Chapter One

"What do you see?"

Her eyes fluttered open and bright lights were shining upon her, blinding her vision. She saw many blurry figures standing over here with masks on.

"What do you see today, 01-349?"

She refused to talk and instead she turned her head and saw guards at the doors, knowing she wouldn't be able to escape. Bonded with the table in nothing but a short gown and a sheet over her body.

"She's not talking today sir," one of the officials whispered. She could hear them. She had been here for two months and whenever they asked questions, she refused to answer.

"You know what to do then." The general in command said and the officials nodded as he disappeared from the sterile room.

Her eyes wandered around the room and she saw two men coming to her with large needles. Fear escalated in her mind and body, trying to break free of the bondage. The men held her down and the bonds became tighter, forcing her to calm down. She winced from the pain.

Feeling the needle go into her upper arm she felt dizzy immediately. Her head lolled and eyes drooped, desperately trying to stay awake. Slipping into a dream state her body relaxed and eyebrows furrowed at her inner thoughts.

In a field of flowers and tall trees she looked around at the beautiful sight before her. She had been here before, but where was she? She heard two little girls laughing. The voices coming closer she turned to see two brunette little girls running passed her like a ghost. Where am I?

Walking further into the forest she followed the giggling girls and a beach appeared behind the bushes. A beach with white sand and water as blue as the sky above. The little girls were playing in the water and a warm smile formed on her face.

"Stop it sister, you are going out too far, we need to get back before mother sends a party to look for us!" the elder brunette child called out.

The smaller child laughed more and swam out further irritating her elder sister.

"I'm serious! Don't make me come out there to get you, sister!"

The little sister finally came back to shore soaking wet, and started to run along the beach. The elder sister chased behind her with a wide grin.

She sat and watched the little girls as they ran on the beach. They laughed with innocence. They ran towards her direction and passed right through her. Touching her abdomen she felt the two girls rush through her body, feeling a gust of pain and sadness wash over her.

I remember this place, but what is it? Where is it? How come I can remember this?

Suddenly the sky became dark and the clouds were black, trees rustled in the forceful wind. Backing up she saw a hurricane approaching, running through the forest she tried to escape the winds. The flower field once beautiful was now filled with wilted flowers and weeds.

Reaching what looked like human civilization she saw buildings were destroyed and nobody was in sight. Looking behind her she saw the winds picking up and it started to thunder and sprinkle rain.

Finding shelter she found a stone building which appeared to be a temple of some sort. The magnificent statues were crumbled to the ground. Chairs were knocked to the ground and trays of gifts such as flowers, food and drink were scrambled all over.

Hearing a massive amount of voices screaming in agony she covered her ears from the pain. Dropping to her knees she closed her eyes as her head spun from the loud voices in her head.

"Stop it! Stop!" why do you torment with such dreams? She said to nobody but herself. She felt someone trying to talk to her, but she couldn't make out what they were saying.

"Focus on my voice; it's just a dream, focus…"

She released her hands from her ears and followed the voice. It was a deeper voice but soothing.

"Follow my voice."

Jarring awake she breathed heavily and looked around the room. Jolting up in bed she saw it was raining outside and a young man was sitting next to her with a glass of water and tray of food on the table next to him. He patted her forehead with a cloth.

"You were having another dream. Care to talk about it?"

She had these dreams frequently, but she didn't know where they were coming from. She stared at the man and looked at his badge on his left breast. Making a note never to talk to the officials she said nothing but took the water hesitantly.

"You've been here for two months and haven't said anything. Sooner or later they have ways of making you talk. Where are you from? Who are you?"

She eyed him and grabbed a piece of fruit on the tray slowly biting into it she put her hand on her cheek. It had a bruise on it. Downing the water she pushed the glass back into the man's hands.

I can't tell you because I don't know who I am myself. She chewed the fruit slowly and finally swallowed painfully. Her hand grasped her throat and sighed. There were marks on her throat from restraining to the bondage the men put her in.

The man sighed and left the room, closing and putting a security code on the door. She stared at her cell and got up to look outside the window at the harsh storm. The trees were swaying in the wind and it reminded her of her dream.

"She still won't talk." The man said to their General in command.

"She is stubborn; we have to find out more information on her. We know that she is not human."

"Perhaps she does not talk because she has experienced severe trauma? Maybe we can bring a therapist in to talk to her."

The general scoffed, "She is not one of us. She is a threat to us all. Tomorrow get her in the interrogating room."

The next morning four men put her in cuffs and walked her to the interrogating room. Her eyes widened and started to resist.

"Sir! Sir she's resisting!"

"Drug her!" a needle was forced into her arm once again. Her body became limp and they carried her into the room tying her down to the bed once again.

"But mother you said I could go when I finished my duties!"

"I said no! You can't go, I forbid you to go. Why don't you train with your sister?"

"Mother you promised!"

"How dare you question my authority, child?"

Her eyes widened in fear. The ten year old turned to leave and her mother called out to her again.

"Diana, don't disobey me."

The child's eyes rolled and she passed the guards outside her mother's throne room.

Diana? Is that who I am?

"01-349 are you awake? Can you hear us?"

Her eyes opened and she was calmer now. The room was dimly lit and she was surrounded by guards.

"Can you tell us your name?"

She stared at the officials and began to open her mouth.

"My name is Diana."

AN: this is the beginning of my new story, have half the plot figured out, but it might change depending on what I want lol.

I did make a semi plot for a sequel to Queen of Arrakus and Prince of Krypton, if you guys are wondering, but still debating to actually pursue that. That will take a lot of complicated scenes and new characters to develop as well as old ones.

Sorry if the beginning is kind of vague, but it will go into detail later.