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Chapter 2: Mizune saves

Eruka's eyes opened to a bright room. Where am I she thought?

"Medusa!" she shouted to herself. Physically put off by just her name, she sat in the bed crying. The door to the room she was in burst opened, startling her. She cowered under the sheets, as the figure who had entered her room just stood there. Realizing that this was getting her no where she peeked out from under the sheets. She didn't see anyone. She scanned the room a little more to find evidence of where she was, a glance to the right she a coffee table with a lamp on it. A center glance showed a television that was off. A glance right showed a little pink haired girl, with buck teeth and what appeared to be whiskers. She continued glancing around, then double took.

"Mizune!" She shouted. "What on Earth are you doing her?!" 'Chi' Mizune squeaked. "You saved me?" Eruka translated. "What happened?" 'Chi chi' Mizune began explaining.

Eruka had just passed out on the floor when an adult Mizune came rocketing down the stairs. Dressed in high black heels, a black and white striped skirt, and a matching tube top.

"Get you hands off of Eruka!" She shouted before anything.

"My my, how you've grown, but you're still just as mousey as ever." Medusa retorted. Mizune launched herself at Medusa to take her down, but she didn't count on Medusa being a skilled fighter. Seizing the opportunity as soon as it arose Medusa grabbed the airborne Mizune and judo flipped her onto her back.

"That hurt." exclaimed Mizune.

"There's more where that came from." Medusa grunted as she readied herself to stomp on Mizune. She evaded it just in time rolling out from underneath Medusa's foot while simultaneously getting to her feet. Now standing she could handle Medusa after sizing up her ability from that first attack. She took a boxer's stance and got low, as she moved into Medusa. Medusa stood regular awaiting her assailant. As the pink haired temptress moved closer she loosed a Jab that might have toppled a heavy weight boxer, had it connected, but this was no regular fighter she was dealing with. Waiting until the absolute last second Medusa stood, until finally she evaded grabbing Mizune's arm, and again Judo flipping her. This time taking no chances, she held onto the arm, never relenting.

"You're bad." Medusa teased. "You came into my abode, and attempted to attack me? This isn't going to turn out well for you." She twisted the arm until the new captive turned over onto her front. With the arm twisted high up behind her, Mizune was trapped, and Medusa relished in the victory. Dipping in slightly she placed a knee on her back. Gently at first then roughly as if the girl were a place for her knee to rest.

"I wonder what I'll do to you?" Medusa began musing the possible tortures she could subject her new captive to. "Maybe I'll strip you down, and use you like I use Eruka? No that's too good for you. Oooo I know, how about a whipping? Does that sound like fun, hm Mizune?"

"I'm afraid you won't be having any fun with me, or with Eruka anymore." Mizune boasted from her awkward position.

"Oh? And why is that?"

"'Cuz of this" she shouted as she kicked her heel off at Medusa. It was a small shoe, but stunning enough to cause Medusa to release her. Taking the moment, and using it, Mizune grabbed from within an inner pocket in her skirt, some mace. She fumbled for a second to aim it properly but then used it on Medusa causing the older blonde woman to cry out in pain, and fall back.

"Take that bitch!" She taunted after she stopped spraying.

With the main nuisance aside Mizune got back to her task at hand, rescuing her friend, Eruka. She went over to the coffee spill and scooped her friend up in her arms. Draping her over her left shoulder she stood erect, then made her way for the stairs out of the basement. Looking back either to ensure Medusa was still crippled in pain, or just to enjoy the sight of her enemy suffering once more, Mizune stared at Medusa. Seeing her still scrambling on the floor, clutching her eyes, eased her tension, but not by much when she again remembered what she was there for. She made her way up the stairs, around the hallway carefully, and out the door to her car she had parked completely ajar in front of Medusa's estate.

"And after that, you drove me here as quick as you could to administer the anti-venom?" The little Mizune sister present in Eruka's room nodded a 'chi'.

"I can't thank you enough, Mizune, but I have bad news. I have to get out of here, Medusa had me injected with a tracking device into my brain, the first week she abducted me. So you'll never even think of leaving me, she thought of Medusa's words verbatim. "In fact," She continued to speak, "it's not safe for you here. Surely she's recovered and she has this place tagged. She's going to get us, Mizune what are we going to do?"

Mizune acknowledging the pressure of the situation, called in her sisters, to take on her adult form again, so that travel and communication would be easier. A loud 'chi' alerted the other Mizune sisters into the room, where they joined together. Fully joined, Mizune began informing Eruka of the plan.

"Okay. First we're going to get on the move since, as you said, it's not safe here. Then we're going to find someone who can remove that tracker from your skull."

Mizune left the room so she could go prepare provisions, not sure how long this trip might take. Eruka sat in the room, assessing the situation. She was afraid. She could think of nothing to do, and she was upset. Angry to her very core that she had got her best friend involved in this. Minutes went by that Eruka sat there doing nothing physically, but mentally fighting an enemy with no form. What am I going to do! She shouted in her head, as tears started to flow. Mizune returned with a sack of supplies.

"Why are you crying, Eruka?"

"I'm just upset that I got you involved in this mess."

Mizune stepped closer to Eruka. She grabbed her "Your mess is my mess, now come on. We're short on time."

Moved by Mizune's words, Eruka pulled herself together as best she could for the sake of escaping with her friend. The two girls rallied together quickly out of the room, out into the living room, then out that room, and out the apartment. They headed down the several flights of stairs quickly, then when finally outside made their way for Mizune's car.

"So, we have a plan, but what about the details of the plan?" Inquired Eruka.

"What?" Mizune asked.

"We know we need the tracker removed, but how?"

"Oh, that's the easy part. I know of a doctor, who specializes in making and placing brain trackers. We'll get him to remove it. His name... is Stein"

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