Stiles looked up at his mate. He was on cloud nine. He was pregnant. He was pregnant with Derek Hale's baby. Derek leaned in and kissed Stiles. They were so excited. The world around them seemed to dissolve. It was just the two of them and their baby.

After an determinable amount of time Deaton had cleared his throat. Stiles' and Derek's eyes both snapped toward the vet. Deaton looked scared for a moment due to the intensity of their gazes but quickly returned to his normal self. "We have a lot to discuss and prepare for. I need both of you to be on the same page as me so we are all ready for when this baby comes."

Stiles and Derek nodded in unison. "Have you ever taken part in a male pregnancy birth?" asked Derek. He was intrigued because he knew they were kept secret so that humans wouldn't know but still were not that much of an oddity among werewolves, even more so now that society was so accepting to gay relationships.

"Once, but it was a while back when I was still in training and technology and even sanitation has come leaps and bounds since then. I do remember one thing though," Deaton looked at them very seriously, "as you may know the gestation period for a wolf is only about 2 months where as a humans is closer to 9. In this case the body tends to lean toward the wolf side because of the physical advantage and the gestation period for a werewolf is only about 3 months; even in the case when the pregnant partner is not only a male but also a human."

Stiles' eyes went wide. He didn't know if you could handle such rapid change in just the course of three months. He was immediately worried about the abrupt changes to his body as well as to his mate. Plus the accommodations for the baby. Would he stay living with his dad and keep the baby there? Or maybe the baby would stay with Derek at the Hale house, it would probably be safer there. Would his father be okay with him moving in with Derek because there is no way that he was letting Derek raise this child all by himself a) because Derek had a hard time expressing emotions b) because Derek was living alone in a house with Peter and Isaac c) it was Stiles fucking baby and if he was going to give birth to it he was going to see it his every waking minute.

Derek was immediately hit with the smell of Stiles anxiety and perched on the edge of the lab table. He collected Stiles in his arms and rocked him muttering sweet, soft nothings into his ear until Stiles had finally relaxed.

"I'll let you two get a handle on this new information, come here tomorrow at around 1 o'clock and we will start discussing strategy and things of the sort then," with that Deaton stood he nodded back to Derek after receiving a look full of gratitude and then left the room.

Stiles got dressed. He wiped the gel from his stomach then quickly put his shirt and pants on allowing Derek to lead him to the Camaro and buckle him into the passenger seat. Derek said something about calling Scott to pick up the jeep and to bring it to his place so that the Sheriff wouldn't be suspicious then they were on their way to the Hale house.


Derek and Stiles were now laying in Derek's bed comfortably tangled with each other. Stiles was looking down at their intertwined hands when he ask, "what are we going to tell my dad?"

Stiles' question was met with silence but he could see that Derek was mulling it over and stayed quiet. After a little while Derek said, "we can tell him the truth." Derek's idea was met with pure shock. "I mean it only makes sense. He is living in like the supernatural hub of the West Coast. I mean he's the Sheriff I think deserves to know about all this crazy shit that is happening around him so that he can better prepare himself and if you are bringing a supernatural baby, my supernatural baby, into this world I want your father to welcome it with open arms for what he or she truly is."

Stiles felt shell shock, he had never heard Derek speak so much, calm and collectively, in any one sitting. He understood though and all the points Derek made were very good and Stiles could see himself supporting them. Stiles went to open his mouth to agree but instead his hand flew up to cover it. His stomach gave a nauseous twist as he tried and failed to get out of bed. Finally after hitting Derek's chest several times the Alpha pulled away allowing the human to get up and go to the bathroom. The entire contents of his stomach immediately emptied itself into the toilet.

Derek followed Stiles in and grabbed a wet face cloth before taking a seat on the floor next to Stiles. The latter dry heavied one more time before falling limply against Derek. Derek was there holding the cloth to his face. Whipping off the sweat that had accumulated there before wiping his mouth.

Stiles' head lulled back on to Derek's shoulder and his eyes fluttered closed. "I guess the games begin." Sties said with a ragged voice. Even without opening his eyes he could feel the quizzical look that Derek was giving him, "morning sickness, and if what I read was right it's going to super bad because my inside are warping themselves to accommodate the baby. This isn't going to be fun."

Derek, being the man of few words that he usually was, held Stiles to him and nuzzled into the top of his head. He pressed a kiss to Stiles head then gave out a sigh.

Stiles clutched to the fabric of Derek's shirt as another wave of nausea hit him. Leaned over the toilet and gagged out the small remnants that his stomach managed to hold onto the first time. Derek rubbed soothing circles between his mate's shoulder blades. He didn't like watching Stiles be sick and not be able to cure it but he bit it back knowing that the statement wouldn't make the situation any better.


At around noon Stiles began to feel slightly better. He didn't dare eat anything that might cause another bout of morning sickness and he stayed as far away from the kitchen and dining room as possible because the smell of food sent him over the edge. Currently the boy was sitting on the couch in the living room watching some stupid rom-com that he found when he was flicking through the channels. He wasn't really paying attention the the story line or the characters, he mostly concentrated on not throwing up again.

Derek walked in and looked down at the younger human watching as he clutched one of the softer throw pillows to himself and stared into the empty space above the tv. He continued into the room and sat down next to Stiles. "Hey, Deaton is expecting us at 1. Do you want me to cancel?"

"No I'm fine. Plus I better enjoy the outside world while I can. Once I start to show I won't be able to leave the house." Stiles chuckled dryly, he still wasn't really focusing on anything even as he spoke.

Derek sighed, "alright. Well it's," he checked the clock on the wall, "a quarter past 12 now so do you want to head up and take a shower and get ready now?"

"Yea, good idea," Stiles got up and stood in front of Derek offering his hand to his mate, "but only if you come with me." A wicked smile graced Stiles face and Derek chuckled as he took the outstretched hand and followed behind Stiles as he made his way up the stairs and to the bathroom.

Stiles reached into the shower and turned it on so that while they undressed it would warm up. As he watched Derek remove his shirt Stiles had realized something, they had only done it once before when Derek was in the throws of his heat. At no other point had either of them seen the other one completely naked. All of a sudden he felt embarrassed as he watched Derek's muscles flex and shift beneath his taut skin as the werewolf stripped off each individual layer of clothing.

Probably sensing Stiles eyes on him Derek looked up. "Hey, are you going to take shower fully clothed?"

"I-" Stiles didn't know what to say. He hugged himself tight trying to find some excuse to get out of this. He knew that it had been his idea but didn't like the thought of Derek seeing him completely naked while he had a level head. He irrationally thought that wolf would take one look at his lean and lanky frame and would turn his nose up at Stiles and leave him to raise the baby all on his own. So many scenarios flashed behind Stiles' eyes. They escalated at an alarming rate and he soon felt like he was about to launch into a full scale panic attack.

Derek felt the panic in his mate rising and couldn't understand where it had come from. He moved in front of Stiles running his hands up and down the boys arms while he tried to get him to look up at him. "Stiles? Come on babe, what's wrong?"

Stiles cracked at the sound of Derek's voice and yelled, "YOU'RE GOING TO LEAVE ME! I'M GOING TO HAVE TO RAISE THE BABY ALL ON MY OWN! I CAN'T-" Stiles had let out a squeak when Derek lunged forward and kissed him.

When Derek felt Stiles' heart rate return to normal he pulled away. "Stiles why would you say something like that? I would never leave you and our pup," Derek placed a hand on Stiles' abdomen, "I love you both."

Stiles put his hand over the one Derek had placed on his stomach. "You've never really seen me without clothes on without being in heat and even that was one time. What if you don't like what you see and decide I'm not worth the trouble and as an extension the baby?" Tears welled up in the humans eyes as he stared up at Derek.

Derek stared back for a moment before giving the classic Hale look with an arched brow but humored played across the rest of his face. "Stiles," Derek chuckled, "just because I was in heat doesn't mean I have no memory of that night, I know what you look like naked." Derek leaned in closer pressing a hand to the small of Stiles' back and put his lips to the younger man's ear, "I remember what you look like naked," repeated Derek but this time is was a low husk of a whisper, "and I think you are the best looking man I have ever seen." With that Derek pulled away and played with the hem of Stiles shirt before he was given the okay and slipping it over his head. Next, he pulled away Stiles' pajama pants and finally his boxers. Derek's eyes never left Stiles but as the human stepped forward out of his clothes and pressed himself even more against Derek he couldn't help but close his eyes and moan. A low noise that resounded in his chest.

Stiles breath caught in his throat when his bare cock came in contact with Derek's own covered one. Without thought Stiles reached forward and pushed Derek's boxer's down his hips. The black silky material easily slid to the floor. Derek looked down at Stiles hungerly. Stiles guided the older by the hold he had on his hips into the shower. He couldn't help but slid his finger down Derek's chest following the streams of water that trailed down Derek's perfectly sculpted body.

If they were a few minutes late for meeting up with Deaton, who could blame them?