With any other group of people, it would have been a perfect day aboard the Jolly Roger. The sun was out, but the breeze from the ocean provided relief for its scorching rays. The ship was sailing itself, and Regina and Rumple were using magic to provide food. It really would have felt like a cruise if only every single person on the ship didn't hate someone else on the ship or hadn't actively tried to kill multiple people on the ship. Rumple had steered clear of Regina and Hook for the past week they had been sailing, and Regina had been avoiding Snow and Charming at all costs. The two idiots were stuck together like superglue and they didn't seem to have any intentions of coming unstuck. Hook and Emma were off in their own respective worlds until a decision needed to be made, in which both would start arguing. Not surprisingly, the two started going at it again when it was questioned whether they should sail through Mermaid Lagoon, which would take a good two weeks off of their journey, or go around it, which would be the much safer option.

As Hook and Emma engaged in yet another shouting match, Regina said, with an eye roll to boot, "Either have sex or kill each other. I don't care which, as long as it gets you to shut the Hell up." That got them to shut up. The sudden silence took everyone by surprise. Hook had his signature smirk on his face, although he looked a little red. Emma, by contrast, looked mortified at first, and then angry. Seeing her reaction, Hook laughed. Really laughed, like he hadn't in three hundred years.

"You think this is funny?" Suddenly Emma turned on him, arms crossed and eyes glaring daggers, which only made Hook laugh even more because she was overreacting, and it totally proved his point that she had feelings for him. The rest of the group shot amused looks at each other, even Regina and Rumple.

"Well, the way your eyes are bulging out of your head, yes." The captain said, never losing his smirk.

"This isn't funny, Hook."

"I don't get what the big deal is, Love. It was a simple comment… unless it's actually true."

"You think that me wanting to murder you is funny?" Emma sputtered, realizing that by reacting she was the one who had made the situation awkward and, for everyone else, hilarious. So, in true Emma fashion, she tried to sass her way through it and threaten people.

"No." He stepped closer to her, putting his face a foot from hers and most definitely popping her personal bubble. "I think," his eyes darted from hers to her lips and back up, "that you have threatened to kill me far too many times for your little outburst to have been caused by everyone's favorite queen suggesting it." He paused for dramatic effect while licking his lips ever so imperceptibly. "What got your panties in a twist was the comment about me jabbing you with my sword… unless, of course, you aren't wearing any panties, in which case–" That did it. All of the pent up anger since finding Neal came out in an explosion of Emma's arms pushing against Hook's chest, sending him to the deck. On his way down, though, he grabbed the blonde's wrist, bringing her down with him. She landed on top of him, and he smiled charmingly. "I didn't realize you wanted me that bad."

"You are the most infuriating, jackasstic, annoying bastard that ever–" Emma was cut off when his lips captured hers, taking them both by surprise. James was about ready to pounce and tackle Emma out of the way, Snow gasped, Gold remained impassive, and Regina sighed and rolled her eyes again.

"You kill my True Love, and I send your daughter careening into it. Karma cannot possibly exist." The brunette said sarcastically to Snow. Meanwhile, Hook and Emma's lips finally released. With a real, genuine smile, Hook brushed a gold lock from Emma's forehead. Breathlessly, he said,

"I don't believe 'jackasstic' is a word."

"Shut up." Emma muttered, untangling herself from him, her face flushed, and not just from the kiss. She stared intently at the horizon, not daring to move a muscle. Hook stood as well, shooting a serious look to James, one that said: I love your daughter and that wasn't just a one-time thing. I will fight for her and I will save her even when she doesn't want to be, and I will protect her even when she thinks she doesn't need it, and I will do my best to never hurt her. James seemed to understand because he gave Hook a curt nod with a barely noticeable twinkle. He would never think anyone was good enough for his baby girl, but he did want her to experience the same love he and Snow shared. And judging by the way Hook and Emma stole a glance at each other, he truly believed it could work out. As long as the seven of them –once they found Henry– got back to Storybrooke without killing each other. That, though, he had a harder time believing.