Training The Newbies Robin sat in the training room bench as he looked through the names of the new trainees who would be signing up today. Or at least auditioning. Donna Troy- Wondergirl Wally West- Kid Flash Joseph Wilson- Jericho Rose Wilson- Ravager Toni Monetti- Argent Kara Kent- Supergirl Connor Kent- Superboy It was good to see some of the teenage sidekicks signing up to form a team. He knew some of them, personally from some days in Gotham City. He put a mark by Wally, Donna, Kara and Connor. All of them decided to join?! He was surprised that his little idea made its way from just idea! He then frowned looking down at his utility belt, the third pocket from the left was ringing. It was his Bat communicator, Batman had been trying to contact him from all the way from Gotham City to Jump. Why would he want to talk to him. He sighed letting it go to message as he listened. "Robin...D-Dick it's me. If you're not coming back to Jump City then you need to resign as Robin, I understand your need to be free and be your own man but...I think it's time for you to hang up the cape. Tell you what...I can help you come up with a new mantle. You and I can still be partners. The league will sometimes ask for a covert mission or two...Just one last time, let's do something together. Barbra misses you, she's been asking when she can see you. But please consider that..." Dick sighed and let the message end. Dick remembered saying to Slade he already had a father and that was true. He loved Bruce Wayne like his real father, he missed him, and the other way around. Maybe the other way around would make things a lot less complicated then the last time he and him had a conversation. "Kid Flash! You're up!" "Raven? May I please speak to you? I need the what you call...Boy Advice..." Starfire stated looking down at her boots, waiting for her to respond. Raven sighed. Ever since Terra came back Beastboy put her on the back burner. She didn't want to bring it back by giving her. Boy Advice. "C'mon in..." She said in her usual monotone. "Let's talk..." "Okay where do I do the start? OH!" She sighed. "Robin has not been returning my human terms of affection...He has not seen that I have been there for him and I cannot get my hopes up that he will like me..." "I know where you're coming from...Beastboy and I haven't gotten anywhere after Paris..." She stated sighing slightly. "But if it helps we can hang out more..." She had gotten out more with a lot of energy that made it hard to get the word out. "Oh we can do the movies and head to the planet mall and talk about boys?!" She stated a smile coming to her face. Raven smiled genuinely for once and nodded. Robin sighed after watching the try-outs and then picking out who would go to what tower he posted all of the listings and stepped back. He looked at the ground pondering what would happen if he went back to Gotham for a couple days. "Penny for your thoughts?" Cyborg asked standing next to him. "M-My Dad...My uh...Foster Dad..." Robin started. Cyborg knew about Batman and stood up straighter putting a hand on his shoulder. "You can tell me Rob..." He reassured. Dick nodded. "He called, saying because I haven't been in Gotham on his team. That I leave Robin," He stated. "He wants me to come visit, Batgirl's there...I miss her...she was there from the beginning I loved her..." He stated. Starfire made a small gasp hearing that and flew off to the roof, wondering who this Batgirl was! She was also wondering how she had Robin's heart. She sniffled and looked down at her feet then standing up and about to fly off. Nowhere to be seen for hours. Beastboy walked in about a few hours after he saw Ravanger and Kid Flash unpacking near his room. "Well hiya! I'm Wally but you can call me Kid Flash!" Kid flash introduced. "Waitwait YOURE BEASTBOY! No way I heard about you! Robins told me a lot about you! We're gonna be best buddies!" Beastboy smiled. "Well I'm right next door to ya! You play megamonkies?" "DO I?!" Wally exclaimed hugging Beast boy. Beastboy coughed. "Can't...breath!" Wally laughed. "We are going to be great friends!" Just as they started laughing and got out of the hug Robin walked up to Wally and put a hand on his shoulder. Robin, who was out of his uniform an in baggy cargo pants a Black tee shirt and sunglasses looked over at Kid Flash. "I'm going to need you to look after things, report to Cyborg and I'll see you all in two weeks..." He stated before walking to the elevator and going down to the garage. "Robin where are you going?" Starfire asked as she was about to get in the elevator. "Why are you packed?" "I'm just, going home for a while star...I'll be back soon..." Just as he was about to kiss her cheek. SMACK! "You have fun with this other woman, just think I may not be here when you get back!" She stated flying into the elevator with a 'humph!' "What was that about?" He muttered to himself as he looked back at the doors. He then sighed walking to his R-Cycle taking off for Gotham City. Starfire was now crying her eyes out I'm her bedroom as Silkie nuzzled into her cheek trying to comfort his owner. Silkie sighed and just curled next to her going back to sleep. Her crying got louder and louder thinking about Robin. He wouldn't come back! He was going to stay there and she'd never see him again! There was a knock on the door. "Star? Are you okay?" She sighed and opened the door showing her tear struck face and looked up to see Cyborg. "Now now, whatcha on about today Star?" "Robin doesn't love meeeee! He loves that Batgirl!" She pouted. "He went back to her and I didn't even say goodbye!" Cyborg looked at the girl quizzically as he then realized the miscommunication. He pulled Star in a hug to get her to calm down and looked at her. "Robin ain't gonna be gone for long, only 2 weeks! He just had to go be with family right now...he and Batgirl, they were sort of like brother and sister best got nothing to worry about!" "R-Really?" She sniffled. "Really..." Beastboy, now as a gorilla was now acting as the muscles in helping the newbies unpack. First Rose and Joseph who insisted on sharing a room being brother and sister and all also not having much stuff for Beastboy to carry, he could be himself regular self and still help the two unpack. "That all?" Beastboy asked Rose as Jericho signed yes. "Yes..." Rose stated as she brushed everyone out of their room, Cyborg looked at Beastboy oddly as they stood in front of the door. "CYBORG!" Wally called as if he was asking for his mother. "WHATS FOR LUNCH I NEED FOOD!" "Whatcha want Flash Dude?" Cyborg asked looking down at him. "Bacon..." Cyborg smiled at him. "I like you already yo..." Wally smiled and ran to the kitchen at lightening speed as Cyborg smirked following slowly. Taking his sweet time. A/N: Not the best update I know! Butttt I got more storylines coming and guest staring Batman next episode so comment like and follow