Teen Titans Cyber Season 6
Authors Note: Watching a video I was told (or so I believe) that Terra was supposed to remember her powers and defeat Slade the next season. Sadly. The TV Show was never renewed for a new season. AND SO! AN IDEA WAS BORN! 3

Teen Titans Cyber Season 6 Episode 1: Terra Awakening
As Beastboy walked out of the school, Terra looked down at her dress loafers.
Was all that he said true? Was she who he said she is? Whatever, she had a term paper to write.
She quickly made her way through the crowded hallway to the Foster Home she was staying at.
"Deedra! I'm home!" She told the foster mom she was under the care of.
"In here deary!" Deedra replied as she cooked her and Terra's favorite after school snack. Ramen and some Soda.
Terra walked in with questions, hopefully. She'll find answers.
"Hey Mama!" She replied hugging Deedra from behind.
"Hey baby girl," She replied happily stirring the Ramen adding her 'secret ingredient' to the noodles.
Terra let go of the woman who was like a mother to her for a few months and looks at her.
"How did you find me? Like...how did I get here?"
Deedra turned off the stove.
"What do you mean?"
Terra looked at Dee.
"How did I get put here?"
Deedra knew this day would come soon enough.
They both slowly grabbed their soup and soda sitting in a small breakfast nook in the corner of the kitchen and Terra, was slowly waiting for awnsers.
Deedra looked around the floral colored walls then back at Terra.
"I, I was driving home from work...and, I looked out my window, and I saw you, laying in this weird suit thing all broken. So I pulled over and I picked you up and laid you in the back seat, you were out for 3 days. I kept the suit to send to a lab or something, I never did. "
"C-Can I see the suit?" Terra asked politely as she could.
Deedra nodded and walked to the the closet her feet as quiet as ever.
When Deedra carried back the suit, Terra examined it carefully.
It was silver, and it had a scratched 'S' on the front, what was it for? The S was surrounded in an orange circle on her chest. The suit felt cold, very cold. But, what was this?
Terra was speechless. Her breath hitched a bit as she plopped down on the old cracking tiles on her bottom, feeling light headed.
"C-Call the Teen Titans..." Terra told Deedra "A-A-Ask for...Beast Boy." She asked before fading off into a peaceful darkness.

Author's note: HEY! Terra Awakening will continue this is my opinion very bad so R&R and thanks 3