Chapter Three

Two months ago

Hippolyta kissed her daughter's forehead as she lay in her bed. She looked as peaceful and beautiful as ever. She brushed her hand across Diana's cheek and felt tears in her eyes but quickly wiped them away.

"Be safe, my daughter." The Amazon Queen stepped off one of their jets and as she set foot on the ground she watched the jet slowly lift off the sandy dark beach. Retreating back to the palace to her room she closed the door not wishing to be disturbed. She had asked the island's oracle to wipe Diana of her memories, to start fresh in a new world. The Americas had found out about their island and she knew what they might do. They might take the Amazons or worse, use them for sexual experiments. She didn't want her daughter to suffer the same fate that she and her sisters did many years ago.

Hippolyta ordered a few amazons to take Diana to a secluded beach on the American coast. She hated that she would be leading her daughter into the ultimate oblivion, but it was the best for her. She knew what was coming. They would fight until they couldn't fight anymore. Amazons were not going to go down easily.

She grabbed her helm and put it over her head with sword in hand. She left her room and could see many planes landing on their island.

Her general in command, Phillipus, was standing at the back of all the armed Amazons. They had many archers on top of the palace and hidden in the bushes. Hippolyta appeared next to the general looking out at the dark waters beyond the palace grounds.

"This does not bode well my Queen." The dark skinned amazon said aloud and had a bit of sadness to her voice.

"When it comes to men, there will always be destruction, Phillipus. We are well prepared for this. We knew this was coming."

The general nodded, "What of the princess? Is she safe?"

"She is. She is being taken to America as we speak."

Phillipus nodded her head and all the amazons pulled their bows back as men started to file out of the jets.

"Amazons! Don't forget who you are!" Hippolyta yelled out and arrows were shot at the armored men.


Diana sat on her bed wide awake. She had been awake all night, not being able to sleep. She figured if she went to sleep the dreams would come to haunt her again, it was best that she didn't sleep. Sleep was not a good thing for her. Lying in bed she turned on her side and stared at the floor. The room was still dark and it was raining outside.

The reminiscence of her dreams she had of all the women seemed to swim her mind the more she thought about it. They wore armor and had bows and arrows. It appeared they were from an ancient time –a time that cease to exist now especially with all these machines. Machines that controlled everything the public does, telling them what they should and should not do. The more Diana thought about why she was here, the more she realized she was here for a purpose. The government wouldn't keep her this long if she was just a normal citizen and if they really felt like it, they would have killed her by now.

She remembered when she woke up laying on a beach. Many people were passing by and staring at her like she was some sort of alien. After a few hours of wandering around the beach dressed in a white gown a group of armed men grabbed her and pulled her into a vehicle. Many hours later she awoke on a bed strapped down unable to move and feeling a bit nauseous as well. Many men dressed in white coats standing over her poking and prodding at her body.

Shaking her head she tried to erase that from her mind but somehow that never seemed to help. She never asked why she was here and what they were planning to do to her. She couldn't stay locked up in this cell forever, she had a right to be free just like everyone else in the world.

Interrupting her thoughts a man in uniform came into her room and she flinched hearing the lock on the other side of the door. Slowly she turned and the man had a tray of food for her. Ignoring the tray she went back to staring outside at the rainy, stormy weather.

This man was a different one than she was used to. Reading his nametag his name was George.

"They told me to bring you this," he hesitantly placed the tray of food on the bed and backed away to the door and stood with his hands behind his back.

Diana realized the man wasn't nearly as talkative as the others who came to deliver food to her. Turning around folding her arms she walked towards the man who was at least a foot shorter than her.

He backed up against the wall and she raised an eyebrow. "You appear to be afraid of me, George."

"I'm not afraid of you, I'm not afraid of anything."

Diana scanned his body with only her eyes and she smirked, "You are sweating. Why do you think I am going to harm you, George?"

"I have a Taser, don't come any closer to me, lady!" his hand rested on the weapon tied to his hip.

"That won't hurt me," Diana turned and sat on her bed with her legs crossed.

He eased a bit once she sat down on her bed. Diana saw his shoulders relax and she smiled. "Why are you all afraid of me?"

"We are not afraid of you. We are afraid of what you might impose on the people of this world." George said calmly.

"Oh? I am not here to hurt anybody. I didn't even know my own name; I have no idea where I come from and I don't know why I am here. Why would you all think I am going to harm innocent people? The only people that should be harmed are your officers and scientists!" she growled and he seemed to tense back up again.

She sighed heavily, "Never mind, just go, you don't need to be here to watch me. Might as well take the food back, I won't be eating it." She slid the tray to the end of the bed and laid down closing her eyes.

Three hours later Diana found herself under bright lights and strapped to a table again. She squinted at the brightness of the light.

"Where are you from?" one of the scientists asked. This time it was a woman with blonde hair wrapped in a bun wearing thin framed glasses.

Diana resisted the urge to roll her eyes. "I don't know."

"She keeps saying she doesn't know." The blonde woman told the male scientist next to her.

"She's lying." He glared at Diana and poked her mouth with a tool. Diana pursed her lips and furrowed her eyebrows. "Where are you from?"

"I told you, for the last time, I don't know!" she spat and broke the straps that held her down and all present in the room backed away.

"Don't be afraid, Diana, whatever you do, don't be afraid."

Diana heard that familiar voice in her head again and she slipped her gauntlets off her wrists and threw them on the floor. The scientists in the room gasped as they saw Diana's eyes glow a sickening luminous blue and heading straight towards them floating above the ground only a few inches.

As she came closer she grabbed one of the scientists by the throat and choked him rendering him unconscious and dropped to the tile floor.

The others ran away from her but she beat them to the door in less than a second and grabbed the blonde woman by the wrist and broke it. She cried in agony and passed out from the excruciating pain. Only one more scientist left and he had fled the room leaving the door wide open. She could hear him running down the hall and her eyes scanned the room for others but found nobody coming into the room.

Diana placed her hands over her eyes and she dropped to her knees. Her eyes turned back to their green blue hue and she breathed heavily and looked around at the two scientists on the floor both unconscious. Standing she grabbed her gauntlets and placed them back on her wrists. Suddenly an alarm went off throughout the whole building. Covering her ears she left the room looking down the long white hall both left and right. Hearing footsteps of men in metal boots she ran down the hall to the right and around a corner.

Her eyes paced back and forth at the long hallway, she was stuck, and there were so many doors, which one, which one? Panicking hearing the men coming closer she ran to the end of the long hallway and pushed on the door, but it was locked. Breaking the computer lock system she was able to get out of the building stepping into the cold rainy atmosphere. All the robots outside were still guarding the gate and fences so she took to the sky without even trying.

I can fly too? She thought. Lifting higher she easily went over the fence and passed by the machines with ease. The rain flying into her eyes didn't seem to bother her and she kept flying until she saw a much lit area ahead. Large buildings and some kind of vehicle on the ground moving and people walking around. Flying closer to the ground she landed and watched everyone pass by. She hid behind a building and was finally able to catch her breath.

What just happened? What did I do? What had come over you, Diana? You turned into a crazy person. She shook her head as she gazed at her silver gauntlets on her arms and sighed. Then in the silence of the dark alley she heard a beeping noise and she looked down at her ankle. It was her anklet blinking. Eyes widening she ripped it off and threw it on the ground and left the alley to go on the streets.

Others passed her and gawked at her strangely as she was soaked, barefoot and dressed in white pants and a white baggy shirt. Diana looked up at the brightly lit buildings and smiled. Where was she? She had never seen a place like this before. Bumping into a civilian she nearly knocked the man over.

"Watch where you're going, woman," he rudely said adjusting his coat and umbrella and shook his head walking behind her. Diana blinked and kept walking looking at her new surroundings.

Clark Kent sat in a bar by himself drinking wine. He couldn't feel the effects of alcohol, but occasionally enjoyed the taste of it every now and then. Watching others slowly relaxing with the effects of their drinks, he sighed wishing he too could feel relaxed, truly relaxed just like everyone else.

He had sat in the same spot in the bar for over two hours now, just thinking. Lois had been right, Julia had disappeared and what really bothered him is that everyone at work didn't seem to care, or rather cared but didn't want to risk saying anything. Perry gave him an assignment to do about an imprisoned alien woman, but he had yet to find much information on the woman. There was very little and whatever he found were rumors or sounded ridiculous.

Pulling out his cell phone he looked at the picture of the woman and she looked pale and not the least bit alien to him, but then again he was technically an alien and looked just like a human would. Putting his phone back in his jacket pocket he slid his empty glass towards the bartender and left a tip and paid his bill.

Walking outside it wasn't raining as hard as it was and he put on his hat and continued down to where he parked his car to return back to his apartment.

Diana heard sirens coming down the road and there were several black cars coming towards her and she ran down the sidewalk not giving a care if she ran into anybody.

Turning her head she saw the cars coming further down the road but still a ways away, she ran into a rather large tall man and she fell to the wet ground.

Clark turned around and stared at the woman below him dressed in white and raised a brow. He extended his hand. "I'm sorry, are you alright?"

Diana nodded her head.

He noticed she was out of breath and not dressed like she should be. She looked like she just escaped from an asylum. "Are you okay?" he asked looking into her Aegean Sea blue eyes. No answer from the woman and then he studied her face a little more and something was too familiar with her. Her jaw line, her eyes, pale complexion and height was too familiar….

Oh she's the government's hostage, oh no, Clark, don't get involved, but she could tell him what really happened to her, but why was she out? She probably escaped. Hearing sirens down the road he looked and saw armed men in the black cars.

"Do you need help?" he asked and Diana looked back and nodded. He sighed and grabbed her hand and quickly paced over to his car and Diana hesitantly climbed in the passenger side. He took his hat off once he closed his door. "You might want to duck."

Diana was confused with this type of language. A duck was an animal. "Duck?"

"Get down," Clark cleared it for her and Diana slid down further into her seat. The three black vehicles passed by without having a clue she was in the car with him. He waited until they turned a corner and he gave her the okay to sit up.

Diana looked around the car as her chest rose and fell from her heavy breathing. She had never been in one of these before unless she was unconscious of course.

"So, why, or what are you running from?" He started the engine and turned the windshield wipers on and drove down the street nonchalantly.

Diana kept watching the wipers go back and forth from left to right and completely forgot his question.

"Hello?" Clark smiled and checked his mirrors.

Diana didn't know this man and she was in this strange vehicle with him, but he did offer to help her, so at least she could spill some of the truth, but not all.

"I was running from them." Gesturing to the black cars that passed them a while ago.

He knew this, but pretending like he didn't, "Why were you?"

"I…I cannot tell you that." She fiddled with her thumbs. "Where are we going?" her eyes looked out the window at the buildings.

Clark realized he wasn't going to get much out of this woman so he didn't press on. "to my apartment."

She was pretty familiar with those, "Why are you taking me there? Aren't you going to turn me into those people?"

Not necessarily, "No. you need help and were obviously running for a reason." A moment of silence came between them. "You don't know what the world is like do you?"

Diana turned to face him with a puzzled expression. "What do you mean?"

"Machines, robots, police. You don't know what they do to people, do you?" he looked on her white shirt and a black number was printed on it. 01-349. Interesting, he thought.

She remained silent and didn't answer him. The next ten minutes was a quiet car ride back to his apartment.

Unlocking his apartment door he gestured for her to go in. "You're not going to harm me are you?" Diana asked unsure to enter the dark room.

Clark eyed her carefully, "Uh no, I was going to suggest you go first, because you're a lady."

Diana stood for a few long seconds but stepped into the dark room and Clark flipped on the lights and she saw a furnished room with a small staircase obviously leading to more rooms. Walking around still soaking wet she looked around, but not touching anything.

He tapped her shoulder and she turned around into a fighting stance. "Whoa there," he put a hand up and in the other hand he had two white towels. "I thought you wanted to shower, here."

Diana looked at the towels and it reminded her of what showers were like at that facility. The men would watch her shower as other inmates would as well. Showers were usually only ten minutes long and the water was never warm, always cold.

Declining the gesture she folded her arms. "No thank you."

Clark shrugged his shoulders and placed the towels on the living room table. "Alright, but if you need to, the towels are right there and the shower is down the hall." He pointed to an open door and she looked but didn't seem to want to make a move to go in.

She noticed he was leaving the room and entered what looked like a kitchen. "Where are you going?" she called out.

He turned, "I was going to make some food I haven't eaten since this afternoon." Both stared at each other and he rubbed the back of his neck nervously, "So, I don't have any clothes for women here, but you're welcome to wear one of my old shirts and pants if you'd like."

Diana looked down at her clothing, "No."

"Okay then I'll just be in the kitchen." He smiled leaving Diana alone in the living room.

As Clark was cutting up vegetables he couldn't think of a more stupid thing to do. Clark, you're an idiot, you brought a runaway prisoner into your home and they're looking for her. You're going to be arrested and taken into custody for this.

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