Chapter 1: First Talk

Ok so I know i shouldnt be writing new stories when I have two other stories out but it just came to mind! Whtever i love the original couples (I really do...) but Ive been wanting to make a NowakiXMisaki story for a while now (there just to cute together :3) so in this one you'll have an asshole Usagi and Hiroki... You'll still love him (i think) i know i will xD and you'll love Misaki's bro i have a good use for him and i was wondering if anyone would like me to make this an m-preg fic... I've wanted to do one (Well i am but u dont know which one it is :3) especially for this series! so leave review to wht u think (BTW gonna have A LOT of spelling errors im the worst speller ever i use spell check 24/7 for everything since i usually mix up my words with spanish ones then change it fast ya i dont care as long as it makes sense)

Warning: may have OOC, violence, hot fluffyness later on!, cursing, and or (depends on ur thoughts) m-preg dont like dont read

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The day was meant to bring anyones spirit up. A blue cloudless sky met your eyes when looking up plus the light spring breeze making the day perfect should alone make people happy. Right? This day did nothing to the broken man sitting on a park bench under the shade of the trees. Using his dark blue bangs to cover his eyes, head drooping, the man stared down at his clasped hands thinking about the one person who broke is heart.

'Why?...What happened to US?' Nowaki kept asking himself over and over in his head. He was sitting on the bench the whole morning wondering where he had gone wrong. Was he to protective? Should he have been less clingy? Or was life just being a bitch again? He was taken out of his thoughts when he noticed foot steps heading his way. When they stopped he forced himself to look up out of politeness. His eyes widened as he stared at the boy a few feet away.

The boy looked to be just a teenager. He had light brown hair softy swaying from the cool breeze, with fair white skin even from a distance one could tell was soft. The one thing that he found striking the most on the cute face was the extremely large eyes. Those emerald-green orbs stared into his own midnight blue eyes.

"May I sit?" the voice was soft and sweet making his breath catch for a moment.

"O-of course," Nowaki stuttered out as he slide away from the middle allowing the boy to sit. The staring continued. After a few minutes the brunette broke the silence.

"Are you okay mister? " the question made Nowaki's eyes widen causing Misaki to look away." I'm sorry, it's just... I've been here for a while clearing my head and I so happen to see you just sitting here. You looked sad and I-I don't know why but I hate seeing people sad s-so I wanted to see if I could help..."

Nowaki POV

"I wanted to see if I could help..." I looked into his eyes but couldn't find any sign of him lying. Who is he? To try to comfort a stranger. Now that I take a good look at him , he seems tired. Those eyes show concern but also a hint of understanding.

I give him a small fake smile,"Thank you. I'm Nowaki by the way. Nowaki Kusama," extending my hand to shake his.

"Misaki Takahashi, it's nice to meet you Nowaki-san." he gives me a big smile shaking my hand. He looks so...cute."Why are you just sitting here? You seemed rather depressed," Misaki asked. I couldn't hide the sadness that came over me, making him panic."I-I'm sorry I didn't mean to pry at a difficult topic. You don't have to answer, after all we've just met, but..." he pauses looking at me,"it gets better if you talk about it."

I don't say anything, how could I? It's like he's seeing right through me. How can he know I haven't talked to anyone yet? I can see he also seems to be hurting over something, but still he's trying to comfort me. A sad smile breaks through my mask and I slide a little closer to Misaki, our knees side by side. "Hmm... your good at reading people," I smile down at him.

"Haha not really. I'm on the same boat as you," knew it, "How about this! It seems we both could use a shoulder to cry on at the moment. How about we share our stories? I hate seeing those fake smiles you give me."

I chuckle sadly at the brunette, not surprised he saw through my mask," That sounds nice. I'll go first, but I'm warning you, I might cry at a few parts," he nods, "Okay then..."

I begin telling my tale. I tell him about Hiro-san, saying lover instead of his real name, and how I loved him. I tell him about how we started to get into more fights each week. About all the hurtful comments thown my way, all the books, and the lack of affection. When I got to the part of seeing my lov...exlover kissing another man Misaki actually hugged me. He rubbed circles on my back, allowing me to cry on his shoulder. Why am I coming out to a total stranger? Why did it seem so right? Once my tears dried up I look at my new friend. All I see is sympathy in those green orbs. He adjusts his place and gives me another hug whispering reassuring words into my ear.

"I'm so sorry Nowaki that, that happened. You seem, are, so nice. You didn't deserve to get played like that," he says while sitting back down."Well, it's my turn..." he takes a deep breath and looks to the ground."I was in a relationship with a friend of my brother. We started living together after my brother moved away for his job. Since he was tutoring me for my college entrance exams it worked out. A few months later we became lovers. I-I tried my hardest to show him I really loved him, but I could tell he was uncertain. Then recently he started going out more. One day, well it only happened about two weeks ago, I woke up in the middle of the night. When I went to get a drink of water I- I..." his shoulders start shaking trying to fight the urge to cry. I reach out and do the same he did to me. After a few seconds I could feel silent tears fall onto my shirt as he continues to talk. "I-I heard noise coming from the living room. I looked down from the stairs and s-saw him with my friend... on the couch... t-they w-were..." Misaki begins to sob louder, clenching my shirt for dear life. My hold on his shoulders tighten as I'm over come with a sudden wave of anger. Misaki was so sweet. Why would anyone hurt him? I couldn't resist the urge to ask what he did after 'that'. "I just stood there. Then after a while I went back to my room. The next day I asked him about it and he got mad at ME! We got into a big fight until he locked himself in his room. I was so mad. I packed all my things and left," by the time he finishes he detached himself from me and sat right beside me. We both don't say anything, just stare at the ground. We both got hurt by the one we loved. I can't help but want to make him feel better. After all, he was the one that let me cry on his shoulder, the one person who comforted me. An idea pops into my head, grinning I turn to Misaki.

"Hey Misaki..."

"Hmm?" he looks up to me.

"Would you like to spend the day with me?" his eyes widen at my question. "I think we can both use some cheering up. I'd really would like to get to know you better, if you're not busy," a faint blush creeps onto his checks but he agrees. I can't help myself from smiling as we take a walk around the park.

Misaki POV

I can't believe how great today ended! Nowaki is so nice! After taking a walk around the park we went to a small coffee shop to eat lunch and chat. I can't believe he's a pediatrition and so young, 25! I told him about M University and my new job as a chef at a new diner that opened up. We talked about our hobbies, surprisingly a lot are the same, and about our families. How sad that he was an orphan. But he doesn't seem to mind.

After losing a fight on who pays the bill, we left to just walk around and explore the city. We stopped at stores to look around, made a quick stop to the flower shop where Nowaki bought me a rose, and then just walked and talked in general. Who would have thought we'd get along so well? I know I didn't.

We were laughing as we stopped right outside my apartment complex. Nii-san helped me find one after the Usagi-san incident. Yes, he knew, I told him and he accepted it. He was MAD when I told him what happened. After I left I stayed with Todo for a while until my brother came back. I managed to stop him from confronting Usagi-san, so instead he helped me find a job and my own apartment, not to big but not to small. With my job, thankfully the resturant is popular for being close to the university, I can afford it and even have money to spend.

Back to the present, we stopped in front of the building. "I guess this is where we part ways," started Nowaki. I was a bit sad, he's such a good person I wanted to become friends. My spirit lifts when I hear his next words, " I had a great time with you.I hope we can keep in touch. May I have you phone number?" he asks. I smile at him and give him my number. He miss calls me before putting his phone away to hug me. " Thank you Misaki. You really did cheer me up," Yes! I did it! I hug him back giving him a big smile.

"You welcome Nowaki! Same to you, I feel a lot better." Giving each other a quick bow we head our seperate ways, or so I thought. I look at him confused about why he's going into the same building as me." Umm... Nowaki?"

"You live here to?" he looks at me with a raised eye brow. Is he for real? We live in the same building? We don't say anything on the elevator ride up , still a little shocked of the coincidence. Our shock grew as we got off on the same floor and walk up to our doors, both right next to each other. I look up to Nowaki who has a smile on." Well, it looks like were neighbors."

I just stare at him in shock before a toothy smile covers my face, "No way!"

That was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.