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Finally! After four long years of my family I can see Soul! I missed him dearly and I can't wait to see him once more.

I am now eight-teen and offically an adult so that means that I could finally move from the main house. Yes I was going to be at Shigure's house but... Let's just say I did something bad.

Which had resulted in three years of abuse. It didn't hurt as much as it used to. When I was little I had nothing to look forward to.

All I wanted was to die and be done with the pain. But now, I know I have to live. I had to see my beloved partner again.

I don't care if I'm not his meister any more. I still consider him my partner. Every person at the Academy has graduated and probably forgot about me.

I only hope Soul still loved and remembered me. That we can share a moment that is peacful.

I don't usually like anything sappy, or romantic but I would always go on a nice moon- light themed picnic.

Only with Soul. I know people say "There is plenty of fish in the sea" but I only want a certain albino as my fish.

As I enter Death City I see the DWMA in the heart of it. Knowing that Kid was probably the new head master.

I would be a Death Scythe to him. Why you may ask? Because I collected ninety-nine pre-kishen souls and a witch soul that was near the house Shigure lived in.

I was offically allowed to be a Death Scythe at my first year of living amongst the Sohma's.

I soon get out of the car I am currently in to see our old appartment. I knock on the door hoping that he didn't move.

I got answered by the albino soul I reconized so well. He didn't look to pleased and he snapped at me saying "Who are you and what the hell do you want?"

I couldn't help but bring tears of joy to my eyes. It was the same Soul I left four years ago except slightly more mature.

I jumped to his arms only to send him stummbling back along with me transforming. I saw the look he had on his face.

He asked "Maka? Is that really you?" I was about to answer when I heard Black*Star say "Soul buddy. That is not Maka. It's just a fox."

I saw all my old friends look at him worriedly. I knew what I had to do. I took a deep breath and said "Um.. Guys? It really is me." Then I explained the curse.

They still didn't buy it so I said one thing

They all look at me and then at the right time I transform back. Once the smoke cleared I saw Kid and Black*Star blush.

Soul and Black*Star had massive nose- bleeds while Kid had a tiny but still noticable one. Damn those perverts.

Patty didn't even seem bothered by my indecency ans she started to engulf me in a bone crushing hug.

But soon after she stopped and looked at me, with real worry in her eyes. She asked "Maka, why do you have scars on your back and bruises all over your body?"

The guys waited for me to get dressed back and I sighed and said "Well the story is long so let's just say that at my home I wasn't exactly welcomed with open arms from the head of the family."

They looked at each other than they all did a group hug. They probablly didn't want me transforming into a fox and ruin the moment so the girls were first and the boys huddled around us.

Once we let go I yold Soul "I told you that I would come back for you." He smiled and said "I know and I'm glad this is a promise that was kept."

We looked lovingly into each others eyes and slowly we kissed. Forgeting that our friends were there and not caring.

It was a kiss and a promise made years ago that led to our wedding day. I was never one for fairy tales but this was mine with me as Cinderella with Soul as my Prince Charming.

And I think you know how the story goes. Then we lived happily ever after with each other.


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