Clark lay in the bed he and Diana had shared, peacefully asleep. It was the sleep that came from good, physical exertion, and Clark had certainly exerted himself with Diana. While Jor-El had taught Kal-El how to restrain himself, even sexually (a subject that was a little uncomfortable for Kal-El, even though Jor-El was only a hologram of a father he had never truly known), Clark never felt fully satisfied as he always had to hold back and concentrate on not hurting his partner. With Diana, he had no such concerns; Clark was able to `let loose' and enjoy himself fully. He would wonder later, however, if the bed could have withstood the passionate calisthenics he and Diana had just performed as they had done so a few feet over it and not on top of it.

Diana silently slipped out of the bed. It was an odd thing, she thought as she looked over the bed, that the sheets were shiny like a metal, yet smooth as the finest satin but then again as warm and inviting and comfortable as the softest cottony flannel. She smiled softly to herself. The benefit of having a boyfriend from an advanced alien species, she thought.

Diana padded over to a nearby shelf where Clark had flung his Family Crest. On the other side of the door she heard a gentle *thump*thump*thump* and knew that Krypto had heard her and was now wagging his tail against the door. She smiled and giggled gently inwardly, wondering if the Kryptonian wolfhound knew just what was going on in his master's chamber (being a Kryptonian wolfhound and of above-average intelligence for a `domesticated' animal, he totally did. As a matter of fact, he was quite pleased that his Boy and Diana continued to commingle their scents).

Diana regarded the Crest, the source of Superman's super-suit. In their passion, Diana was not so concerned so much with *how* Superman's suit was coming off, just that it was. Now in the quiet after-time, Diana had a chance to study the foundation of her love's costume.

It seemed to be comprised of a nondescript rubbery material, a 3-D representation of Kal-El's family crest. But she knew when he put it on his chest it reacted to something in him and encased him in "ceremonial battle armor". Diana wondered what kind of protection such a thing could have provided to a man who was nearly invulnerable (nearly, Artemis' dagger/spear, her own sword and magic in general notwithstanding). On a whim she brought it up to her chest.

For a split second nothing happened, but then Diana felt the thing give a gentle buzz, then begin to expand and encapsulate her body. Diana let out a yelp of surprise that caused Krypto to leap up and whimper inquisitively at the door and caused Clark to wake up. When it was done, Diana was wearing a hybrid version of Superman's battle armor; Kryptonian in its nature, but fashioned by her own identity. She looked at confusion to Clark.

"That's interesting!" Clark said. "When I got my suit, it was with the understanding that it reacted to Kryptonian DNA."

Diana looked at Clark with a wry expression, as if to remind him of their earlier activities.