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Chapter 1

The summer sun beamed down on the streets of New York City. A Perfect day to ride with the top down! And that's exactly what she was doing. Staring down the busy street and then looking at her phone, made her realize she was going to be late and that was something she really didn't want to be. Being the daughter of Tony Stark, she already had inherited the typical stereotypes of being a Stark, and she definitely didn't want to add more fuel to the fire.

"Where is she, Stark?" Tony Stark looked over at Director Nick Fury, rolling his eyes in the process. Yeah, she should have been here by now. Yes, she was his daughter. But she was definitely going to get it from him, after Fury left for leaving him stuck with the one-eyed pirate wannabe .

Just as he was about to reply with one of his usual sarcastic remarks, the elevator dinged and an out of breath, Burgundy head young woman stepped off. She saw her father and smiled. "Hi Daddy. Sorry I'm late, Traffic was a nite mare!" She hugged her father and stared over at Director Fury. "You must be Director Fury! I've heard a lot about yoUU!" She glared at her father as he had pinched her. Fury made a small laugh knowing what the pinch was for.

"And you must be Bethany Stark" He reached over and shook her hand. "I'm glad you could finally make it. We have a lot to talk about."

"Ok what about?" Asked Bethany. She had heard all of the SHIELD stories from her dad. Why Fury was here wanting to talk to her was a new one to her.

"Have you heard of Captain America?"

"Yeah, of course" she replied a bit skeptical.

"As you know, he was frozen for over 70 years. Waking up in 2011 was a big change for him. He is still learning the ropes around here and we are needing someone to give him some assistance. And that is where you come in. As the Director of SHIELD, I am formally requesting your assistance with this matter." Bethany looked over at her dad with her mouth hanging open. Tony smirked at her and pushed her mouth back shut.

"How is it Kiddo, that I am Iron man, and you don't even bat an eye lash. But Fury asks you to hang out with Captain America and your speechless?" asked Tony. She rolled her eyes.

"Maybe because your my dad, and let's face it... He's hot!"

"OK! I really didn't need to hear that! Fury are you sure this is such a good idea?"

"I have all the confidence that Ms. Stark can handle this task. Besides, we would prefer someone out side of SHIELD, but who is familiar with it for this assignment. She fits perfectly. However, I'm still waiting on her answer to my request." Fury looked over at Bethany. Bethany smiled over at her dad and then over to Director Fury.

"I accept! So when do I start?"

"The Captain should be here an-"

"Sir Captain Rogers will be stepping off of the elevator momentarily." Tony smirked at Fury. Knowing that he hated being cut off by JARVIS. Fury rolled his eyes. The elevator dinged and all three turned around to see Steve Rogers stepping off of the elevator and walking over to them. Bethany's heart began beating faster as he drew closer. 'He is as hot as I thought!"

"Captain Rogers, nice of you to join us." Fury stated shaking the soldier's hand.

"Thank you, sir. You said you wanted to meet me here?" Steve looking a bit skeptical about why he was here with Tony Stark and some young woman that he had never met. He had to admit that she was beautiful. Her green eyes, apparently from her mother, were captivating and her hair was a strange color that oddly suited her.

"Yes. We have assigned an outsider on an important SHIELD operative, catching you up from 1942 to 2013."

"Sir, with all do respect, I think I can manage on my own."

"On the contrary, History, technology and life as we know it has drastically changed since you were unfrozen two years ago and it continues to change everyday. The longer we wait to do this, the farther behind you will be." Nick Fury turned towards Bethany. "This is the outsider assigned to help you. Stark's daughter."

"Daughter?!" Steve looked over at Tony.

"Long story, Capsicle!" Bethany giggled and rolled her eyes at her dad. Her mom was always a sensitive spot with her dad. She walked over to Steve and stuck out her hand.

"Bethany Stark." She smiled into his blue eyes. Steve shook her hand staring back into her green eyes.

"Steve Rogers. Pleasure to meet you ma'am"

"Pleasure is all mine Captain. So you ready to get started?"

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