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Chapter Five: Disagreements and a New Trick

Harry and Hermione were the first ones up and went to their separate dorm showers as was the rules. Harry quickly washed himself as Ron Weasley walked in. "I bet you think you're really special, Potter, you and that bushy haired bitch of yours!" He sneered.

Harry took a deep breath; he was trained to be in control of his emotions by the Great Bushi himself, and would not let this imitator get to him. He was trained to insult back though, James and Charlus were both known for their sharp tongues and their quick wit and James made sure Harry had those impressive traits too. "Well Weasley, not all of us need to try and force a contract with two five year olds. Although, judging by your 'manhood', I see why you'd need to. See you later, little boy." He winked and left the showers, dressing and meeting Hermione in the Great Hall.

Hermione held his hand instantly and smiled. "This place is amazing, I talked to three ghosts, five portraits and Angie's offering to show us around to all our classes too!"

"Breath, Mione…I know you're happy but breath." Harry chuckled and sat down with her for breakfast. The schedules were decent enough for first years; Potions first, followed by Charms, Transfiguration and then Astronomy at midnight was for Mondays. Tuesdays were nearly the same, except they had History of Magic instead of Charms. Wednesdays were the same as Mondays with the addition of Defence against the Dark Arts instead of Transfiguration. Thursdays had mostly free periods, with only double History of Magic and Herbology. Fridays were classed as Free Days so students could catch up on all homework for their classes to enjoy the weekends.

"Sweet, we're starting with Potions! I hope old Sluggy's still teaching first years." Harry grinned happily. Potions were the one thing Lily made sure Harry enjoyed. She taught him the basics as an infant and by the time he was nine he was able to brew a cure for boils better than most N.E.W.T students which was impressive.

"Professor Slughorn? Your mum mentioned him once, isn't he the one who helped her achieve her Mastery in Potions?" Hermione asked, taking a light breakfast of sausages, rashers and eggs. Lily had taught Hermione the basics so she could have the same grasps pure and half-blood children would have.

"Yeah, old Professor Slughorn is a genius with potions." Harry nodded, taking a vegetarian breakfast as part of his martial arts training.

The Potions Lab was in the dungeons, it was a dark and dreary place that scared the life out of the non-Slytherins who slept down in the dungeons. The pillars which curved into archways were creaking with noise since they were the only thing holding the tunnels of the dungeons open.

Professor Slughorn was a large man. His large belly and moustache gave him the appearance of an overweight walrus. The lab itself was a gloomy looking room, the vials were filled with several different items, eyeballs, powdered skins and lacewing flies were just some of the things visible. The class was shared by the Gryffindors and the Slytherins.

"Yes, yes. Welcome to Potions first years. My name is Professor Horace Slughorn. Now, some ground rules, you may talk among one another when you work but please pay attention to what you are doing. If I see anyone sabotaging another's potion, they will be sent directly to Professor McGonagall and possibly expelled. Now partner up into fours, two Gryffindors and two Slytherins to a group."

Harry took Hermione's hand and winked, leading her to two girls in green trimmed robes. "Are you two available for some potions work?"

The first girl, with brunette hair and shining brown eyes laughed at him. "Of course we are you prat. How was your summer, Harry?"

"Pretty good, Trace, yours?"

"Pretty good too, and don't mind Daphne, she's just jelly that someone else stole your heart." Tracey laughed softly. The girl in question had a scowl on her face as she watched them. Her blonde hair reached down half her back and her blue eyes were focusing directly on Harry and Hermione.

"Hey Daph, have a nice summer?" Harry smiled softly to the girl.

"I'm fine." Daphne stated simply, focusing on her potions book rather than Harry. Hermione seemed to sense the tension and watched as Harry simply laughed and hugged Daphne who then burst out laughing with him. "Oh Merlin, that was so funny. So, this is Hermione?"

Hermione smiled as the girl opened up more and nodded. "That's right, I thought I knew all of Harry's friends, have you been away?"

Tracey, Daphne and Harry smirked together as she nodded. "I'm not just Hadrian's friend." Daphne chuckled and turned to face Hermione properly. "I was going to be his wife."

"You were going to be his wife? Do you mean like an arraigned marriage?" Hermione asked curiously. She knew such things existed in the Muggle world in India and certain places but she didn't think the Wizarding World had such things.

"No. I was planning to ensnare the raven haired boy for myself. Alas, it didn't work out." Daphne smiled and hugged Hermione softly. "He found someone else." She faked sighed.

Hermione chuckled and watched as Professor Slughorn cleared his throat, watching him as he carefully opened a small flask. "In this flask is the strongest potion ingredient known to man, unicorn blood." Several gasps were heard at that. "No, I didn't slaughter an innocent one for this. This is harvested from a deceased unicorn that died of natural causes. Now, who can tell me why it is strong?" Hermione watched as Harry's hand went up. "Yes, Mr. Potter?"

"Unicorn blood is the most dangerous and rarest potion ingredient known to man for one reason, if taken from a unicorn that died of natural causes, the healing material is strong enough to heal all things up to extreme Cruciatus exposure, death being the only exception. If taken from a unicorn that was slaughtered for the blood…it becomes the most dangerous poison ever, it'll save you from death, but your life will be cursed, you'll never succeed in your endeavours or be able to fall in love, you'll have a cursed life sir…" Harry answered with a shiver running through his spine.

"Excellent answer, Mr. Potter, take ten points for Gryffindor." Slughorn answered happily. "Now as I said this blood was taken from one that had died of natural causes and I am pleased to say that we now have a supply to last a few years in stasis. For those who may think that it is cruel to be pleased, a unicorn that wants to help humans will gore itself with the horn that will break off close to a natural death, as such this blood is a gift from that unicorn. This is a rare occurrence which we believe is to do with a rare event known as a 'soul-bound'. The last recorded soul-bond was in 1929 and thanks to the one of Mr. Potter and Miss Granger we know have a steady supply."

Everyone seemed amazed that in death, a creature would be so caring as to make sure that its death could hold some form of help to those who needed it. While Hermione and Harry seemed amazed that the unicorn was touched enough by their bond to sacrifice its own life to ensure people could be healthy and healed. The class picked up after the blood was shown, it had a silvery colour and flowed like a fine silk robe. The class consisted of several ways to prepare and cut potion ingredients as none of the students, minus Hermione, Harry, Daphne (whose mother was a potioneer) and Tracey who often stead in Daphne's home had any knowledge of potions.

The rest of the day went smoothly enough for them; Transfiguration was a bit tough for Hermione at first. Her first try at making her toothpick into a needle was a monumental failure. It took a few tries and a bit of coaching from Harry, who after calmly explaining she needed to visualise the toothpick changing into a needle in her mind and then apply it with her wand. Gryffindor earned just over 50 points that day from Harry (Potions), Hermione (Transfiguration), Regulus (Charms) and Neville (Helping a lost first year) which made them a hit with everyone except Ron and his two thick bodyguards, Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnegan.

Angie and her friends Katie and Alicia instantly took a shining to Hermione; they took her under their wings and helping the young girl with the bushy mane that plagued her so much. With a combination of spells and shampoos they had transformed the bushy mess into a bunch of perfect curls. Hermione liked the three girls and felt accepted in the school. Everyone was like her in the school, either they were Muggleborn or grew up in the Muggle world.

The Gryffindor Common Room was well liked by all. The plush armchairs and sofas were always placed near the fire for those cold winter nights and cups of hot chocolate available thanks to the house-elves who kept the students nice and happy. The décor was done in the traditional Gryffindor colours and made all students feel safe and happy. Hermione loved the Common Room, she and Harry could cuddle up and do their homework together every night. At least when they get some homework, all they got was a little essay on Charms.

Her first day was a shining success, she enjoyed the classes. Then she had made some friends and best of all she wasn't the only smart person in her house. Neville was already reading his Herbology book while Reggie was researching the Levitation Charm in his Charms book. Angie was in a discussion with Katie over the choice of Ancient Runes over Arithmancy.

Ronald Weasley was in a bad mood, he was supposed to the one gaining loads of house points for Gryffindor, not those traitors to the order and that mudblood. His mother had always spoken of how influential and well-respected his family was. Why weren't these peasants giving him the respect he had so rightfully deserved? How were those lesser houses becoming the most popular ones in Gryffindor while his rich and respected family wasn't being given their given rights? He had to a letter to write to his mother.

He looked around the common room and frowned at what he saw, that mudblood was sitting with Potter and those dyke (I have no negative feelings towards lesbians or gays) chasers that refused to date his brothers and those traitors. The fact that those traitors thought that they had the right to act like Ancient and Noble houses presented many problems to Ron, he'd show them up, yes, maybe he'd use the map that the twins had.

The next two weeks flew by for the 'Golden Quartet', as they had become known by the teachers. Harry had shown a great knowledge of D.A.D.A and Potions, while Neville's Herbology and Transfiguration were next to none, Reggie had the Charms and History of Magic knowledge and Hermione was well rounded, which helped with the weaknesses the others had. The only problem they had was Weasley; he had been watching them with some weird looks.

"I'm telling you, if that arsehole even tries something, I'll be practicing some of my new fighting styles." Regulus frowned, picking at his breakfast.

Harry chuckled and nodded at his god-brother. "I'll jump in on that fight, Reggie. I mean, he's really freaking Mione out now…"

"Speaking of, where is our lovable bookworm?" Neville asked, turning to Harry.

"I don't know." Harry closed his eyes, his bond was growing every day and he could sense Hermione's presence anywhere in the castle. "She's in the library."

"That is just freaky." Regulus and Neville shuddered together.

"No it isn't, when we're able to talk telepathically, that'll be freaky." Harry laughed, watching the redhead walk out of the Great Hall. "Something's going on…"

"What?" Neville asked curiously.

"There's food left on his plate." Harry nodded his head to the half-eaten breakfast.

"That's a good point." Regulus agreed. "I've never seen him leave an empty plate."

"Maybe he's sick?" Neville shrugged his shoulders.

"I don't think so." Harry stood from the table. "Have you guys noticed he's always carrying some spare parchment around with him?"

"You don't mean…the map?!" Regulus's jaw dropped.

"Map, you mean the one the Marauders made?" Neville asked sceptically. "I thought it was lost."

"It was…" Harry sprinted from the Great Hall. He concentrated on his soul-mate, making sure her presence never left the library. He finally managed to enter the library and saw the redhead and the two blocks that hung around him with their wands pointed at Hermione, whose teeth had grown to an extra-large size.

"Take that, you uppity mudblood!" Ron grinned.

"Get, away, from, my, soul-mate!" Harry shouted, blasting Ron with an extra powerful stupefy.

"H-Harry…" Hermione's voice was muffled from her teeth.

"I'm here, Mione." Harry hugged her, helping her up from the floor. "Did he do anything else?"

Hermione shook her head and sniffled. "Can we go to Madam Pomfrey..?" Harry nodded to her and after finding the map, brought her to the Hospital Wing. Hermione had her face hidden in his neck; her usually large teeth were now down to her chin and double the width. Madam Pomfrey walked out after a couple of minutes, seeing the couple.

"Mr. Potter, Ms. Granger, what's the meaning of this?" She asked after which she had to cover her mouth with her hand as Hermione lifted her head. "Someone used an enlargement charm on your teeth?"

Hermione nodded and sniffled. "Yes ma'am." Was the only reply Hermione's muffled teeth could manage.

Madam Pomfrey walked over and handed her a mirror. "Just tell me when to stop." She instructed, slowly she began to shrink Hermione's teeth. Hermione kept watch and once her usually big teeth were the same size as the rest, nodded to stop. "There you are dear, is there anything else I can help with?"

"No ma'am, thank you." Hermione smiled and left with Harry, kissing his cheek once they left. "And thank you, Harry."

"Um, thanks, what for?" Harry asked in confusion.

"Just for being the person you are."

Harry frowned and stormed into the boy's dorm with Neville and Regulus. "Ok, Weasel and the two blocks." Harry cracked his knuckles and glared at the three thickos. "Apologise to Hermione and there's no problem, continue to mess with the Potter family, and I will be forced to retaliate."

Ron scoffed. "Name the time and place and I'll gladly kick your lordly arse." He squared up to him, his nose an inch away from Harry's.

Harry simply chuckled at him. "Two weeks from now, we have our first Duel class, we'll partner up for a duel."

"You win and I'll apologise to the teacher's pet." Ron smirked.

"And if you win, I'll snog Reggie." Harry kept a straight face, hearing Regulus scream "WHAT?!" behind him.

"What's the matter Reggie, Har not your type?" Neville tried to keep a straight face, biting his lip so he wouldn't laugh.

"Not the time to piss me off, Nev." Regulus scowled, looking at his god-brother. "Fine, but you better bring me some flowers and chocolates."

"Ok." Harry laughed and nodded to Regulus. He left with Neville and Regulus, walking to the library where Hermione was reading. 'She looks so cute when she does that.' Harry thought, smiling at the sight.

"Thanks for calling me pretty, Harry." Hermione blushed at him.

"I didn't say that…I thought it." Harry's eyes widened in shock as he realised what the event meant. 'The bond just advanced.'

'Wow.' Hermione smiled, amazed at their new power.

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