A long, long time ago, there was a princess named Mikasa. No one could tell what she was thinking. No one could rival her strength in battle. No man was brave enough to ask her for a dance.

Then suddenly, a war broke out. It destroyed Mikasa's kingdom, killed her family, ruined everything she had lived for.

While on her death bed she had only one wish. For her entire life she was misunderstood and feared. Despite that, her heart was forgiving and benevolent. With her last breath, she prayed to God:

'My Lord, please protect the child of this country's new reign. He will be born very soon. His father is not at fault for my ending; I do not blame him. Please, let my tragedy never happen again to anyone in this world.'

And with that, Mikasa died at the young age of fifteen. Rumour has it that her soul fused with a baby who started living at exactly the same time as she had died. This way, the people believed, Mikasa will live on inside that new life, and when the child grows up and has children of their own, Mikasa's heart will be passed onto them as well, the same with their children.

Princess Mikasa will always be with us.

The name of the country's new prince was Rivaille. His birth was celebrated by all the people of the land. One day, the wizards of the land were summoned to give him their blessings.

"Prince Rivaille will have great happiness in his life." The first wizard said. "He will bring pleasure to the people of this land through his endless kindness and pure heart. His life will be one of wonderful peace."

"Prince Rivaille will be very successful." The second wizard followed. "This land that he will reign over will prosper with harvest and goodness. He will achieve many great things and be respected by all of his people."

It was strange, how the King allowed the wizards to talk of his son reigning the country while he himself has only ruled for a short amount time in this new land that he had conquered. However, he only wanted the best for his son, and for that, he will acquire blessings for him from the whole world.

The third wizard spoke of something different.

"He was predetermined to not be understood by the world, to be lonely for as long as he existed until his cruel, young, tragic end." The whole of the room gasped and chatter broke out; what was this lunatic saying?! How could he speak ill of the prince's future right in front of the King? Did he want to be beheaded?

"However," the third wizard continued, "a prayer for him has been sent to heaven before his birth. He will be rescued to salvation by the last of the princess, and will live an ordinary, fulfilling life along with those who love him the most."

"Are you out of your mind?" The first wizard exclaimed. "Of course the prince will live a royal, plentiful life with the King and Queen. How will his life ever be 'ordinary'?!"

"And what is it of a predetermined tragedy?" The second wizard also spoke up. "How dare you curse the newborn prince! This country doesn't even have a princess that you speak of. Are you damning the future of our new kingdom?"

"I only speak of what I see," said the third wizard, "the future of this kingdom depends not on the predictions of Prince Rivaille, but on the actions of the current king."

The people were in uproar. How could this peasant speak ill of even the King? His rubbish dark divination shall not be endured a moment longer.

He was probably a dark wizard from the previous reign, the people muttered. He must have come here to curse us for the fall of his old shelter! Quick, we have to execute him before any more poisonous nonsense spews out of his mouth!

Forgive me, the King thought as he ordered for his men to take the third wizard to the dungeons. I cannot allow disorder in this new country.

However, he didn't have to worry long. The next morning, the guard who went to deliver food and water to the third wizard found no trace of his body, only the prisoner rags that have previously been on him, mysteriously orderly on the cold ground, as if the third wizard had simply laid down and disappeared into thin air.