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Steve noticed it was quiet as he entered the apartment, coming back from the gym. Too quiet. That was usually never a good sign with Evalina. She was the joy of both Bethany and his life, but she was a handful. Obviously, getting that from her grandfather. Steve walked into see Bethany, napping on the couch. After finishing up the school year after going back after having Evalina, Bethany decided to be a stay at home mom. Steve figured that she must have dozed off during their daughter's nap time, but Evy would have been up by now.

"Bethany, Baby wake up." Steve said as he gently shook her shoulder. Bethany blinked up at him, smiling sleepily.

"Hey." she said. "What time is it?"

"It's after 3:00." he angered. Bethany's eyes snapped open, before jumping off the couch.

"Oh man! I let Bethany sleep too long!" She walked down to the nursery, stopping before calling for Steve., her voice shaking. Steve hurried down the hall to see his wife frantically looking and calling for their daughter. He looked in the nursery and noticed that his 14 month old daughter was not in the crib. She had only been walking for a few months, surely she hadn't crawled out. A bark at the nursery door caused both parents to turn around.

Standing at the door, wagging his tail, was Spangles. They both noticed that he appeared to have colorful streaks going through out his fur. Colors that no Beagle had ever worn before such as pinks, purples, blues, greens, and reds. Steve and Bethany looked at each other before watching the dog bound back down the hall to their room. They followed him into the room and then in the bathroom to see Evalina sitting on the floor, her mother's make up scattered all over the floor around her. Steve and Bethany stifled their laughter as they watched their little girl, who was also covered in a wide variety of make up, smear more makeup on Spangles, who was sitting in front of her.

"I guess she did climb out." exclaimed Steve. Bethany nodded back at him, smiling.

"Evy Girl! What are you doing?" asked Bethany, walking in and picking up the messy baby.
"You scared Mommy and Daddy!" Steve walked up behind Bethany, smiling down at his daughter. Evalina reached a messy hand up, touching the side of Steve's face.

"Da!" she squealed. Steve started laughing, leaning down the kiss the little girl on the cheek.

"OK, Miss Priss!" Started Bethany. "How about you help mommy get all of this make up off of the floor, and then you can get a bath. And while we do that, Daddy can give Spangles a bath." Steve groaned. Spangles hated baths! He reached down picking up the wiggling canine, who seemed to know what was about to happen.

"OK, I'll give him a bath." he started out of the bedroom, walking towards the hall bathroom. "But I'm evoking my rights as a married man later on! You owe me!" Bethany laughed as she and their little girl stood in the make up destroyed bathroom.

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