Chapter 1:

Maka and Soul were searching for a pre-kishen in a woods that Maka knew as a child hoping that it didn't go for her family. She used her Soul Perception and just as she feared it was close to her home she knew well. Fearing that it would take their souls she sped up to a speed that seemed almost inhuman.

As she got to the house she heard crying. It was New Years so she didn't think anyone was home. She would have joined her family if she wasn't an outcast zodiac member, the fox, but she wasn't allowed to go because of it. People thought that the fox was a foolish animal but in reality it was caring.

Maka's thoughts returned to the matter at hand when she saw the kishen about to attack a young.. girl? "Those idiots. Don't they know what will happen if she hugs them?" But that didn't matter it was about to take her soul. Maka jumped in front of the girl and blocked the attack of the enemy.

Toroh was stunned. First this monster came into the house and then a young girl with a scythe blocks the attack that would have killed her. "Oh no! People may get hurt because of me!" but she was ripped out of her thoughts as at the same time Yuki and Kyo ran in and the girl got slashed in the side but didn't fall.

And with one quick move she sliced the monster in half and a red orb was left behind. Maka grabbed it and gave a small wave to her cousins but it went unnoticed because she started to breath heavily and before she crashed to the ground the two boys lunged for her.

She was still awake but just barely. Soul didn't care if he was going against the rules and transformed back into a human.

Soon the young meister was soon falling asleep but not after her cousins took her to her bedroom she had here if she ever wanted to visit.


I missed Yuki and Kyo so much. I am really glad that I got to see them. But hopefully Akito doesn't know. Soul knows nothing of me being adopted after my mom, the old head of the family, passed away then my real father killed himself.

He knows nothing of the deal Lord Death made with the "god" of the family thatif he wanted me back home I had to go. Nothing. None of my friends know. Not even my oldest friend or the guy that can get his hands on any piece of infromation he wants.

It hurts to know that my friends would cast me out if they knew what would happen if I hugged Soul, Black*Star or only person that knows is Blair.

One time when we were taking the written exams I studied my brains out and I was so stressed that I transformed when Blair was with me. But I told her it was a part witch thing because the figure I saw as my mother was a witch.

Lies. To ,y friends my whole life is a lie. I really love Spirit like a dad. I feel so bad when I have to call him awful names and dodge him when on the many occasions he forgets about the curse.


Soul was really pissed at the two guys that took Maka as if they knew her. "Hey where do you think you're going with my partner?"

The other two boys were shocked to hear that they were engaged but Toroh on the other hand was just spazing out.

Yuki calmly said " We are sorry for taking Miss Maka with u-" "How many times have I told you to not call me miss?" The group of boys looked down at the beautiful girl. Yuki bowed in forgivness while Kyo gave her a tight hug and said "I missed you Maka." She smiled in reply and said "I missed you to. Oh by the way meet my partner Soul."

Being the "cool" guy he is gave her a smirk in reply but in reality he was just glad she was alright. Maka saw through his cool guy act though. She gave Yuki and Kyo a big hug. Soul was about to give her a hug but she quickly side stepped it. Soul asked "Hey Maka?" "Yeah?" "Why are you hugging to complete strangers and not your partner?"

A thought went into both Yuki and Kyo's mind at the same time "So he doesn't know about the Sohma family curse." Maka knew just how to answer "Well they helped me right?" Soul nodded "So why shoudn't I trust them?" Soul said "You would never trust a guy that easily. And don't say I'm wrong because you know I'm right and I know you. It took a lot more than that for you to truly trust me. Yeah you trusted me enough to be partners but it took time to ease ito that."

With the look of "hurt, anger,and wanting to know the truth that was on her best friend's face she knew she had to tell him about this crazy side of her family. And just as she was about to a little blonde came in and said "Yuki, Kyo you miss-"he stopped mid-sentence when he saw the familiar green eyes even if they had matured. Only a Sohma could have such an eye color.

Yes Soul's eyes were red but not Sohma red. Momiji's eyes filled with joy and he tackled Maka and said "I haven't seen you for so looong!" And with that Hatori came into the room. Being the guy that always keeped his cool nodded at her then the annoyance came" Yuki, Kyo- Foxy!" using her nickname as a child.

When Soul heard this he said "Don't fucking say that agai-" "Soul it's alright."

She took a deep breath and said "Soul meet my family. The man who called me Foxy is Shigure, my older cousin, and the reason he called me that is becausewhen I was little I loved the fox. Kyo is the one with orange hair, he is my brother, he didn't like Papa so he trained on a mountain, the one ith purple eyes is Yuki, my cousin that's one year older than me. Blondie over there is Momiji, my younger cousin and yes he can be annoying but not as annoying as Excaliber, the silent one over there is Hatori my last cousin, and for the girl that we saw earlier I have no clue who she is."

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