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Prologue: Fixing the Timeline

Harry Potter was a tired old man; he had just celebrated his 111th birthday much to the amusement of his third wife, Hermione Jean Potter. Ginny's marriage to the 'boy-who-lived' ended when their daughter, Lily turned seventeen. The unfortunate thing was James and Albus both took their mothers side, while Lily faithfully remained with our father. Harry smiled to eighty-three year old daughter, who was busy with her grandson Harry on her lap, wiping cake from his face.

Harry's eyes then turned to his stepsons, Lorcan and Lysander whose mother Luna was no longer on the mortal world. Harry thought back to his second wife, the sweet and loving Luna Lovegood. He loved her from the moment they married when he was forty-seven, a mere year after his divorce. She had been widowed and needed a father figure for her sons, little did they know they'd fall so much in love. Lorcan and Lysander both smiled warmly to their stepfather.

Harry was drug from his thoughts as a soft kiss touched his cheek. "Thinking of her, darling?" Hermione asked, smiling affectionately at her husband. She remembered the day she realised she loved Harry, it was a year after Luna's untimely death when she was fifty. The way a three marriage had been filled with such love made her see how loving Harry was. If not for the boys and Lily, he would've stayed in a dark depression he was in.

"Am I that readable?" Harry chuckled softly, holding his wife close to him.

"To me, always." Hermione chuckled along with him and watched their great grandchildren play. Her marriage to Ron had been the worse decision in all her life and once it ended she married her true love, Harry.

"Am I'm glad I am." Harry smiled softly, watching as the whole room slowly went black. His last sight being the woman he loved so much. The last thing he saw before took him.

"He's passed." Healer Smyth muttered as she placed the sheet over the Hero of the Wizarding World, as the great Harry Potter passed away on his 111th birthday, with only his daughter by his side, his last few minutes just the old dream of a lonely man.

"Did he suffer?" Lily Potter asked, wiping her eyes and looking as the sheet covered her father's face, she was all alone now.

"No Ms. Potter, he didn't suffer, the last two weeks he's been in a coma." The Healer placed her hand on the old woman's shoulder. "You were the only family listed, is there anyone else?"

"No…there isn't…" Lily sighed and knelt down, kissing his forehead through the sheet. Walking out of the room Lily's thoughts turned to the last sixty-five years since her parents' divorce. She had chosen to stay by her father's side and felt a great pain when James and Albus abandoned their father. He never remarried and she always felt bad for that. While all his friends had took Ginny's side, Hermione through her marriage had no choice but to leave her friend's side.

Lily knew something was wrong in her life, no matter how hard she tried, she could never conceive a child…when she was thirty she found out she was sterile and it broke her heart. Her husband left her after that and she never chose to remarry. She vaguely remembered being turned down for adoption as she had no partner so she decided to spend her life caring for her father.

Harry never really recovered after the war. He divorced since his love for Ginny had been PTSD fuelled, once he became lucid enough to realise he didn't love Ginny, Lily had already being born meaning he couldn't leave them. Out of honour and duty he waited until Lily came of age. She loved her father for that; he loved his kids so much that his heart broke when James and Albus took Ginny's side. Her mother, if Lily could call her that…the woman who hadn't spoken to her in over fifty years could hardly be called a mother, the woman who never so much as wrote a single letter to her.

The funeral of Harry Potter was a state affair; multiple delegations came to pay their respects to the man who was Head Auror, D.A.D.A professor and Headmaster of Hogwarts for thirty years. Albus was there as the Minister for Magic had to attend, James had attended too as Harry's donations had revolutionised the Auror Corps of which he was now the Head of. Lily saw some other people from her father's past, who had no right to be there, Hermione and Ron, Draco and Ginny, and to Lily's anger, Luna and Neville, both of whom had abandoned their friend.

"We've gathered here, in Godric's Hollow graveyard to commit Hadrian 'Harry' Potter to the earth. Harry was a loving man, he loved his children James, Albus, and Lily-"

"Stop right there!" Lily shouted, moving the man out of the way. "You all have some nerve being here! You all abandoned my father at some stage of his life…" She looked in disgust to the gathered people. "Let's start with his sons if you can call them that. My father like many of you, suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after the war…he clung onto my mother because she was the first person who saw him. When I came of age, my father divorced because he didn't love Ginny, but waited until his kids were adults. I stood by his side…while his SONS abandoned him!" She wiped her eyes.

"Now let's turn to his friends, Neville and Luna…he loved you both and you left to Ginny when the divorce came through!" She saw the two of them looking down, obviously disgusted by their actions to their oldest friend.

"Now, onto his so called godson Teddy, the one who abandoned him because of a Weasley, and walked out on the man who fucking raised him for her," Teddy's eyes were swelled with tears, he knew all the things she was saying were true. "I know for a fact your betrayal wounded him as much as James and Albus' had…"

"Now…onto Ginny, the woman who gave birth to me, and the woman who I refuse to call my mother." She saw Ginny glaring at her. She shakily took a letter out of her pocket. "This is a letter sent to my father when he was sixty: Dear Mr. Potter, it has come to our attention that your name has come up in the directory of soul bound couples. We regret to inform you that the bonding period has expired." She saw the look on everyone's faces.

"W-Who was he bound to?" Ginny asked, seeing why her marriage had failed.

"My father's soul-mate is in this crowd. Her name is Hermione Jean Weasley nee Granger." Hermione's eyes widened and her mouth formed a perfect O. She was Harry's soul-mate, the one she was supposed to have married, the dreams she had every night now made more sense to her. "To those who do not know, if a soul bound person does not marry their soul-mate…any children they have are cursed…I don't know about them, but I myself, I'm sterile…" The gasps from everyone were loud and expected.

"I've gathered you all here…most of you," She sniffled. "I want Teddy, Hugo, Rose, James, Albus and my true mother, Hermione to stay." She dismissed everyone else and walked over to the small group who were all now stone-faced.

"It's good to see you Lils." Hermione gave her a small hug.

"Thanks, Mum." Lily returned the hug and smiled warmly.

"She's not our mother!" James scowled.

"Shut it James, I'm here because I'm going to change it…" Lily brought them all over to the old house in Godric's Hollow. "This house is the monument they gave to our grandparents…" She sighed, staring at the old house. The destroyed home was covered in graffiti and anti-Potter slogans. "I'm going back in time…"

"No you're not!" Albus said sternly.

"I am Albus. I've found the exact moment I need to go to." Lily didn't turn around. "Teddy, Albus, James, Hugo, Rose…we could all be a proper family. I read the letter Teddy. Remus was sterile, you abandoned your own father, I didn't want to besmirch Tonks' memory." She turned to them, tears flowing. "If we all place our souls in the same energy, I can do what I need to."

"And what is that exactly?" Teddy asked, smiling at her.

"I'm going to kill Voldemort, in the 70's…I've pinpointed the exact moment I can end it all." Lily explained to them. "If I succeed, we'll all be born, as the children we should've been. If anyone doesn't want to be born, leave right now." She smiled when all her 'siblings' stayed.

"It'd be nice to have a proper family." Teddy grinned. "Think you can handle having six kids, Mum?"

"Actually, we'll be three sets of twins." Lily laughed for the first time in ages. "It'll be easier for Mum to handle."

"Where are you going?" Hermione asked, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"1979, Dad will be in the womb." Lily smiled and hugged them all. "I won't tell you what'll happen. But for now, this is goodbye." She kissed each of their cheeks and took out a small golden item. "I managed to tweak this Time-Turner. It'll bring me back years instead of hours." She turned it the amount of times needed and disappeared in a flash. She arrived at her destination, the Horcrux cave and saw the person she was looking for, Regulus Black.

"Good luck, sweetie." Hermione whispered as she vanished.

A/N: In case there was any confusion, the first scene was a dream. I may change this into something else, also I won't be showing Lily talking to Regulus, instead it'll be explained in the next couple of chapters.