Clara hated to dream.

Dreams were always exaggerations of things that actually happened. Especially nightmares. Considering what she had been through, her experiences were all stockpiled up and just let loose in a cacophony of horror when they drifted through her dreams.

Idon'tknowwhereIam! Doctorhelpmepleasehelpme! Idon'tknowwhereIam! It was always the same what she said. He never came. Not once.

Clara has died in thousands of ways, in thousands of realities, in thousands of lifetimes. Just imagine that for one second. The object of her whole live(s) was to help the doctor, and she succeeded in her ambiguous quests.

But in her dreams...

He would be trying to get his sonic screwdriver, just out of reach while he was holding off a whole slew of baddies. She could just nudge it a bit in his direction, but she could not move. Then all the Daleks, Cybermen, angels and various assortments of monsters would trample him dead.

Things like that.

But that wasn't even the worst part.

She would die with him, all the while he would say "Why didn't you help? Why didn't you save them?" over and over and over and over again while they both died, always slowly, always painfully. Always... differently.

And this one was no exception.

For some reason, the Doctor looked different. Old and sad and frail. She hadn't encountered this one before, but she knew it was him. She always knew it was him. They were on the TARDIS. He stood on the edge, with a faraway, glazed look. Clara stepped forward to see what he was seeing.

The world was in flames. No green or blue or any other colors besides red was on the Earth. Although she couldn't see all of it, she knew the entire surface had to be covered in the inferno.

"What..." She whispered. Then the Doctor whipped around and grabbed her by the wrists. He pushed her against the wall

"Why didn't you help? Why didn't you save them?" He whispered. Then, he threw her out of the TARDIS, towards the Sun Earth.

Clara opened her eyes and all she could see was red. "Doctor!" She screamed, "Doctor, please help me! I don't know where I am! Please!"

The answer was faint.. clara... clara... CLARA!

"Clara! Wake up! I'm here, I'm right here Clara, I'm right here. You are in the TARDIS Clara, it was only a dream. Only a dream." The Doctor embraced her while she sobbed into his arm.

"Shhhh. I'm right here and I am not going anywhere. I'm right here." Clara slowly started to breathe normally and wiped off her tears.

"Everything, was red. And, you pushed me. The Earth was on fire. It was you, but not you."

"Shh. Just tell me from start to finish."

And so she did.

The Doctor paused for a very long time before answering. "Clara, you know, that you can only dream about people if you've seen them? Are you sure, absolutelysure, that that man that pushed you out of the TARDIS and into the flaming Earth, was me?"

As much as Clara wanted to say no, as much as she wanted to lie to herself that it might have been another doctor, or some random stranger she had seen briefly on the telly or the subway or anywhere else, she nodded her head.