My whole body was numb as I stared at the scene unraveling before me. Dimitri my Dimitri being taken down by a blond Strigoi. I didn't know his name and I couldn't see his face, but I was already planning his funeral. I suddenly felt a huge amount of confidence well up within me. I began to run strait for the cavesonly to be bear tackled by Stan "HATHAWAY what the HELL are you doing are you insane" I struggled against him with what seemed like super strength I used little force to push him off but somehow it sent him flying back a good 12 feet towards the other guardians. I sprang to my feet and headed towards the caves at a dead run, having no time to break down what just happened. Strigoi sprang at me left and right but for some odd reason once they got within 3 feet of me and I was able to look them in the eye they would turn around and fight against a fellow Strigoi or….or help the guardians what the heck was going on here

WAIT I have no time to think I have to get to him now I focused all my attention to the caves. I saw the blond demon of a being draining Dimitri wait is he … FORCE TURNING HIM … the next thing I knew I had the blond by the throat how I ran a good 29 feet in less than 3 seconds I have no idea.

"What do you think you're doing" my voice was so menacing I could barely recognize it as mine. I loosened my grip on his neck to lower him down. I brought my fist back a bit punched him repeatedly in the face with all that I had in me I got a little carried away after a while I should probable st-"Roza" my head snapped around at the sound of my Russian gods voice. I took a good look at him sitting there all bruised and bloody. My heart nearly broke into a million pieces. Seeing the man who I thought to be a god sitting the nearly dead made me want to die. I thru the unconscious blond to the ground and rushed to Dimitri

"Dimitri you're going to be ok I am here now don't worry baby I won't let anything else happen to you understand" I said franticly I held his shoulders and assessed his wounds I could tell his wrist was broken and the way he held one arm to his side told me that he had a few broken ribs.

"r-r-roza what are you doing here you should not have come back for me get out of here I can't let you get hurt my roza" he looked right into my eyes as he spoke he sounded so worried so vulnerable I could no longer bare it I grabbed his face with both my hand and placed a soft gentle kiss on his lips. As I pulled back I looked into his eyes "Dimitri I will never leave you no matter what you say or what you tell me to do I will be there for you no matter what I love you dimitri belikov" a small smile pulled at his lips and he nodded I carefuly helped him to his feet and headed towards the exit of the caves