Chapter 2: Outside

Harry crouched in the underbrush, following the sounds of laughter and joyful cheers. The sun shone brightly as he came to the edge of the forest. The dim, leaf filtered light couldn't match the brilliance of pure sun light. Harry squinted, his eyes rebelling against the drastic change, before his vision cleared. In front of him was a large field, framed by full sized quidditch hoops. In the center, on the flat pavilion, stood the small cluster of adults.

Even as a young pureblood, as I held no love for the brutal sport, I have often wondered why a sport predominantly played in brooms would need a perfectly flat field to play on. It would make the game a little harder in the field was filled with trenches and dips, to trick players into entering. Maybe a few spikes. However no die heart quidditch fans that I have talked to have liked my idea, So I fully believe that the international quidditch federation would completely shut down my plan because the sport would become "to dangerous".

Anyway, in the centre of the quidditch pitch was the brat-who-lived himself, surrounded by his parents and his adoring godfathers; Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. It should be noted that even if you asked Sirius who his godson was; he would answer "Andrew Potter". However if you look at the paperwork, Harry is officially his godson; I have a feeling that this is important to remember it. So back to the plot.

Andrew was having the time of his young; and in my opinion insignificant, life as he rode unbalanced on a toy broom that was designed for average 2 year olds. This had been a long debate between the two "worst parents of the year" as James had argued that his son needed the best broom on the market. However Lily saw, somehow seeing through the surprisingly thick blinders that covered her eyes regarding her son, that Andrew could barely ride a toddlers broom let alone a real broom. So this led to the four adults watching Andrew hobble along 2 feet of the ground like it was the greatest thing in the world.

Harry looked on enviously, watching the looks of happiness

that the people who had rejected him wore. Unconscious tears rained from his eyes as the joy filled laugher rang in his ears. His eyes strayed to his twin, who was a complete stranger to him. At first glance you wouldn't see any resemblance at all. Andrew had a full head curly red hair that was a full shade lighter than his mother's beautiful auburn. His face was unhealthily chubby due to too many sweets and not enough exercise, and deep set hazel eyes that seemed disproportioned.

Harry, on the other hand, was the complete opposite. His jet black hair fell knotted just below his cheek bones and due to the Potter curse the hair was wild and untameable. Harry's slim face was gaunt from the hardships of his life. His clothes, patched and worn, hung loose on his thin frame. Beautiful emerald eyes, inherited from his mother, shown brightly despite the cruel realities of his life.

With a sigh Harry turned, unable to watch anymore. What Harry hadn't notice was a large stick in his path until *CRACK*. He froze, the sound echoed throughout the area. Listening cautiously he breathed out the breath he didn't release he had been holding. He was just about the move again when he heard voices from across the field. "-orry, I'll be fine. I'm just going to see what made that noise." It was James. Harry knew that if James found him the chances of Harry surviving were minimal at best. As he heard James coming closer, he ran. Harry heard shouts behind him as the group on the field noticed the movement, but he continued as fast as he could. His light frame made the journey easier as he maneuvered through the dense overgrowth. The sounds of his pursuers faded but he continued running. Harry ran until he each breath was a sharp jab of pain in his lungs. Harry slowed, then stopped, gasping heavily as he studied his surroundings. He knew that he was no longer on Potter land as Harry had studied the maps in the library. Which led to the question: Where was he? Harry took a step back from shock as his back met the chest of someone much larger than him. With a shuttering breath, he turned.

Not as long as I wanted it to be, but I leave for camping in about an hour and I wanted post this first. I want to think everyone who has reviewed and favorite/followed this story. Now a poll: This story will most likely be YOAI with Weasley, Potter, and Dumbles bashing (not F & G). So what to you want the pairing to be:

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