Fast and Furious 8: Beyond Fast, Beyond Furious

"So, Dom..." Brian started, shifting into 6th gear.
"Yes, Brian?"

"What is this job you talked about?"
"It's important. Really important. Important enough to drag Roman from his beachhouse in the Bahamas." Brian laughed at that.

"Wow, that has to be some serious shit to get him away from those girls he surely hangs around." Dom, however, remained serious.
"Brian, I'm sad to say this isn't the time to joke around."
"What are you saying?" Brian started to get a bad feeling. Something big was going down.
"It's your sister. We found her."
Brian's knuckles were white.

As Brian and Dom sped towards downtown London, someone in a building watched them weave their way through traffic. "This is going exactly to plan." he said while eating flounder soup.

As Dom and Brian arrived at the hideout, Roman greeted them. "Salutations my fine fellows, and unto you the greatest of greetings!" Roman exclaimed while digging into a burrito.

"Roman, cut the shit man, we all know you read that off a pamphlet somewhere." Brain said, punching Roman in the arm slightly as he walked by.

"Damn, brotha, no need to be so cold! Ruining my game here man." Roman said as Tesh shot lasers out of his muffler.

"Roman, we all know you ain't GOT no GAME!" Tesh said as everyone sat down at the table.

Everyone got silent at that, and then started laughing their respective asses off, sans Roman.

Everyone quieted down as a loud explosion happened outside, and then...

"Help!" shouted Letty as someone broke in through a window, grabbed her, and rappled back out, suspended from a helicopter.

Everyone was about to give chase when...

"NOS!" shouted Dom as everyone dived as a car exploded from gunfire.

Everyone scrambled up, looked at eachother, nodded, and ran to their cars.

"Shit. It's time to go fast." Dom said.

"And it's about to get furious." Brain replied as he opened his car door. Everyone stopped, midway into getting into their cars to stare at him, silently.


Letty heard voices. AS she opened her eyes, she saw a shocking sight. It was Vince.

AN: Here it is, chapter 2! Things are HEATING UP.