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Warning: a bit of violence, Usagi hating, cursing, and a few surprises later on

Chapter 8: Confrontation

Usagi watched as the two walked to their doors, each holding a plastic bag that held what looked like matching outfits. His eyes narrowed when his Misaki leaned up to kiss the man he knew a bit more of. Yes, he knew a bit about this brat who, apparently is trying to steal what is his.

Flashback to earlier:

Usagi stomped away from the school, looking nothing less like a child who was denied of a toy. He didn't really care at the moment. Misaki had just willingly walked away with that wannabe doctor, not even giving him a chance to explain himself! How was he going to get Misaki back with that little brat constantly butting in?

As Usagi started to imagine different tactics to get rid of Nowaki another pair followed close behind him. Hiroki and Haruhiko got into the car, watching as Usagi did the same and begin to drive off in the same direction. This had gone far enough. Hiroki knew what his lover's brother did to Misaki, thanks to Shinobu and his inability to keep secrets from his own lover. There was no way in hell he would let Usami ruin things for the two. He made his choice and lost the kid, it was time someone tell him that even if it hurts.

They drove in silence, following Usagi back to his penthouse. Usagi drove into the private parking lot, aware of his brother right behind him. What could he want now? Probably was on his way to steal Misaki again, though, that hasn't happened for a while now.

When Usagi got out of the his car he waited for his brother to park. He wasn't surprised to see his brother step out of the black vehicle, but he didn't expect Hiroki to be there. He raised an eyebrow at the two, letting his impatience show.

The two looked at each other until Haruhiko decide he would begin the conversation, "How have you been brother?"

"Cut the crap, what is it that you want?" Usagi replied. Even if his brother wasn't interested in Misaki it didn't mean they had become friendly with each other.

"Watch it!" Snapped an irritated Hiroki, "we need to talk, now," he motioned toward the elevator, indicating for Usagi to lead the way. Reluctantly, he did. Maybe Hiroki can explain why his little doctor has suddenly taken an interest in Misaki, it can be good leverage.

The elevator ride was silent, and a bit awkward for both parties. They reached the top floor where Usagi lead them to his door. Once the PIN number was put in on the keypad he lead the two into the living room. Usagi sat with his legs crossed on one couch, pulling out another cigarette, while Haruhiko and Hiroki sat at his opposite couch.

A short stare down took before Hiroki broke it, "Listen good Akihiko, I'm telling you this for your own good, stop butting in on Takahashi's relationship," he warned.

Usagi narrowed his eyes at the pair, "What goes on between me and Misaki is strictly our business and no one else's," he bit back," Besides, shouldn't you be a little upset. It just so happens to be your doctor who has taken a liking to Misaki. Maybe you should put a leash on him before it's to late."

Hiroki glared at his childhood friend, but stayed quiet. He was expecting this kind of reaction. From all the years he has known Usami never has someone affected him like Takahashi. He knows of Usami's past feelings for the kid's brother, and of him getting married to some woman. Usami told him of Misaki a few months after they started living together. The feelings he held for the boy were true beyond compare. But he messed up, bad... From what he learned it would seem like Usami cheated, just as he did, but was stupid enough to bring the person home, where Misaki was! He must have been plastered that night, but that one mistake cost him his true love, and he needed to learn that.

Hiroki gave Haruhiko a look, silently asking him if they would be keeping their relationship a secret from his brother or not. Haruhiko returned his gaze for a moment before letting his actions speak for themselves. Usagi raised a brow when his brother slipped an arm around the teacher's waist and pulled him close.

Hiroki gave him a hard look, "Me and Nowaki ended things a while ago. Who he choses to date isn't my problem. Listen Akihiko, I know everything. You fucked up and you know it, but stalking the poor kid and trying to but in on his love life doesn't exactly scream 'I'm sorry, I Love You!' it screams 'I'm a jerk who wants you back!' I'm going to tell you this because you are a good friend of mine, stop this. Can't you see Takahashi has moved on? If you really want him to be happy then the best thing to do is to let him go," Hiroki watched as Usagi's eyes narrowed.

" You think you know everything? Do you really expect me to give him up so easily? WHO the hell do you think you are?!" Usagi hadn't realized he was yelling, but he didn't care. His friend, who somehow was now involved with his brother, had the nerve to tell him to let that doctor have his Misaki? No.

Haruhiko, who had stayed quiet this whole time, decided to speak up, "Calm down, Usami-"

"Go to hell, both of you! I won't let Misaki go. I just need to talk to him."

Hiroki snorted, "Talk to him? What will you say? 'Misaki, I'm sorry I've fucked someone else, please come back to me!' That's not how it works Akihiko. Can't you see? It's over, nothing you say or do will bring him back!"

"You make it sound as if he is dead," commented Haruhiko, to which Hiroki glared at him.

"Out of all the things you could have said you settle for that," he exasperated. Haru only shrugged.

Usagi eyed the interaction between the two with a bit of amusement. Then he remembered why they were there in the first place and scowled. Pointing to the door he bit out, "Leave! Now!"

Hiroki was about to say something but Haruhiko stopped him. Shaking his head, he stood up along with Hiroki and he pulled his lover out. They had tried talking to his brother but the stubborn ass wouldn't listen. The best they can do is keep an eye out for Misaki and make sure Usagi doesn't do anything to out of line.

Usagi stood steaming in the middle of his living room. How dare they try to stop him from getting back HIS Misaki? Fine, be on the damn doctor's side! He would do anything for Misaki. Whether it's buying him expensive gifts (not that Misaki ever accepted them without large protests) or having to go to hell and back then back again. Why couldn't Misaki see that? It's all that doctors fault. He has filled Misaki's mind with shit so he can have him for himself! Hmm...he wondered if Misaki knew who exactly he was getting involved with. Usagi doubted Misaki would be happy to find out Nowaki was the ex-lover of his own literature teacher. He'd have to hold on to that piece of information for a later date. Right now he had to find Misaki.

So, Usagi headed out again. He drove around the city, looking for any sign of his lover. He refused to believe they were really broken up. After coming so far things couldn't end like this. He let out a frustrated sigh. Where were they!? He had seen them walking in the direction of the stores just before he left the school. If they headed home already then he would have to wait until Monday to talk to Misaki. He didn't want to leave his lover with that bastard any longer. Usagi turned the corner so fast he almost missed the small store just on the corner. He hit the brakes and looked toward the store window to find just the person he was looking for.

Misaki was dressed in a cute stylish outfit, a traditional colored jinbei with a white strip going down across the shirt. He was about to get out of the car when someone else walked behind Misaki. His eyes narrowed. So, Usagi just waited.

And waited.

And waited some more... Damn how much clothes are they going to buy?!

Finally, the pair walked out of the store. Usagi stayed close behind, making sure to go slow. An apartment complex came into view and he watched the two walk in. Going to the back Usagi hurriedly parked the car (who ever follows those private parking orders anyway). In the front, once he was sure the two were not in the lobby, he walked in. The woman at the front desk was painfully nice and quickly gave him the floor and door number of the 'sweetest boy in the world!' Usagi anxiously waited for the elevator to get to the floor of his lover. He was dead set on talking to Misaki today, nothing will get in his way. Well, that was the plan, until he got to the floor.

The first thing he sees when he steps out of the elevator is his Misaki, the boy he wants to spend the rest of his life with, kiss another man. That man, the one who dared to try to lay claim at his Misaki. His property. All his and no one elses. No one else is to touch him but Usagi himself. How dare he kiss another man! Usagi totally forgot he was there to apologize, but instead was overcome with anger. All the frustration against Misaki for not talking to him and the fear of losing his true love turned into anger toward one person and one person alone.

Usagi stood back when Misaki walked back out from his apartment and went, without knocking, through the doors the doctor walked through moments ago. With clenched fists, he walked straight up to the apartment. He decided it would be rude to just walk in, or break in, so the author decided to knock. He heard a slight shuffle from inside then the door opened by his Misaki, who turned a bit pale.

Misaki had no problems with just walking into Nowaki's apartment. He knew his boyfriend left the door unlocked, knowing he would come over in a few minutes, but he had been over so many times it was surprising that he didn't have a copy of the apartment key. So, Nowaki wasn't surprised when Misaki walked in without knocking. He greeted the younger boy with a warm smile and went back to cooking. Before he could get comfortable on the couch a knock came from the door. Misaki looked at Nowaki with a question in his eyes, to which Nowaki shook his head. Sighing, Misaki got up to answer the door. What he wasn't expecting to see when he opened the door was a very pissed off Usagi looking ready to kill at any moment. He paled slightly, not from seeing Usagi personally, but because of the raw anger he saw in his violet eyes. Nowaki came up behind him to see who it was and upon setting his eyes on the author he immediately pulled Misaki behind his person.

Usagi clenched his fists even tighter, his knuckles turning white as he talked, "Misaki, I want to talk to you, now. Alone..."

Nowaki responded for Misaki, "He's not going anywhere with you," the doctor kept a calm face while Usagi glared daggers at him.

"U-Usagi-san," Misaki timidly spoke up, "I-I don't think n-now is the right time for t-talking."

Usagi turned to glare at Misaki, making him instinctively grab on to Nowaki, "Be quiet!" he bit out through clenched teeth.

"Watch it!" Nowaki snapped, "Don't talk to Misaki like that!"

"Stay out of this! This is between me and Misaki. Come here," the author tried to reach for the boy but was blocked by the doctor.

"Don't you dare touch him!"

Nowaki and Usagi stared down one another, neither making a move. Misaki was just about to suggest they all should sit down and talk when the two men lunged.

Nowaki blocked the fist heading straight for his face and countered with a hard kick to the stomach. Usagi grunted before composing himself to sweep his leg under Nowaki's, making him lose his balance and fall on the ground. Nowaki caught the leg that aimed to kick him and pulled hard, making Usagi fall down next to him. The two wrestled with each other; from the distance the two men could hear Misaki running down the hall, yelling for help, but paid no mind to it. They were to busy trying to beat each other down. Usagi made an attempted to stand up, but got tackled by the doctor. His head hit the floor with a sickening crunch. he brought his fist up to fast for Nowaki to dodge, and he felt satisfied when he was met with skin and bone. Nowaki stood up and stumbled a bit, holding on to his now bleeding nose. He was about to lunge at the author again when rapid footsteps could be heard.

Misaki had gotten two men that lived a few doors down the hall. Misaki immediately went to Nowaki's side, holding on to him to make sure he wouldn't think about going anywhere. The two men grabbed Usagi by the arms and began to drag him out. He struggled for a few moments before finally allowing the two men to lead him out. As he passed Nowaki he glared at him, which was returned by the doctor. Misaki wouldn't even look at him, making his heart clench. Usagi wanted to say something but he was already being pushed into the elevator by the men. The last thing he saw was Misaki leading Nowaki back into his apartment before the doors closed.

Misaki lead Nowaki to the couch before running to the bathroom, where he knew the doctor kept a first-aid kit. He also wet a towel to clean up any blood. Nowaki was still sitting there when he ran back into the room. Nowaki allowed Misaki to take care of him, not really in the mood to argue with him. He knew Misaki was mad at him, and at Usagi, for not being able to act like civilized men. He would be getting yelled at for sure, but it would be worth it. No one had the right to disrespect Misaki the way Usagi did. It wasn't right and knowing Misaki's forgiving nature he would bet that Usagi got away with it a lot more than he should. He doesn't care what happens to him, Nowaki will make sure Misaki is safe, taken care of, and showed the proper respect he deserves.

"...Are you even listening to me Nowaki!"

Nowaki jerked back a bit at the shout. No, he hadn't been listening to his lover at all and didn't catch a thing he said.

Misaki sighed at Nowaki's confused look, "I said that I'm mad at you, you idiot! Usagi-san shouldn't have come here in the first place- How did he get our address anyway?- but that doesn't make it okay for you two to have an all out brawl in the middle of the hallway! There is such a thing as just sitting down and talking, you know. Ugh, I just..." Misaki paused for a moment to look directly into Nowaki's eyes, "You scared me you jerk. This was why I didn't want you to find out Usagi-san was still trying to talk to me. I knew this would happen and now look, you're hurt and it's all my fault," his voice got quieter as he finished and he looked down at his hands.

Nowaki reached out and held Misaki's face so he was looking at him, "Don't go blaming yourself for something you didn't do. Do you think I would let him talk to you like that? I'm sorry that things got violent, but I don't regret it. He needs to realize you're mine now, and nothing is going to change that," he stroked his thumb up and down the Misaki's cheek, feeling the skin warm up under his ministrations.

Misaki gave a small smile, leaning up for a quick peck on the lips, but frowning when he tasted a bit of blood. Shaking his head, he continued to clean up any traces of blood. Absently, he wondered how Aikawa would react if she saw the state Usagi was in. Or how she would react if she saw Nowaki. He shuddered at the thought, knowing how protective the young woman can be when it involves her friends.

Oh, he could really use his big brother by now...

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