Stiles was jolted awake by howling. He whipped his head back and forth almost comically to pinpoint its source and found his phone as it buzzed and howled. He sighed and looked at the clock; it was only 2:39 am. What was Derek doing calling him at 2:39 am in the middle of the summer? He was jolted back to reality when more howling erupted from his phone. Stiles remembered back to the day he set Derek's ringtone, he wanted to be different from when everyone else called him and when he found that one in the phones archives he thought he was being extremely clever. Right now he realized how stupid it was.

He reached over and grabbed the phone off the night stand, "Hello?"

"Stiles come to my house immediately" Derek's voice came rough and commanding through the small speaker on his phone.

"What!? Dude no, do you know what time it is?"

"Come here now or I'll come and get you and rip your throat out with my teeth"

"Don't make any promises you can't keep," Stiles hung up the phone and slid out of bed. He changed quickly before writing a note that said that he was going to Derek's and he would be home soon...hopefully. After he taped the note to his door he grabbed his keys and headed out.


He pulled up in front of the house not too long after he had gotten the call. From the outside it looked cozy; warm lights spilled out onto the porch, the green door that once covered an omen of death now was a welcomed sight. Stiles did spend more time than completely necessary at that house and if ever questioned he would simply say he was admiring his handiwork. It was, after all, he and Derek who had rebuilt the once crumbling fire hazard back into a house and the pack he was a part of that made it a home.

The teen sighed reluctantly then slid from his Jeep. He knew that even if the outside picture was comforting when he finally got inside it would be a different story. His logic was confirmed when he stepped up on the porch and heard the muffled muttering of people inside that gradually increased in volume. When he finally opened the door he was met with the sight of Peter sitting on the couch looking rather bored and Derek standing in front of him gesturing widely and shouting. The alpha stopped when Stiles entered the room.

"Stiles," said Derek acknowledging the humans presence.

Stiles waited for more, he usually just got berated when he walked through the door when Derek was in this kind of mood and didn't want to say anything that could push anymore buttons.

The silence between them grew awkward as it carried on, however, as it was not being filled with orders and/or screaming.

Stiles huffed out a sigh, "what do you want Derek? It's like 3 in the morning, I'm tired and I don't want to be here all night."

Derek straightened and turned so that his entire form loomed over the smaller teen. "There have been sightings of a rogue Omega in town, it's been disturbing the locals and its escapades are slowly escalating. You have to help me find it."

"How am I supposed to help you find it? I don't have any super powers to help you track it, why don't you get Scott or Isaac to help you?" Stiles stared back at the alpha annoyed.

"I'm going to use you as bait so the Omega tries to attack you bringing itself into the open so I can capture it and kill it if need be," Derek explained as placid as possible for someone like him.

Stiles scoffed, "and what if I don't agree to be your Omega chew toy?"

"You will, or I'll kill you with my bare hands," said Derek matter-of-fact-ly as if he was telling Stiles about the weather.

Stiles gapped at the larger man and made an odd noise of disapproval before he furrowed his brow and said fine. "But if I die, I'll haunt you for the rest of your natural life, Derek Hale."

Derek just rolled his eyes and grabbed his coat and keys and walking out of the house. He turned at the threshold and looked back at Stiles, "come on, we've got a wolf to catch."

Stiles rolled his eyes and followed the alpha out of the house and to the car.


They pulled up near the woods that Stiles remembered changed his life forever. He remembered back to the night Scott was bit and scolded himself for wanting to go out and find that body.

"Come on, we don't have all day." Derek's voice was irritating at this hour as he pushed out of the Camaro.

"What's the plan?" Stiles asked when they began walking into the woods.

"You sit out in the open, I hide and wait. I've already masked my scent so he'll only smell you," Derek didn't look at Stiles. His strong eyes stayed forward, his muscular jaw taut as they walked.

"Pft, I feel safer already," Stiles shook his head as they neared a small clearing in the woods.

"You sit here and make yourself obvious, I'll be over there waiting." Derek walked over to a clump of bushes leaving Stiles to stand alone in the clearing. His imagination picked up the noises around him and soared. Each rustle was a blood thirsty werewolf. An owl's hoot started to sound very similar to the snarl of a wolf.

Just as his hyper activity had his nerves raw and sweat dewing on his face he heard a growl. A low rumble coming from his left side. He spun around quickly to try and put a face to the noise. Just as he stopped facing the noise a large hairy, clawed person sprung from the bushes.

Just before their body came in contact with Stiles, Derek pounced from his hiding spot all wolfed out and tackled the Omega to the ground.

Stiles fell to the ground ass first and winced at the impact before scooting until his back came in contact with a tree.

He watched as the fight began. Derek had the obvious advantage in both size and agility. He easily pinned the wolf beneath him and used his alpha voice to command the omega out of their wolf form.

Its body struggled against the will of the Alpha, however, and turned beneath Derek. The smaller Omega launched itself out of Derek's grasp and straight toward Stiles.

It was obviously out for blood if not rabid. Stiles pushed himself back and into the tree more bracing for impact. He screwed his eyes shut as the Omega got closer. Stiles heard a growl and a loud thump and opened his eyes when the impact he braced for never came. He was met with the sight of a limp Omega and a panting Alpha.

Stiles crawled forward and finally stood when he made it to the pair. The Omegas now human and lifeless eyes were rolled back into its head and Stiles used all his will power to suppress the gag that wanted to break through. The human then looked over to Derek who was still panting staring down at the Omega.

Stiles moved so he was in Derek's line of sight. Derek immediately snapped back into reality when he saw Stiles and wolfed down.

"Stiles! Are alright? Are you hurt?" Derek lunged toward Stiles grabbing his shoulders and holding him out to inspect the human. He sniffed the boy checking for any open wounds and when he found none he let go of the boy and turned away pushing the boy slightly.

Stiles had no time to process what had just happened between him and Derek as he stumbled somewhat before catching his balance. Derek began to walk away at a brisk pace leaving Stiles to gap at his rippling back muscles. Stiles snapped his mouth closed with an audible pop before jogging after the werewolf. "Hey sour wolf! Wait up!" when Derek showed no signs of stopping or even slowing Stiles picked up the pace. "Jesus Derek! Come on, what the hell, dude!"

"Stiles shut up and get in the car," Derek said in his usual harsh tone, all signs of concern gone. Stiles let out a small huff of annoyance before plopping into the passenger seat of the sleek black car. Derek slid into the driver's seat all tension and completely closed off.

The drive back to Stiles house had been a silent and edgy one.


The second Derek couldn't sense Stiles presence anymore he whimpered audibly. When he saw that Omega had tried to attack Stiles his wolf erupted. Derek couldn't understand why until the night had ended and he was sitting in his home alone. He was lying back in his huge bed and remembered a tid bit of information that had passed through his family when his cousin had turned 24.


Derek sat on the couch truly not caring about what his family was talking about but he did hear small pieces here or there.

"—has to find a mate soon. If he doesn't his wolf will choose one for him."

"Come on. The boy has time. There is another week before the full moon."

"He'll tear himself apart trying to fight it. He's stubborn; we all know that to be true."

"Well what would you like me to do!"

"Talk to him. Tell him what is happening to him before-before his heat."

"Whatever pleases you."

(flashback over)

Derek recalled what they were talking about. His cousin was going into his first heat, it took place during the first full moon after his 24th birthday, and his wolf was going to try to find him a mate. If he rejected the mate his wolf chose he would be doomed to live hollow and empty for the rest of his life. Even if a wolf tried to kindle something between that person after the heat it would never fill the void that filled the wolf.

Derek could feel the void that began within him as he fought against his wolf. He was so lucky as to have the full moon fall on his birthday. He couldn't do it though; he couldn't drag Stiles into his life. The life that already brought so much pain to the brown eyed boy. He thought about the emptiness that already consumed him everyday, Derek thought that a little bit more wouldn't hurt him much.

So the decision was made he would reject his wolf and handle the consequences.