta the two hundreds were enough to clinch the top two spots on the solo and the top in teams since our score will be added together for that. //

//Did you ever really doubt it brat I told you these weaklings are nothing. //

As Vegeta and Gohan were talking telepathically the monk kept calling up the rest of the fighters.

"Third place was number two hundred and fifty three with a score of one hundred and eighty seven. Fourth place was number one hundred and ninety two with a score of one hundred and seventy two. Fifth place was number two hundred and three with a score of one hundred and sixty four. Sixth place was number eighty-seven with a score of one hundred and sixty one. Seventh place is one hundred and twelve with a score of one hundred and fifty three. And last is eighth place is number thirty-three with a score of one hundred and thirty nine. Those are the finalists for the solo competition next I will announce the team scores."

There was agitated buzzing from the crowd as the last person was listed for the solo matches many were disappointed some having only missed it by one or two points but they all fell silent again as the monk started announcing the team scores.

"First in the team competition is number forty-two and number forty-three with a combined score of four hundred and forty seven."

No one was really surprised at that they had noticed the way Vegeta and Gohan were similarly dressed and since they were the two top scores in the solo matches it figured they would be the top team score. After brief pause the monk moved on.

"Second in the team competition was number 192 and 253 with a combined score of three hundred and fifty nine. Third is number 203 and 87 with a combined score of three hundred and twenty five. Fourth was number 33 and 112 with a score of two hundred and ninety two. Fifth place is numbers 71 and 134 with a score of two hundred and eighty five. Sixth place is numbers 58 and 67 with a score of two hundred and seventy five. Seventh place is numbers 20 and 239 with a score of two hundred and sixty four. Last in eighth place numbers 221 and 181 with a score of two hundred and forty four. Thank you to all of you fighters who showed up to compete please stay and watch the tournament and better luck next time. All finalists please follow me."

Gohan had been paying attention to the ki's of the team fighters as they came up when the monk called them. The first four teams were made up of the finalists for the solo matches which was rather interesting and then there were four other teams made up of other fighters. He gave Vegeta a mental poke and waited for him to respond.

//What is it brat? //

//Don't you find it interesting that four of the teams are made up of the solo competitors? By the way where is this guy leading us? //

//No I don't find it interesting they will all lose anyway and we are going towards a building to await the start of the tournament and for us to pick numbers to decide who is fighting who. //

As Gohan and Vegeta were talking the monk was leading the group of fighters towards a building built into one side of the wall. Apparently it was another entrance to the inside of the wall were the arena was assumed to be. Opening the door the monk led them inside.

//That should be interesting I just hope we aren't against each other in the first round. When we get inside and are picking the numbers do me a favor and describe the person as they go up. //

//Whatever brat although I don't see why you need to know their descriptions you can only recognize them by their ki. //

The building was one room made out of wood with a pretty high ceiling. It had benches along the walls and in the near middle was a huge white board on a stand was in front of a table that had a box on top of it. On the white board was a graph for the tournaments solo matches with none of the names being filled in just yet. As everyone got inside the monk turned to face them saying.

"Everyone please make ourselves comfortable the announcer will be here in a moment to let you know the rules and assist you in picking the order of the fights."

With that he walked out the entrance leading to the arena leaving everyone to get comfortable. As the other fighters settled themselves on benches or the floor Gohan and Vegeta once again chose to lean on a wall still continuing their mental conversation.

//I don't need to know their descriptions but I would like to. I want to be able to at least imagine what they look like if I face them in the ring. It's just not comfortable having at least a description of the person I'm fighting. //

//Faceless fighters are the best kind brat you can imagine them to be anyone. //

//No because if you imagine them to be someone else you expect them to fight like someone else and make mistakes because you were expecting a different attack. //

Just then a man entered the room. A blonde haired man in a black suit and tie with black sunglasses. It was the announcer the man who had announced all of the WMAT's in the past and was well known among the competitors. He walked over to the table that stood in front of the white board and went behind it. He looked in the box on the table and apparently satisfied with the contents turned his attention to the fighters gathered in the room.

"Hello and welcome fighters to the first mini tournament. I am the announcer and in a moment we will be picking numbers to determine the first round match ups of the solo competition and then we will draw the team numbers. First I need to go over the rules. One is no killing your opponent if you do you will be disqualified and banned from further tournaments unless judges rule it was an accident. Rule number two is no eye gouging or hitting below the belt. The third rule is you lose if you land out of the ring, are down for a ten count, or get knocked out. All matches but the final match will have a thirty-minute time limit in both the solo and team competitions. Now when I call your name please come up reach into the box and pull out one slip of paper."

//Well Vegeta now you have another reason not to blast someone here if you do you won't be able to compete in the WMAT and fight my father. //

//Shut up brat and pay attention if you want me to tell you what these fools look like! //

The announcer picked up a clipboard that had been lying on the table next to the box and called out the first name on the list.

"Number thirty-three Chimera please come up and pick your number."

A somewhat tall female with purple hair dressed in loose red pants and a tank top walked up to the announcer and stuck her hand in the box.

//That is a female brat, purple hair and taller than the Bulma. She is wearing loose red pants and one of those things you call tank tops. Looks to be in decent shape. But we will see about that. //

Chimera finally pulled out a slip of paper and showed it to the announcer before going back to her seat on one of the benches. The announcer wrote on the board behind him as he announced the number before turning back to his clipboard.

"Chimera is number four. Will number eighty-seven Jackhammer please come up?"

A group of fighters clustered in a corner as someone who had been sitting on a bench stood up. The man was at least six foot nine with a huge hulking form displaying overdeveloped muscles. His shaved head, gi pants, and tank top completed the look of almost homicidal maniac. His footsteps were heavy and echoed as he made his way to the announcer.

//Now this human is a perfect example of the idiocy the human half of your heritage produces. This Baka thinks he is tough with his bulging muscles he shows off when it is really just empty strength that will hinder him in the end. He is bald wearing gi pants and one of those men's tank tops. //

//Hmm that made an interesting picture in my head Vegeta but there was no need to insult the human half of my blood. //

Gohan's mind voice was very dry with amusement at Vegeta's words. He had long ago learned to ignore comments like those that occasionally slipped from Vegeta's mouth. Up at the table Jackhammer seemed to be having some problems with the box. His hand seemed to be stuck a little. Finally with a pop it came free with him giving the number to the announcer and returning to the corner of the room he came from.

"Ok Jackhammer drew a number eight. Next up is number one hundred and ninety two, Gekido."

The announcer wrote Jackhammer's number on the board and turned around calling out Gekido's name. A very short man was walking towards the announcer at most he was four foot seven. He had wild black hair all around his head and face resulting in a very bristly beard. His skin was red and he had a mean look on his face as he walked up to pick his number.

//This one is interesting looking brat he seems to be shorter than cueball. With hair all around his face that makes him look like a black bush he also has red skin and is looking at that announcer with a mean face on. //

//Well then it seems to fit his name doesn't it. It stands to reason that a guy named rage would have a pissed off look all the time being short must compound the problem. I wonder if he is a decent fighter or not. His ki is among one of the highest here not counting us. //

To reach into the box for his number Gekido had to stretch on his tiptoes. Pulling out a paper he flung it at the announcer and stalked away to a corner. The announcer just watched as Gekido walked away with a look of confusion on his face before announcing the number and putting it on the board and reading off the next name.

"Well Gekido drew number five and the next person is number forty-three Hageshisa."

Vegeta walked up to the table as he sent a mental thought to Gohan.

//I know you don't need me to describe myself to you brat so don't even ask. //

Gohan just chuckled Vegeta knew him to well he had been just about to ask Vegeta for a description. Quickly pulling out one of the papers with his trademark scowl on his face Vegeta flicked it at the announcer and walked back to Gohan. The announcer caught the paper wrote it down then called it and the next person out.

"Hageshisa is number two and next up will be number one hundred and twelve Cheyenne."

The only other girl in the room stood up and made her way to the table. She was shorter than the other girl with black hair and dressed in a short-sleeved shirt, shorts, boots, and fingerless biker gloves all in black. She strode confidently up to the box and reached in immediately pulling out a number before walking back to her spot.

//Well it's the other female boy. Shorter than the other one with black hair, wearing shorts and t-shirt with fingerless gloves all in black. She walks with confidence and feels to be a better fighter than the other female. //

//Two females huh? I thought so but wasn't sure that's interesting I don't think there has ever been more than one female making it into the finals of a tournament like this. My mother was the last female to make it to the finals in the WMAT when she fought my father. It will be interesting to see how these women do and if they even compare to her. //

"Cheyenne was number seven that gives us the first match up. Cheyenne against Jackhammer in the last fight of the first round. Next to draw will be number 203 Lockjaw."

A man detached himself from a group of fighter and began walking to the announcer. He looked to be a smaller version of Jackhammer his muscles were not so overdeveloped and he had a more normal look to him. His head was shaved as well and he wore a black spandex tank suit. His walk was more controlled than Jackhammer's but still made a distinct noise. He had a very clam look on his face as he reached into the box and pulled out his number.

//This one is easy just picture what that Jackhammer guy looked like and shrink it two sizes that's what this fool looks like. He seems to be in more control than the other one I wouldn't doubt that they share a bloodline. //

//It wouldn't surprise me either Vegeta they are probably brothers or something like that. //

"Well that cinches another match in the first round Lockjaw drew number three which will have him going up against Chimera in the second match of the first round. Will number 253 Iyashii please come up and pick a number?"

A man sitting on a bench at the far end of the room stood up he was mostly in shadow as he walked to the table but Vegeta was finally able to see what he looked like as he stepped into the patch of sunlight by the announcer's table. He was pretty tall about six foot two with long white blonde hair pulled back with a couple tiny braids hanging loose. His face was very angular with high cheekbones and a slanted nose his eyes were tilted at the ends given him a narrow eyed look. He was wearing loose fitting white pants with a robe in blue over them. He seemed to exude an aura of unfriendliness all around him

//This one is interesting brat. I am sure you noticed but this human has the highest ki in the room besides you and I. He is tall as tall as you with long white blonde hair some of it done in little sissy looking braids. He has very sharp angles to his face the nose the cheekbones and his eyes are slanted giving him an unfriendly look. He is wearing pants and a robe that are blue and white. It will be interesting to watch this one I think. //

//Well Vegeta he is also exuding a very unfriendly feeling all around himself and I think his name fits him just as Gekido fit his. Despicable seems to be a good name for this one with that aura of his and his looks but we will find out either way. //


The announcer coughed as Iyashii walked away almost indifferently.

"Iyashii has drawn number one, which makes him in the first fight of the first round against Hageshisa. That means number 42 Hakai is left with the number six spot putting him in match three against Gekido. We will be drawing the numbers for the team matches next."

As the room began to fill with the whispers of the other fighters talking amongst themselves Gohan could feel the smugness radiating from some of the solo fighters pleased with who they were fighting in the first round. Gohan was mused by it and decided to share what he found with Vegeta.

//Hey Vegeta can you feel the smugness radiating off of some of the fighters? They seem to think that they will have easy first matches. Namely Gekido, Iyashii, Jackhammer and Lockjaw. Apparently Gekido and Iyashii seem to think that we may look tough but are no match for them. And Lockjaw and Jackhammer seem to feel that two females will be no match for them. I think I will pay close attention to the two females matches they should be interesting. //

//So our opponents think we will be an easy fight brat? They will no doubt figure out that mistake very soon. The Prince of Saiyan's won't be defeated by weaklings such as these. As for the females we will see what they are capable of and if they do stand a chance against a man let alone a Saiyan in a fight like this. //

The groups of fighters quieted down as the announcer held up his hands for silence. He had a brand new box in front of him and the white board had been turned around to display another grid for the team competitions. Clearing his throat the announcer began to speak.

"Ok everyone now it is time to pick the spots for the team competitions. The rules are the same as the solo competition except victory has to be achieved over both team members in order for the match to be won. Once one team member is declared out of the match they cannot reenter. The way this will go is I call out the names and numbers of the two-team members. Both will come up here and one of you will pick out your match number from this box. Is everyone ready?"

There were murmurs of assent from the crowd and the announcer looked down at the clipboard in his hand for a minute before looking back up at the crowd and calling out.

"Will numbers 71 and 134, Kamereon and Inazuma please come up and pick their number?"

Out of the crowd of fighters came two exotic looking men. Both were tall and had dark colored skin. One was dressed in pants and a shirt made of shimmery fabric that changed colors as it moved he had a headdress on made of the same fabric that covered his whole head and went down his back. The other man was just as interestingly dressed. He wore something that looked like a skirt with slits at the side but when he walked it was revealed he had pants underneath. Covering his chest was only a vest and a turban sat upon his head. All of his clothes were pearl gray in color and the skirt had a bolt of lighting on the front and back in yellow.

//Well Vegeta what do they look like? They smell very different not from around here and someplace I haven't smelled before and their ki is pretty decent as well. //

//They are definitely foreigners' brat from someplace not close to anywhere around here. Both are dressed to stand out. The one with the higher ki is Kamereon dressed in some sort of shimmery multi colored stuff, pants and shirt, he has some sort of headdress as well. The other one is wearing some sort of skirt with pants underneath, a vest, and a thing like the Namek has on his head. The clothes are gray in color but there is a lightning bolt on the skirt. They seem to be serious about being here. //

The two fighters got up to the table and when the announcer held out the box the one named Kamereon put his hand in and pulled out a paper. Giving it to the announcer they made their way quietly back to where they had been sitting.

//Well they sound interesting Vegeta their names definitely are and they seem to be dressed appropriately for their names. Kamereon means chameleon, which would explain the multi colored fabric and Inazuma, is the word for lightning, which explains the gray clothes and lightning bolt on them. I wonder how they will fight? //

The announcer had unfolded the paper and written the number on the board before turning back to his clipboard and announcing it as well as calling up the next team.

"Kamereon and Inazuma have picked number six putting them in match three in the first round. Next up are numbers 33 and 112, Chimera and Cheyenne who are also competing in the solo tournament."

The two women who had just a little while before picked their numbers for the solo competition walked up to the announcer together not sparing a glance towards any of the other fighters.

//I already described these two to you brat so don't go asking me again. //

//I wasn't planning on it Vegeta but it is interesting that the two female solo competitors are a team. I wonder how well they fight together as opposed to solo? I think I am going to enjoy this tournament a lot more after listening to and sensing some of these fighters in the ring. //

Cheyenne handed the piece of paper she had gotten from the box out to the announcer with a smile before turning to her partner and whispering something to her before they made their way back through the crowd. The announcer had blushed a little when Cheyenne gave him the smile but quickly recovered announcing the number and writing it on the board before reading off the next team from his clipboard.

"Ahem, well Cheyenne and Chimera have drawn number eight, which places them in the last match of the first round. Next team up to pick is number 221 and 181, Minta and Josta."

Two figures emerged from the crowd of fighters one was an animal person more specifically a warthog animal person and the other was another animal person but this time a bear animal person. Both were pretty big and wore blue colored gi's but their faces weren't mean looking they were pretty friendly looking as if they were just there for fun.

//Vegeta these two are animal people aren't they? I can smell a warthog and a bear. //

//Yes brat, good to know your Saiyan attributes are still there somewhere. They are a warthog and a bear both wearing blue outfits like that Baka father of yours wears. They actually seem to be enjoying themselves already and the fighting hasn't even started. The warthog is Josta and the bear Minta. //

As they reached the announcer's table he greeted them with a smile and then held up the box. Minta reached and withdrew a piece of paper his partner let out a grunt of approval and the two walked away after giving the announcer their paper.

"Well it seems Minta and Josta have picked number one making them in the first match of the first round. Next up numbers 203 and 87, Lockjaw and Jackhammer who are also competing in the solo tournament."

//Don't even say anything Vegeta I already know. We should have figured those two would enter the team fights together I am more convinced than ever they are related. //

//It would be obvious enough for even your father to see brat. //

The two hulking men who had just picked their numbers for the solo competition stood up moving people away just because of their size and walking up to the announcer. Reinforcing Gohan's idea from earlier drawing in the solo matches. Lockjaw appeared to be the one in charge as he reached in the box and drew out their number before motioning to Jackhammer they were going back to their spots. As they returned to their corner the announcer unfolded the paper and did the usual writing on the board then announcing the number and the next team to the crowd.

"Lockjaw and Jackhammer drew number four putting them in the second match in the first round. Next up to pick will be numbers 43 and 42, Hageshisa and Hakai."

//Well Vegeta that's us. By the way your picking the number you can see the hole in that box easier than I can sense it. //

//Whatever brat lets just get it over with. //

With that Vegeta and Gohan left their positions on the wall to walk over to the announcer at his table. As Vegeta put his hand in the box to get their number Gohan caught a wisp of a thought from the announcer. Apparently he thought they were going to be two of the most interesting competitors here and he was looking forward to seeing what they could do. Gohan smirked to himself as Vegeta finally pulled out their piece of paper and they began walking back to their spots on the wall.

//Sooooo..... What's our number Vegeta? //

//We are number five, which puts us against those two fighters you wanted to observe. Kamereon and Inazuma, they just might provide us with a decent exercise if they are any good. //

As they settled back in their spots Gohan heard the announcer announce their number and that they would be in the third match against Kamereon and Inazuma. Then he heard the next team being called up and turned his attention back to observing the fighters.

"Next to pick will be numbers 20 and 339, Super Crusher and Megaton Man."

Gohan winced as he heard the names they were almost as bad as the names of

the superheroes on the cartoons Goten and Trunks watched. Two disguised men stepped out from the crowd one about 5'5" had a red bullet shaped mask on his head with holes for his eyes, nose, and mouth. Around his neck was a green cape that streamed out behind him. He was wearing a spandex leotard along with boots and gloves on the rest of his body. His partner was just as bad. He had a strip of cloth over his eyes with eye holes cut out he was wearing a glittery silver full bodysuit with high boots and gloves. On the chest of the body suit was SC. Both men weren't exactly in great shape either with noticeable flab here and there.

//Brat humans come up with the most ridiculous things. On Vegetsei these two would have been killed immediately the moment another Saiyan caught sight of them in something like that. I am not describing this to you just look at the image in my mind these two are too ridiculous for words. //

Gohan closed his eyes and sent his mind out to Vegeta's only a second later returning to his own and breaking out in mental laughter.

//Hahahahaha! I can't believe someone is actually wearing those outfits. Those are worse than the cartoon superheroes that Goten and Trunks watch. They remind me of the Ginyu force. I wonder if they pose as well. Hahahaahahah! //

Super Crusher and Megaton Man finally finished picking their number. As they had approached him the announcer's face had looked at their outfits with shock for a moment before he managed to school his expression back to normal. As they were walked away from him he gave a slight shake of his head in disbelief and called out their number and the next team.

"Well Super Crusher and Megaton Man have drawn number seven which puts them in the last match of the first round against Chimera and Cheyenne. Next team to pick are numbers 58 and 67, Big Man and Pounder."

Two men from one of the far corners walked or rather waddled their way to the announcer. If Super Crusher and Megaton Man had been a little out of shape these two were beyond help they had to be a least over four hundred pounds each. Both were extremely obese and were probably just planning to sit on the other fighters to win. They had average features around their faces and brown hair with blue eyes for Pounder and Big Man had blonde hair and green eyes. Both wore tank bodysuits in black along with boots.

//Just when I thought humans couldn't get more disgusting they surprise me brat. These two are so disgustingly fat they can't even walk straight. One has blonde hair green eyes and the other brown hair blue eyes. To see what they look like all you have to imagine a whale with human features. //

Vegeta's mental voice dripped with disgust and revulsion as he described the two men.

//Hmm they probably leaned on the punching machine or something Vegeta. Their ki isn't that strong even together. They must try and use their weight to compensate for lack of strength I would guess that sitting on people is a good chunk of their strategy. //

Even the announcer looked a little apprehensive as he held out the box towards the two men. Picking out their paper the two began waddling their way back to where ever they had sat before. The announcer stared after them with a look of revulsion before turning his attention to the piece of paper in his hand.

"Okay.... Big Man and Pounder have drawn the number three, which places them in the second match of the first round against Lockjaw and Jackhammer. The only number now left is number two which goes to our last team Gekido and Iyashii which will put them in the first match of the first round against Minta and Josta. Now that all of the placing is finished we can begin the tournament. The solo matches will go first and we will begin the first match in half an hour. Good luck to you all."

With that the announcer walked out of the room through the door leading to the arena leaving it open behind him allowing everyone to be able to look at the arena and the crowd. The entrance to the ring was the same as the WMAT a partition on top of a short flight of stairs that lead to the ring. They could see the crowd but the crowd couldn't see them. A wall was placed on the sides of the entrance to the ring and in front of the building in which the fighters stood. Gohan moved off of the wall to stretch his back out still conversing with Vegeta mentally.

//Gekido and Iyashii are a team Vegeta. The two highest ki's besides ours it makes me wonder how much they know and if they do know ki manipulation. I'm thinking that it was a good idea we agreed to suppress our ki's before we got here. Your match will be up first Vegeta so don't win right away please? I want to see what moves this guy has. //

//We will find out soon enough if they have knowledge of ki. And I wasn't planning on ending my match too soon I am in the mood to play a little bit. //

On Vegeta's face underneath the mask was one of his evilest smirks. He hadn't been having any fun so far and couldn't wait for his first match where he intended to remedy the situation. Even if the humans were still weak compared to them with the rules Gohan made up Vegeta knew it would still be fun to toy with the other fighters. Making them believe they might actually have a chance before beating them into the ground. Vegeta's smirk and the evil look in his eyes increased. He hadn't been able to play like this in quite some time ever since he had mated with Bulma and he was looking forward to it.

Gohan could sense Vegeta's eager anticipation of the match and he knew Vegeta was going to have his version of fun by playing with his opponents. He began to wonder if it had been such a great idea to involve Vegeta in these mini tournaments after all. He had an idea of what Vegeta thought was fun and suppressed a sigh of exasperation. The Saiyan Prince would undoubtedly be leaving at the end of the tournament with a few more enemies. Gohan gave a mental shrug of indifference it didn't matter to him if Vegeta played with his opponent as long as Vegeta didn't kill him or maim them to much and follow the rules they set. All it would do would be to give Gohan time to mentally observe the fighter's moves and learn their techniques and styles.

All of a sudden the attention of all the fighters in the room switched from whatever they were doing to the voice of the announcer as he spoke to the crowd announcing the beginning of the tournament.

"Hello everyone and welcome to the first of eight mini tournaments sponsored by the commissioner of the WMAT. There is a great show waiting for you all today. Just like the WMAT we have solo matches and this year team matches as well. Beginning shortly will be the solo matches eight fighters all competing for the top prize of 200,000 zeni and the East City tournament title. The runner up will receive 100,000 zeni. Rules are the same as the WMAT. There is no eye gouging, or hitting below the belt. If a fighter kills their opponent they will be disqualified from this tournament and any others if the judges rule it not to be accidental. A fighter loses if he or she lands out of the ring. Down for a ten count, or knocked out. An added rule is that all matches will be thirty minutes long except for the final matches of both the team and solo competitions. In order to win the match in the team competition both team members must be defeated. Now that the rules are out of the way is everyone ready to see some action?"

The crowd roared their approval at the announcer's question. The crowd was actually quite large and ringside spots were crowded. Under his mask Gohan's lips turned up in a smirk as he heard the crowd roaring outside. He was ready for some fun his adrenaline was beginning to run high as began to feel the need to fight rise up in him. Standing next to Vegeta he could feel the Saiyan Prince's body literally quivering in anticipation. Gohan knew under Vegeta's mask would be Vegeta's trademark smirk that scared the hell out of nearly everyone and made him look like a homicidal maniac out for blood. As the noise from the crowd died down a little the announcer spoke again.

"All right folks! It's time to begin and the first solo match of the East City mini tournament is Iyashii versus Hageshisa!"

Vegeta pushed himself away from the wall he was leaning on and began to walk towards the entrance to the ring. Gohan could sense Iyashii making his way over as well, felt his confidence that he would win and nearly burst out laughing. Pushing away from his position on the wall Gohan made his way over to one of the walls that separated the ring from the waiting area for the fighters. Since the wall was only seven feet high Gohan jumped, grabbed a hold of the top and pulled himself up the rest of the way. Settling himself so that he was leaning against the end pillar with his side facing the ring, Gohan sent a thought to Vegeta who was currently standing on one side of the announcer while Iyashii was on the other.

//Hmmm..... think you can make this exciting Vegeta? Iyashii thinks he is going to win. //

Vegeta's voice was almost like a purr in Gohan's mind as he responded.

//Well the human will find out soon enough that he is wrong. I plan on demonstrating that fully. Don't fall off that wall and make yourself look like an idiot brat. //

Gohan's mental voice was full of suppressed laughter as he replied to Vegeta.

//Don't play with the poor man too much Vegeta he is one of the only fighters here

with a halfway decent ki. And I wouldn't worry about me falling off of this wall I am not my father. See you in the finals Vegeta. //

With that Gohan cut off the mental conversation just in time as the announcer raised his microphone once again.


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