I don't know how long it's been (two years, three?) since I said I'd write a fanfic for all of my favorite ships. Well, any who, I'm kind of back, and I'm going to do my best. Here I go from the top, this story is a yuri of Medusa & Eruka. As background, this is set in virtually the real world, and these are adult characters as usual. I wish I owned the Soul Eater series but sadly I do not.

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The coffee in Medusa's kitchen had been on for about ten minutes, just long enough to get it to a nice temperature for the witch. She seized the pot by the handle, and relished in a slow pour into her "Queen S" mug, what with nothing pressing to do today. She placed the mug down on the counter carefully then added into it her flavor choices and sweetener. It was a little mug, so she added only a few tea spoons of sugar, and just a dash of cream. In the back of her spice cabinet she had a little venom abstract, she liked to add to most foods to give it a little kick. With the potion mixed nicely she enjoyed a little sip.

"Mhmh" she moaned. "That's a damn good cup of coffee." Then whispering mostly to herself "Eat your heart out Joe."

With the coffee in hand she made her way for her basement taking her time, because again, she had nothing too important to do. Reaching the bottom of the stairs she located a nearby stool to place her coffee on while she handled some less than important business.

Striding over to a giant water tank she had in her makeshift dungeon she pulled the lever to retrieve the victim she had had entirely submerged. The gears started making metallic noises, as they pulled the soaked body up from the tank. First silvery blue hair slowly rose out of the water, followed by a head with a mouth that quickly grasped for air. The formerly submerged female gasped and panted then looked to her captor.

"My my, it's a good thing you can hold your breath so long, Eruka. I wouldn't have resuscitated you." The girl shivered as the cool air in the basement hit her soaked, naked body.

"Well, what do you want to say?" Medusa demanded.

"I'm sorry Medusa-sama."

"I accept your apology little frog, and for it, I'll give you something warm."


"..or hot"

Medusa hoisted her captive down from the suspensions that held her up above the water tank, and lowered her onto the cold cement floor.

"Don't stand!" demanded Medusa. "You can sit for this." Medusa strode over to the stool where her coffee had rested. She picked it up, took a sip, and relished in it. Then suddenly and violently she threw it to the floor. She picked up the stool and carted it over to where her captive was sitting. Placing it a foot away from her, she then sat. Eruka looked up already knowing what it is she would have to do. Medusa looked down on her, both literally and figuratively, then she smiled as wicked as her heart would allow and said in a demonic voice

"Eat me"

Eruka, without hesitation, complied with fear of what would happen if she either refused or failed to please her master. She delve in head and tongue first exploring Medusa's womanhood. It certainly hadn't been the first time...today, but nonetheless she explored as if it were new. She roamed around kissing, nibbling and sucking on whatever she could to please her master, but after a few short minutes Medusa grew weary of it.

"Okay, I'm bored. Clean up that mess. You made me spill it, so it's your fault." Medusa pointed to the broken mug and coffee spill, where she directed shivering, drenched, silvery blue haired girl.

"With what, Medusa-sama?" Eruka asked as she squirmed over to the mess.

"I don't know use your mouth if you have to."

Reluctant only in her head, Eruka yet again did as she was told. She had finally made it to the mess and began lapping away at it. She slurped, and licked as if she were trying to please the very ground. Soon after she began licking the filthy coffee stained floor, she stopped and began twitching. Medusa looked at her standing overhead.

"What's the matter, little witch?"

Through a strained voice Eruka managed to whisper

"My throat's closing"

Medusa just laughed. "Ah, that must be Venom toxin's kicking in, ah well, it was fun while it lasted. See you."

Through the same strangled voice Eruka shouted as loud as she could muster but all she could manage was a low raspy growl "Curse you Medusa". Those were her last words before all turned to black.

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