Hey everyone. So last summer, I was suffering major fanfiction withdrawl while I was at summer camp. This is what I came up with during me WiFi free time. I only just rediscouvered this in the treacherous jungles of Africa... also known as my notes on my ipod touch. So without futher ado, here goes my version of wrong BWL...

Warnings: child abuse, underage, SLASH!, graphic to come, and other warnings that will be added as the story goes on.

Chapter 1: in the beginning no information was given.

Unlike many beginnings of countless mystery, horror, and action stories; this does not begin on a dark and stormy night. The night was really rather pleasant, not to cold not to hot, as a completely none threatening crescent moon rose lazily above the tree line. Of all nights, none would suspect an attack. If anything, this night brought unbidden feelings of peace that families in hiding could not afford. It all began on that unassuming night. Something that would bring the world to their knees. After that night, the news of what had apparently happened spread overnight. This is the night Andrew potter became to boy-who-lived.

After that night, the tale was retold, describing how 1 year old Andrew defeated the dark lord Voldemort. With each telling the story got more warped as "facts" were "discovered" and the "golden family" wrote books, had interviews, and lived charmed lives. Well not all of them. This is where it truly begins, 5 long star-struck years after that fateful hallows eve. Unknown to all but the first of the potter friends and fans, there lay another child in the famous potter mansion.

Emerald eyes blinked away his blurred vison as he closed one of the countless tombs that rested in the potter library. With an ease that no 6 year old should have, Harry Potter opened another large leather-bound book. Unlike his "family", Harry had never left the land surrounding the house. His closet sized room lay in the most deserted wing, to stop Harry's "darkness" from harming the guests that populated the house year round. Even his godfather, Sirius Black had forgotten all about him.

Over the fireplace an ancient clock released seven moaning tones. Harry stumbled to his feet as he rushed to his room, tripping slightly over his overlarge tattered robe. His hand trembled as he opened the door to reveal James potter standing looking enraged. "Your late brat" he snarled at the shivering boy. Harry knelt at James' feet; always James, never father. That moron doesn't deserve to have children. "P-please forgive me sir. I lost track of time" James backhanded him, sending him into the floor when he remained cowering. "An idiot doesn't deserve forgiveness, it needs punishment." a sadistic smirk formed on James' cruel face as he looked upon his once son.

As the narrator I should probably explain. After the twins were born, the local dingbat, one Albus Dumbledore, better known as dumbledork, came upon a prophecy given by Morgana LeFey. It stated:

-the one whose power is destined-

-will prevail in his quest-

-only if the forgotten one is never gone-

-but heed, with each new day his foes await him

-and blood will not ensure victory against the foe-

-but instead devotion and love will prevail-

-and balance will be returned-

-by the one who comes after me-

-and makes a mark on the world-

-born at the death of one and birth of another-

-while the sun remains forever alight in the sky-

-for the one who live approaches-

-and his side will know of victory while the traitors will perish-

Being the 'leader of the light' Dumbledore assumed that by "the one whose power is destined" meant that Andrew potter had two prophecies about him. Harry Potter, in his opinion, would vie for the attention Andrew would need in order to defeat the dark lord once he returned. I just think dumbles was plainly insane and shouldn't be teaching young children. But what would I know? I'm just here to tell you a story.

The whip fell heavily down as tears silently ran down Harry's face. "You like this don't you whore?" James grunted as he once again brought the leather forcefully down upon the blood stained back. As Harry choked out a sob, James grabbed his hair and forced him to his knees. A trembling Harry looked on as James open his robes and ordered; "suck me slut. Let's see what your worth, you dirty little cunt"

Opening slowly, Harry took the hard cock into his mouth and lightly traced circles with his tongue. Impatient with the pace, James thrusted into the warm cavern forcing Harry to choke as it hit the back of his throat.

After what seemed like an eternally, bitter cum exploded into Harry's mouth, which he swallowed diligently. With a grunt James released the gasping boy and left after kicking Harry harshly in the ribs. "Stupid slut" he smirked down on the broken boy before he slammed the door.

Harry wept as pain racked through his body. He didn't understand. While he was lying there bleeding and broken, Andrew was playing with his parents and his 'uncles': Sirius (sp?) Black and Remus Lupin.

As Harry limped to bathroom, he assessed the damage done to his body: his back was crossed with deep, blood filled slashes, his shoulder was dislocated, and two of his ribs were cracked. Unknown to the Potters, Harry was very talented with all types of magic, healing most of all. Unfortunately he had to see the damage before he healed it which meant a pain filled trek to the washroom after every beating. The beatings had started out as true punishment, if he broke a plate or used accidental magic. But the reasons had stopped as the hits became harder. After looking in the bathroom mirror the wounds healed into white scars matching others that littered his skin.

All healed he escaped into the forest as the sun was setting. No one ever entered the forest except him. The calmness of the wind whisking through the leaves and the solitude amongst the trees.

Giggles burst through the silence as Harry wandered closer to the quiddich pitch where Andrew and his audience were playing. Harry crept further forward while still remaining hidden into the shade of the forest.

It had been a year and a half since Lily and James potter had deemed him a 'bad influence' for Andrew and had banished Harry to his isolated wing. That was the last time he saw Andrew. Until Harry's curiosity got the better of him that one day and watched his twin brother play quiddich. And that, my friends and enemies, changed every thing.

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