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I had been told by every vampire I know that the venom was excruciating. Like holding up the sky, with daggers digging into your bare skin. Once you have been bitten, nothing else matters. You desperately beg for death, wondering what you did so wrong to deserve such torment. They had said there was nothing more painful than the agonizing burn of the toxin slowly molding your body into death. There was nothing more painful. There was nothing more painful.

They lied.

Two Days Prior

"Bellarina! There's the little human. You know, you don't really get out much. That can't possibly be good for you. I know what'll fix that: a nice, long game of baseball."

Emmett came bounding into the room. In that moment he reminded me of a puppy, with a ditzy grin on his face and wide, excited eyes. In fact, I could almost see the tail wagging behind him.

"Thanks, but no thanks. If I get hit by a curveball you pitch it'll be equivalent to getting shot."

"You're no fun, Tinkerbell! Missing Captain Hook already, eh? He's only gone out hunting with Tiger Lily and Ted."

I rolled my eyes fondly at Emmett's comparison. He insisted on calling the entire family (and me) by names from the characters in Peter Pan. I was Tinkerbell, but only because of my name. Edward was Captain Hook; Alice was Tiger Lily; Jasper was Tubby Ted (why that was, I had no idea); Emmett was Nibs; and Rosalie was simply known as "The Mermaid." Carlisle and Esme were Peter and Wendy. It was all endearing, in a way. I decided to play along.

"Yeah, well, where's the Mermaid?"

"Right here." Rosalie said simply as she strode into the living room. She raised her hand in greeting and smiled slightly at me. Ever since she had told me her story right before the battle with Victoria, she seemed to have slowly been building approval towards me. I doubted I could call it sisterly love, as she felt towards Alice, but I was grateful for the small steps she was trying to make.

"Yeah, Tink, the Mermaid's right here." Emmett smirked playfully.

"The Mermaid came because the Mermaid's thirsty. Now let's go, Emmett."

"I'm not Emmett, I'm Nibs!"

"I said let's go, Emmett." Rosalie said more persistently, narrowing her eyes in an attempt to scare him. Naturally, it didn't work. Not on Emmett at least.

"Fine," Emmett grumbled. "But you have to play baseball with me later.

"Deal." Rosalie all but dragged him out of the room by the ear.

I turned my attention back to the TV screen, not really paying attention. Carlisle was off at work, Esme was grocery shopping to keep up the family's appearance. So I was home alone?


I jumped at least ten feet in the air and screamed so loud the Denali clan must have heard me in Alaska. I grabbed the baseball bat Emmett had left sitting on the couch, then turned around and got ready to attack the intruder.

"That was funny, Bella! Tell us another!" The two imaginary beings sitting atop my shoulders started giggling. I was going crazy. Next I would try to learn how to dance.

My conscience cracked up. It started laughing harder when it realized I was having a conversation with myself, and then even harder once it processed who I had tried to assault.

I slowly exhaled and set down the bat, then sat down and rubbed my temples. I glanced wearily over at Jasper, who was holding up his hands in mock surrender. He flashed his dimples in a wide grin.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you."

"It's alright." I forced a smile.

It would be a lie to say I wasn't intimidated by the tall blond vampire. He was, like all the Cullens, extremely good looking. That was only a small portion of what strung me tight.

Jasper was certainly reclusive. He didn't speak much, and the closest thing I had ever had to a conversation with him was when he was showing me the scars along his arm. Even then, he had been the only one talking. In fact, I had a suspicion he only put up with me because of Alice.

I realized my emotions must have had poor Jasper in a train wreck right now. I was feeling distressed, then guilty, then anxious, then relieved that he was here in the first place. I felt guilt again when he said,

"You're afraid of me. I can leave if you want." He turned to go.

"No!" I screamed, then blushed profusely. "I mean no. I don't feel like being alone."

Jasper smirked.

"Alright then. I'll stay. Alice and Edward are still hunting."

I nodded.

"Can I at least get a book to read then? I'm pretty sure I left Wuthering Heights in Edward's room."

He gestured towards the stairs, and I walked up absently. He followed as we talked about casual things like the weather and the wedding. I was sure he could feel how tense I was, which made me even guiltier.

At last we stopped outside Edward's room. However, as I set my hand on the doorknob, Jasper firmly grasped it at pulled it away. I looked up at him. He was staring fixedly with coal eyes at the closed door. I heard him mutter something under his breath, then he looked down at me like a dog who had been caught tearing up the sofa.

"Don't go in there, Bella."

"Why not? My book's in there."

Before he had a chance to say anything else, I pushed past Jasper.

Well, I was right about Wuthering Heights. It was right there, lying on Edward's bed.

However, so was a shocked Alice, staring at us. Covered only by sheets. With Edward hovering directly above her.

I don't know how long I stood there, with Jasper projecting sheer hate from behind me. I know that it was long enough for Carlisle's shift to end, Esme to call into the living room, and Rosalie and Emmett to come home, Emmett hollering for his

Alice spoke first.


I abruptly turned on my heel, shoved Jasper out of my way, and stormed downstairs. I could feel the hot tears pricking beneath my eyelids. The rest of the Cullen family stared at me.

"Is something wrong, dear?" Esme stepped forward as I reached the bottom of the stairs.

"Go ask that... that leech!" I shrieked, jabbing a thumb behind me as I spat out Jacob's condescending name for the vampires. I saw the hurt flash through Esme's eyes. I knew I would feel sorry for it later, but right now I didn't even care.

"Pardon?" Carlisle raised his eyebrows in surprise. He knew I was generally open and accepting to the Cullens. I would be upset too, if someone I considered a daughter started hating me all of a sudden.

"Bella, wait!" Alice came bounding down the stairs with a blanket wrapped around her. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to..."

Edward, clad in a pair of jeans, stumbled down the stairs after a forceful push from a furious and enraged Jasper. There was a sharp intake of breath as everyone put two and two together. Even sweet, motherly Esme growled at Edward and Alice.

I didn't even see it happen. Emmett had thrown Edward against the wall, and had him raised by the throat. Rosalie was screeching with her arms raised at Alice, who was cowering in shame and fear. Esme and Carlisle were comforting Jasper.

I was stomping outside, and my Chevy mercifully started in a New York minute. I could hear Emmett roaring and Rosalie howling from out here. I saw Jasper running out of the house desperately.

"Bella, please, think! Don't do anything rash—"

I was rolling out of the driveway before he could finish.

After writing a quick note to Charlie telling him I decided to take a road trip, I hastily packed two weeks' worth of clothing, my toiletries and my credit card, then hopped into my car and drove South.

I drove four hours down from Forks to Portland. It was twelve in the morning now. I stopped at a rest stop, then for the first time since I had discovered my fiance's betrayal, I rested my head against the steering wheel and cried.

I slept for only six hours. At six in the morning, I got up and drove another two hours to Central Oregon. It was a nice little town called Bend. The first thing I did was check into a hotel, then I went down to an electronics store and got myself a cell phone.

If I had my way, the phone would be a simple flip phone that could only call. However, since I didn't want to buy a laptop as well, and I would probably need to email Charlie and Renee, I was forced to get a smartphone with email, web, and call enabled. I got the cheapest smartphone possible, though. Charlie had always been trying to set me up on one of these expensive phone plans, anyway, so I was sure he wouldn't mind.

I put Charlie's, Renee's, Mike's, Jessica's, and Angela's numbers on the phone. After a little hesitation, I put Emmett's and Rosalie's on there too. Seeing them defend me like that changed my perspective on them completely for the better.

It was a little saddening to stay in Bend. It reminded me so much of Forks.

I drove back North up to Portland. Bordering Bend was Sisters, Newport, and Redmond. Portland was the biggest city that would take the shortest drive.

I stayed in Portland for a day.

After wandering around the streets of Portland for a while, I realized it was getting dark. I started to head back to my car, when a burly hand appeared out of nowhere and pulled me into a dark alley. The other hand covered my mouth, forbidding me to scream. I started to flail, then I felt the first knife dig into my stomach.

I had just now realized there were two. Both were men, I could tell from the way they were laughing. My first thought was Rosalie. This was exactly the way she was turned. Please don't let there be any vampires in the area...

After the men finished torturing me, they discussed what to do. Eventually, they settled on leaving me there to die. It wasn't like I could do anything anyway. So I sat there and waited patiently.

It was actually surprisingly pleasant. Dying, I mean. By now I couldn't even feel where the knives had dug into my skin. My entire body was numb, and I could feel my conscience slipping away...

What the heck was that?

A man looking around Carlisle's age hovered above me, a look of uncertainty and fear evident on his face. No, no, no, no! This couldn't be happening...

These were my last coherent thoughts as the man's teeth lodged into my neck.

"Oh, my gosh! Ohh, shi—"

"Language, Anais."

A woman's voice cut into the first girl's. Anais? That was a pretty name. The second woman had pronounced it "Ann-eye-eez."

"Sorry, Elizabeth! And what the heck, Andrew?" Anais was speaking again.

"I couldn't just let her die." The man whom I assumed was Andrew stated quietly. I could hear no hint of remorse from him. I was liking him already.

Anais was silent.

"This does seem a little dangerous..." Another girl's voice tentatively piped up. "Although she looks kind. I'm excited. I wonder what her name is."

The infamous venom pain started kicking in.

At first, I thought the Cullens had lied to me. This wasn't so bad. Soon, though, I had to grit my teeth. Finally, I had to scream. I didn't stop, even when my throat was hoarse.

I desperately gripped onto my human memories, even Edward and Alice. Charlie going off to fish with Billy, Renee talking excitedly about Phil. I remembered the last conversation I had had with a Cullen. Who was it? Jasper... Esme, Carlisle, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, Edward. I remembered Jake kissing me, and me breaking my hand in an attempt to punch him. I almost broke my cry with a quick laugh. Seth, Leah, Quil, Embry, Paul, Sam. I remembered them fighting on our side against Victoria's newborn army. Angela, Mike, Jessica, Ben, Tyler, Lauren, Eric. I remembered Jessica telling me about the Cullens on the first day.

It was no use. I felt every memory slipping away as the pain started to subside, and I started to stir.

Two Days Later

I clenched my fists then relaxed. I could hear the voices again. One of them was Anais, another was the other girl's voice. The one who had said she was excited to meet me.

"Look, Anais, she's waking up!"

I could feel the fluffy down comforter beneath my fingertips. I slowly lifted a hand, and placed it on my stomach.

Then I opened my eyes.

This is a request for a friend of my mine. She's a big fan of Jasper/Bella.

It was pretty funny, actually. She asked me to write this for her birthday, which was at least a month ago. Jasper had to be my least favorite Cullen. So she sends me a text, saying,

"Write me a Jasper/Bella story!"

And I'm like,

"Ohh, Hale, no!"

Haha! See what I did there?

Anyway, she made me write one through blackmail and some very vicious threats, so I decided to do it. Only because it was her birthday! Since I had absolutely no idea about the Jasper/Bella pairing, I went to go read some fanfiction on it. Then I found myself liking it, and,


Goodbye, Team Jacob, hello, Team Jasper!

I hope you like the story so far. I have absolutely no idea where to go with this, as my friend is probably going to feed me the rest of the plot as I write. Hope to hear from you!