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The sound of a motorcycle engine echoed in the streets, coming to a halt in front of the local Saint Vladimir High School, bringing the smell of leather and gas to the air. The crowd that had gathered around the parking lot drifted away from the dark character on the bike. Everyone knew whom he was and were terrified of him. The whispers began just as the rider was dismounting.

"Oh, no, he's here." A girl with fake blonde hair and too much make up said.

"Hell, the party pooper just dropped in," a jock from the football team sneered. Though many didn't fancy the rider, they couldn't build up the courage to insult him to his face.

The rider took of his helmet, revealing jet-black dyed hair, and a face that would make any girl swoon if it weren't for his bad reputation. He wore a leather jacket and a back T-shirt under that even though the May summer air was too warm. His eyes were dark brown but appeared black because of the shadow that loomed over his face.

As he walked towards the front after locking his motor in place, he slung his worn out backpack over one shoulder and swaggered his way into school, leaving the smell of leather and oil behind and a trail of student thirteen steps behind him. When the bell rang everyone scattered, broken from the spell the dark character had created but he didn't. He just walked down the hall already bored of being in school. If it were up to him, he would spend it on his bike, roaming the city of LA, maybe even do a girl or two if he was up to it but no.

He had to attend school because of his mother who had been left behind by his father when he was young. He narrowed his eyes at the thought of his father, the bastard that left them. The only person he had left was his dear mother who was still depressed about 'the event,' as he had decided to call it, so he went to school to get out of her hair.

When he reached his locker, he stopped short and inspected the assault done. There, in big red letters sliding across his locker, was the word, "Freak." He almost smiled. It was funny what his reputation had evolved into. Everyone knew he was no angel but sometimes it got out of hand. He was accused of almost everything, except rape. Maybe because it was too much to think through and the kids attending Saint Vlad where just looking for some entertainment.

He ignored the writing on his locker and switched books, and slipped in a drag of the cigar he kept hidden in his locker. Funny thing was, nobody dared touch the inside of his locker. Oh, there were many rumors about its mystery. From weed to condoms, and from porn magazines to weapons but the only thing that would actually endanger his admission to Saint Vlad was the cigar, not that nobody else had some. For example, Adrian Ivashkov who walked with a packet in his pocket at all times, and in plane sight for everyone to see. It was still a wonder how he could slip by the teacher while smelling like a walking smoke house.

"Mr. Belikov," the stern voice of the vice principal, Alberta Petrov, made the dark boy slam his locker shut and shift his backpack from one shoulder to another in a sign of boredom. He had had many encounters with the vice principal so many that he basically owned a shelf of all his faults in her office.

"Yes, Ms. Petrov." His voice was like silk and dripped of sarcasm. Much to his amusement, the mid-aged women, dressed in a grey pencil shirt and loose blouse, sniffed the air around him and wrinkled her sharp nose in disgust. Hm, maybe he might get caught after all for sneaking in a cigar.

His smirk widened when she decided to ignore the smell that hung around him like a cloak. "Class started ten minutes ago and yet here you are, yet again."

"No worries, I was just heading to class." When he had taken a step on the opposite direction of his class, she shook her head.

"I'm actually glad you are out here." That made his eyebrows rise. "You see, we got an exchange student and she barley got here. I was going to ask Lissa Dragomir to escort her but since you are here, why don't you show her the ropes?" He waited for the punch line but when she kept staring at him, he grew nervous.

"Are you serious?" She seemed to smirk in satisfaction. "You've got to be fucken kidding me."

"Language." He was tempted to bang his head against the locker but decided against it since his face was too pretty to be harmed. He tried to think of any excuse, any excuse really, so she could find a new alternative but came up blank.

He sighed, and Mr. Petrov's smile widened seeing his resignation. "Where is this girl?"

She clicked her heels together, making him smirk, and waved a hand in the general direction of the office. "The office, getting her schedule. Go, introduce yourself properly, and stay with her for the rest of the day." He almost started to protest because come on, the whole day? But he realized it could have been worse like say the rest of the semester, so he took what he could.

"Yes, immediately, Ms. Petrov." He had started to walk away when for the second time; she stopped him, smiling thinly.

"And please, no smoking during school hours." One that note, she walked down the half probably looking to torment another kid that was skipping as well. It took him a few seconds to realize that she had left him off the hook, again. Huh, maybe the lady wasn't as bad as she looked.

With one last grunt, Dimitri Belikov made his way towards the office to pick up the new girl, which he would soon come to realize, would rock his world.


The brunette sat in the office waiting for whomever Ms. Petrov had called on to lead her around the school like a lost puppy. She grimaced at the thought but pushed it down. She had promised her mom, Janine Hathaway, that she would try to stay in the new school she had chosen for her. Her warning came back loud and clear: If you don't stay clean for the rest of the semester, you will be sent to your father in Turkey. How can someone deny to those terms? It wasn't like she wouldn't be happy to be with her father but she had memories in LA. Besides, she would miss the sun, the beach, and the freedom. No, she had to do her best and "stay clean."

The sound of the door opening made her return to attention. Who she saw almost made her heart stop beating. A guy, with dark exotic features, entered looking like someone had just eaten his favorite dessert. At first, she just stared, hoping that he was just late and getting a tardy pass, after all it was the office, but when he didn't, just kept leaning against the open door, she grew confused.

Her heart fluttered when he connected eyes with her, in one fast movement. His eyes were dark, dark like his hair and his leather jacket. All that, combined with that sexy smirk on his full lips, made her suck in her breath.

"I'm not just standing here to look pretty, get up." His voice was silky, caressing her skin. Yeah, he may have been sex on legs but the sarcasm in his voice made her angry.

"And I'm not sitting here to pose for a play boy magazine," came her reply, matching sarcasm with sarcasm. His smirked widened.

"Clearly, you have potential." Had she heard him right? Did he just call her hot? Yeah, she knew she was pretty and was used to getting attention from the opposite sex but not from one as hot and sexy as him. Not that she was about to admit that, she'd rather keep toying with him.

"Thanks for stating the obvious." He ran a hand through his dark locks, as if trying to contain his temper, which she found odd because he didn't seem one to try to keep his emotions in check.

"Look, I don't want to be here but Ms. Petrov asked me to take you to all your classes and stick with you all day long so do me a favor and get your pretty little ass up." She scowled at him but stood up, grabbing her books and backpack. She walked up to where he was, expecting him to move away but he staid put. Now, they were so close together that the tip of their shoes brushed against each other, and her breasts faintly touched his hard chest.

"Okay, lead the way," she broke the spell. He blinked as if awaking from a dream and stepped aside.

"Dimitri," his voice startled her. "I mean my name is Dimitri Belikov."

"Okay, Dimitri. I'm Rose Hathaway." She had the pleasure of seeing his eyes widen a fraction. Huh, so her reputation followed her everywhere she went.

"Rosemarie Hathaway?" Before he could finish whatever he was going to say, she pushed him against the wall, and pushed her forearm against his throat, not tight to cut his air supply but enough to view her as a threat.

"Don't you ever, ever again, call me Rosemarie, understood?" Her teasing, almost flirty voice was gone replaced by a venomous tone that would have made anyone run away from her but he simply smirked.

"Or what, Rose-mare-y?" She pulled back her arm to punch him in the face but he suddenly changed their position, so she was the one against the lockers.

"I'll cut off one of your legs," She threatened even though the tables had turned.

"I can live without one." This time she was the one who grinned.

"Not without the one between your legs," and with that said, she pushed him off of her. "Now lead the way, I wish to go to class." That was a fat lie but anything that could keep her from thinking how solid his body had felt against hers.

"This way." And so he led her to class.

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