A Fistful of Dixon: Prologue

"Are you sure you don't want to stay for our yearly hunting trip son," My father Jess Collins asked me.

"No thanks dad, I need to get out of Sedalia and the trailer park for a while plus you know how I feel about Uncle Will right now," I said as I loaded my Marlin rifle into the truck.

"Ahhh.. All right just don't go and get in trouble like your cousin," he told me.

He was talking about my cousin Merle; he got himself locked up last month when he was caught dealing crystal meth. What an idiot for him messing up his life. When he got arrested my uncle just started ranting about Merle been no go when he is the reason Merle and Daryl had such a ruff life. I was glad my dad was around for Daryl when he got old enough. At least Daryl was more level headed.

"I wouldn't dad it like you said Merle just ain't right when he's dealing or doing," I rubbed my head before putting back on my camo hat, "Anyway thinks for letting me use your truck."

My dad's truck was a gray 2005 Dodge Dakota Club Cab with a camper. For been a few years old it still had that new car smell to it and was just perfect for when we went hunting with it. And because I work at the gas station across the street there was no need to drive.

"Well just be safe I'll see you in a few weeks," My dad told me as I climbed into the driver seat.

"All right dad take care and make sure you and Buck keep Daryl and Uncle Will form starting some shit oh and don't forget this," I said as I handed him his Smith & Wesson Model 66.

"Yeah, can't go hunting without my six shooter." my father chuckled, "Good luck son and have a safe road trip."

"Thanks dad see you later," I smiled as I started the truck, "Love you dad."

"Love you too, son," My father told me.

Little did I know that was the last time I would see my father alive. It wasn't for a couple of weeks into my trip that I realized my life would never be the same for me or my family.