Without even thinking about it I raced to Alice and our lips just seemed to melt together. It was at that moment that I truly knew she was right. The three of us are meant to be so much more.

"Alice…Lets go find our mate!"


After stripping I jumped right into the water. While it may be a little chilly since I am further up the mountain I don't notice the temperature change much. I couldn't stop thinking about that kiss with Alice. It felt so right, but at the same time I didn't feel complete and I knew that was because we were not complete…we were missing Rosalie.

Deciding I had enough of the water I jumped out. As I was getting my clothes I could hear someone approaching me to my right. Thinking quickly I shifted into my leopard form and prepared for those mutts. With the wind shifting down ward I wasn't able to pick up on the scent. I didn't know what was coming. The sound began to get louder and coming out of the tree line was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. Standing there staring were both Alice and Rosalie. I could see the fear in their eyes at my size and knowing that I was not a part of the La Push pack. In an attempt to be as non-threatening as possible I lowered myself to the ground and made a whimpering sound. I could now see the curiosity in their eyes. Then they started to whisper to each other thinking I could not hear them.

"Alice what do we do? I feel a connection to this cat," whispered Rosalie to Alice.

"I don't know Rose but those eyes are captivating. I know I have seen them somewhere before, but I can't place where," Replied Alice.

"Do you think we should try talking to it? It may understand us. It could be similar to those mutts in La Push."

While they continued to talk amongst each other I took this as my chance to get closer. I could feel Izzy clawing to get out and to claim what is hers, but I don't want to scare them. Still arguing with each other about what to do I was able to crawl my way up to them till I was about 5 feet away. Trying to get their attention I decided to make a huffing sound and took both by surprise. I suppose they didn't notice me moving till now. There was no way I was going to screw this up. I needed these women and they needed me. I would do anything to gain their trust in this form. I don't know what Izzy felt but it was as though I needed to gain their trust in this form first before I could phase back. I tried countless times to phase back only to have Izzy growl at me. Izzy needs to know they can trust her before she can trust them.


While Rose and me were arguing on what to do we heard a huffing sound and looked towards the leopard.

"FUCK" screeched Rose. I knew she was shocked to see the cat so close and so was I. Looking at the cat I could see something in its eyes.

"You're not going to hurt us are you?" I asked the cat.

Praying the cat could understand I was happy to see it shake its head no.

"Well Kitty if you aren't going to hurt us what do you want? You better not be with those mutt from La Push" said Rose.

As soon as Rose mentioned the mutts the cat began to growl. I was taking that as a good sign. Of course as soon as I was counting our lucky stars I got a whiff of the said mutts. Great. Why do they need to bother us? They can't claim anything since we are not on their land.

Looking at both Rose and the cat I could see that they were thinking what I was and could smell the mutts coming. Getting ready to defend ourselves I was surprised to see the cat move in front of us protecting us from what was to come. Rose was just as shocked as me because when the cat moved forward I could hear the gasp of shock from her. This cat was proving to mean something to us and we knew we could trust it with our lives. Without thinking both Rose and myself latched on to the cat and prepared for the wolves to interrupt us.


Feeling Rose and Alive latch on to my fur Izzy felt complete. I knew this is what she wanted. She wanted our mates to trust us when they had no reason to. I couldn't dwell on this right now, because I could smell the wolves approaching. I knew Billy had taken over so the wolves had no business bothering me. What are they up to?

After a few seconds Sam and five wolves appeared through the bushes. Growling at them Sam began to speak.

"Leeches you should not be hear. Since you are not on our land we will let you go free, but we have some business to discuss with this beast".

Not even thinking about it I growled louder and wrapped one paw behind Rose and wrapped my tail around Alice.

"Awe look at you protecting the leeches" sneered Sam while continuing his rant. "You beast have unfinished business with us. Either you join our pack or we will have to get rough".

Izzy chose that moment to give me a gift. I knew that she was letting me gain a power early on to protect our mates. Not sure what the gift was I decided to let her take the lead. Out of nowhere she started to talk to me.

Bella I know you don't fully understand my presence here, but once we become one with our mates we will also be one. I have chosen a form, which will not be revealed to you until the first full moon. I am giving you an early gift. I want to protect our mates and these dogs are a problem. I am giving you the ability to communicate with others through a mind link. Use this gift and protect what is ours.

Just as she was there she was gone. I could no longer hear her, but I could still feel her presence. Deciding to test this gift I started to talk to Sam and noticed my voice felt altered. I could not recognize myself.

Sam, what is it you want?

Startled Sam looked at me. He was shocked and his pack mates were whining. They could tell something was going on.

"How did you do that? How are you talking to me?" yelled an enraged Sam.

Sam, there is no need to yell. I will answer your question even though I don't need to; you have no right to demand anything from me. I am talking to you because my spirit form has given me this gift to communicate with you. Now what do you want? Billy Black told me that you would be of no problem to me anymore.

"I don't care what the mighty alpha told you beast. I will always be the alpha of this pack and no one can take that from me. He may have alpha ordered me not to kill you, but he said nothing about teaching you a lesson on who is boss" replied Sam.

Looking around I could see some of the pups did not want to be here. They were here because of the pressure Sam put on them. Without thinking I decided to address the pack.

Do not be alarmed shifters. I spoke to them and saw that I startled a few. I mean you no harm. I know that some of you are here because you feel you owe it to Sam, but I will not show mercy if you decide to stay. Billy Black has an agreement with me and this act goes against what your alpha has told you.

"What do you know of us cat?" replied a female voice who I was assuming was Leah.

Leah I know Sam has wronged you and for that I will be sure to make his pain all that more greater, but you are continuing to let him hold you back. I can see that you will imprint, but he is the reason it has no happened yet. Leah I don't know how I know this, but I do. I can see and feel the claim Sam has on you and that is why you have yet to imprint. You cannot imprint until he lets you go and that is a control I don't see happening anytime soon.

Leah whimpered and lowered her head. She knew what I was saying held some truth and some of her pack mates could see the truth in it as well.

"STOP FILLING THEIR MINDS WITH YOUR FILTH BEAST" yelled Sam. I could see Sam shaking and knew he was ready to phase. Thinking of my mates I pushed them back hoping they would get the message. Thank goodness they did, because they moved back about 10 feet from us. Seeing this some of the pack moved back from their previous alpha, some with hate filled eyes. There was one member that caught my attention he was growling and snarling at Sam. I wonder why?

What has you so angry shifter? I asked it.

Covering the shock on his face he replied, "No one deserves a mate more than Leah and for that asshole to place a claim on her to prevent it is sickening to me. She has been through far too much with Sam and Emily that she truly deserves to be happy and Sam is preventing that".

What is your name?

"Paul" replied the wolf.

Well Paul I can see greatness running through your veins. Never doubt your abilities or the size of your heart. I have heard of you Paul. The resident man whore of La Push, but I can see that is just a cover for what truly lies beneath. You will one day understand why you were elected to be a chosen one to protect your people.

Sam was clearly mad that I was talking to his pack mates. "STOP LISTENING TO THIS BITCH. SHE DOESN'T KNOW WHAT SHE IS TALKING ABOUT. I AM THE ALPHA OF THIS PACK AND YOU WOULD BE WISE TO LISTEN TO ME YOU MUTTS," yelled Sam. I knew as soon as he said those words his pack saw him in a new light. Due to the anger Sam was feeling he shifted. I decided to listen into their conversation.

[Sam] You are not to listen to this mutant. She is no shifter. She is a freak. Why are you even listening to what she has to say? WHO IS YOUR ALPHA?

No one replied for a few minutes. It was Leah who spoke up first.

[Leah] Billy Black is my alpha. You are no alpha of mine.

Sam started to growl at Leah and when she looked away he leaped towards her. Not thinking I jumped to intercept Sam and his teeth were embedded into my side. Falling to the ground Sam pounced again, but I was shocked to see Paul leap in and tackle Sam to the ground.

[Paul] Embry, Quil, hold this piece of shit down.

[Embry & Quil] With pleasure Paul!

Why did you step in and protect me Paul? You don't know me and yet here you are going against your pack mate for someone you don't know.

[Paul] I know enough to know that you would put your life on the line for one of my own. Not only that, but you have given Leah hope in those brown eyes that hold so much fear and rejection. You leopard are a true alpha and one I would be proud to follow if the time ever arose.

Thank you Paul. I will contact Billy within the next couple days to see retribution for Sam's actions against my mates and myself.

[Paul] Mates? Damn girl how the hell did you score two fine women and I can't find one?

Hey watch it mister those two beauties are mine go get your own.

Paul simply laughed and ordered the wolves to escort Sam towards the reservation. Leah stayed behind though and I did not know why.

[Leah] Can you block out the others from hearing our conversation?

I can if you like.

[Leah] Please.


Watching Leah, she walked up to me and nuzzled up against me.

[Leah] That was for giving me back my life.

Turning away from me Leah began to walk where the others had left. Just before disappearing she turned her head and spoke to me.

[Leah] Thank you…Bella.

With that Leah ran off towards the reservation. Getting over the shock I turned around and was met with two sets of Golden eyes staring at me. Izzy finally giving me permission I shifted back to my human form.