Hey guess who's back. I needed a little time away from Glee, but I am getting back there. I started writing this last week and I wanted to know what you thought of it my lovelies. So this is sort of AU because I am writing parts of the first kiss episode, but I'm adding my twists to it.

I own nothing but the plot, Aiden and Hayley


Pairing: Alex and Miranda

(Yeah I know the couple doesn't exist in the fan fiction universe so I wrote this one! Besides Lucy and Selena would look gorgeous together. Almost as much as Demi and Selena.)

First Kiss Gone Right

Alex's P.O.V

So I'm Alexandra Russo, but my family and friends call me Alex. My girlfriend Miranda calls me Lexi, but she's the only one that can call me that or they get a stare off. Nah, I just slap them on the arm. So here's a little bit about me and Miranda. We've never actually had our first kiss yet. We've been dating since she transferred to our school. Most people like my brothers think I'm just not into her. This is definitely not the case. You see, I haven't kissed anyone in my entire life so I don't know what to expect. I'm really nervous but I love her. Did I just say love? I probably did no worries though right? I might just look for Harper. I need advice because she's my best friend also Justin's girlfriend. I get shivers just thinking about them kissing and it's not the good shivers. I guess that's just my opinion.

Normal P.O.V.

Harper walks in to the substation looking for Justin when Alex walks up to her. "Hey Harps can you help me? I need some advice."

Harper looked at her friend and said "Okay what do you need?"

Alex looked around and pulled her to the side and said "Miranda and I haven't had our first kiss yet."

Harper whisper yelled "WHAT!?"

Alex covered her mouth. "Not so loud so everyone hears it."

Harper looked at her sheepishly. "Sorry, Alex it's just hard to believe."

Alex sighed. "I know, it's just I'm really nervous. I think I love her, Harper."

Harper smiled. "Well, you do bring her from gloomy to happy when she sees you. Just find the right moment alright?"

Alex nodded and hugged her best friend. "Thanks Harps see you later I got to hang out with Miranda."

Alex ran out of the sub shop to see her girlfriend looking tearful. Alex sat by her girlfriend on the bench by the hardware store.

"Hey, sweetie what's wrong?" Miranda looked at her girlfriend's eyes and hugged her.

"Lexi I need to tell you something."

Alex didn't know what was going to happen, but she didn't want to lose her girlfriend.

"Hey, honey can we go to my room and talk about this or would it help if we went somewhere else?"

Miranda looked up from her place on Alex's shoulder and said "Can we go to your room? Are your parents' home?"

Alex smiled slightly. "Sure we can, no they're out shopping at the moment"

Alex flashed them into her room.

She almost forgot that Miranda didn't know that she was a wizard. "Oh Miranda I'm so sorry, I should've told you I was a wizard before I flashed us to my room."

Miranda smiled slightly. "It's alright Lexi. As long as I know that now."

Alex smiled and said. "So what was it you need to tell me?" Miranda sighed.

Tears were threatening to come out of her face. "I might be pregnant, Lex."

Alex looked at her girlfriend in confusion. "You didn't cheat on me right?"

Miranda shook her head. "I was raped." She said quietly.

Alex stood up quickly and said "WHAT?! Who did it to you? I'll send them to Transylvania to get eaten by vampires and werewolves. Yeah Transylvanian vampires are the worst next to the werewolves."

Miranda giggled a little. "As much as I would love that babe, you don't want to get in trouble with the wizard council do you?"

Alex got confused. "Wait a minute are you a wizard too?" Miranda nodded.

Alex smiled. 'Well at least now I know I don't have to give up my powers when I marry her. Where did that come from? Marriage? I'm only fourteen; can I really help my girlfriend with a baby at my age? Yes, I can and I will be there for her and the baby.'

Miranda nodded. "Well maybe there is a wand app that can tell us if your pregnant or not." Alex said.

Miranda giggled. "Lexi we can't use magic for every problem. We'll just have to do it how mortals do it normally."

Alex sighed grabbing her wand to go to the drug store. Miranda just smiled knowing Alex would have a hard time without magic.

"Babe, let's just…actually I like your idea. Let's flash in the drug store, I don't feel like walking."

Alex got another idea. "I'll be right back Miranda, I'm just going to the lair."

Miranda nodded and knew what she was about to do for her. She freaked out a little while she was alone.

Alex went down to the lair got out the speed jacket and got to and from the drug store and back with the pregnancy test and paying for it in 10 seconds. She put the speed jacket in the closet and flashed in her room, she saw Miranda having a panic attack.

"Justin, please stop, I'm with Alex! Alex please saves me! No Justin! Stop!"

Alex held her girlfriend close and said soothing words to her.

"Hey, Miranda it's just me Alex. It's alright your safe. I'm right here, sweetheart."

Miranda looked up and saw brown eyes that painted concern and worry.

"Lexi I thought you were going to leave me."

Alex shook her head. "I'd never leave you baby, I love you so much."

Miranda smiled and said "I love you too Alex. Thank you for not leaving me after I told you that I might be pregnant, most people would just leave."

Alex smiled and kissed Miranda on the cheek. "I'm not like most people. Just a question but did my brother, attack you?"Alex asked quietly.

Miranda nodded.

Alex nodded and muttered under her breath. 'You are so dead Justin! I am never going to forgive for hurting the love of my life. Whoa that… actually makes sense. You better watch your back Justin. Just watch it real closely."

Alex saw that Miranda was about to take the test.

"Hey baby, I know you're scared, but even if the test is positive I will stay by your side. Always." Alex added.

Miranda smiled and said "Lexi you don't have to do that."

Alex smiled and said "I want to even though I'm young; I am not leaving your side."

Miranda smiled and kissed her cheek. She went in the bathroom and took the test.

She read the box and it said to wait five minutes. 'Well these are going to be the longest five minutes of my life.' Miranda thought to herself.

She came out of the bathroom looking straight into Alex's eyes. "How long do we have to wait Ran?"

Miranda blushed at the new nick name her girlfriend gave her. "Five minutes." Miranda said.

Alex sighed, "Well this going to be the longest five minutes of my life." Miranda smiled.

"Wow it looks like we were thinking the same thing."

Alex nodded. Miranda then freaked out about child related things.

"Lexi how am I going to tell your parents and my parents, how will Max react to this, I know how Justin will, and what about Harper? Will your parents hate me? Will my parents kick me out? What about raising the baby. I don't."

Alex interrupted her girlfriend with a soft kiss on her lips. Miranda relaxed and smiled against her girlfriend's soft lips. She kissed her back and wrapped her arms around Alex's neck. Alex wrapped her arms around Miranda's waist deepening the kiss. Both girls felt like there were fireworks and that nothing could break them apart. When they heard a timer beep they broke apart gasping for breath.

"Wow…" they said in unison. Miranda went to the bathroom to check on the test.

Miranda looked at the test with shaky hands and saw the plus sign on the test. She had tears down her face. They weren't really all happy tears but she does know that she has fallen in love with Alex more than before. She was also surprised to have her first kiss with Alex while all of her fears were appearing. But she loved the feel of her soft lips and being able to feel safe in her arms. She wiped some tears but they kept coming. She went out of the bathroom and ran into Alex's arms.

Alex embraced her girlfriend and started soothing her sobs.

"Shh, baby it'll be alright. I won't leave your side. It's going to be okay, it'll be hard, but it will be worth it?"

Miranda looked in Alex's brown eyes and asked "How do you know? You're not pregnant; you won't be looking fat and have to go through morning sickness."

Alex just kissed her forehead and said. "Your right, I don't really know. But even though I'm not pregnant I can help you and feel your emotions. You're not going to be fat, you'll be carrying our child, and I'll hold your hair up and soothe your nerves then too. I love you so much; I'll do anything for you."

Miranda smiled. "You said our child; even if it's not really yours you want to raise it with me?"

Alex nodded and kissed her softly. Miranda kissed her back with so much love.

They pulled away smiling. "You know you're the first person I've ever kissed." Alex said.

Miranda smiled "I'm glad I was your first kiss. And hopefully I'll be the last person to kiss you."

Alex chuckled. "Funny, and yes even if it's not mine I want to call it mine and raise it with you."

As the couple lay down on Alex's bed Alex was tracing little circles on Miranda's stomach. Miranda looked up at Alex and smiled. In all of the times she's dated none of her ex's were like Alex. Most people knew Alex to be a little troublemaker and to just hurt other people's feelings, but when she's around Miranda and Harper she doesn't act that way. Well Harper doesn't see it as much as Miranda, but Harper does know that Alex can be caring.

"Hey, Lex, why don't you get along with Justin?" Miranda asked.

Alex sighed. "I'll always love him but he hurt you, baby and I don't like it when people hurt those I love. Especially if one of my family members hurts the love of my life." Alex said.

Miranda smiled. She loved how protective Alex was of her. She was still able to hang out with her friends and Alex while Alex hung out with Harper at moments that she could. Now Alex wasn't sure about her brother anymore.

"I want to forgive him but I can't really find it in my heart just yet. Does that make sense?"

Miranda nodded. "I do understand, I'm just saying if I had a brother that hurt you I would have a hard time forgiving him for hurting you." Alex smiled.

"So do you have any siblings?" Alex asked her.

Miranda smiled. "I have a sister and a brother. My sister is twelve and her name is Hayley and my brother is seven and his name is Aiden."

Alex smiled. She honestly loved little kids and how they have a bright imagination, that when she started painting was when she was four.

"Can I meet them sometime? I love kids, when they use such a bright imagination I had when I was younger. I started painting when I was four using my imagination."

Miranda smiled "Maybe you can teach our children how to paint too. What else can you do?"

Alex was shy about these things but she loved these moments. "Well, I can play the drums, sing, skateboard, you know pretty much everything about me, babe."

She lifted Miranda's shirt a little to see a very small bump.

Alex smiled and started talking. "Hey there little one my name's Alex or also your mommy's girlfriend. I know you probably can't hear me, but I love you very much love bug. Your mom means everything in the world to me and I know that when I meet you, you will also mean a lot to me. You might call me mama or something like that in the future, so I just want you to know I will always be here to protect you and your mother. Okay little buttercup?" Alex placed a light kiss on her stomach. Miranda smiled.

"I love you Alex, what did I ever do to deserve you." Miranda said.

Alex kissed her cheek and said. "I ask myself the same question beautiful."

Alex then looked at her girlfriend and asked "Do you want to go tell my parents now about the baby?"

Miranda nodded. They walked down stairs hand in hand seeing Alex's whole intermediate family was in the front room.

Alex looked at Justin who had a smug grin on his face and mouthed. "I got you so bad, now what are you going to do?"

Alex let go of Miranda's hand and ran to Justin grabbing him by his collar.

"How DARE YOU do that to the LOVE OF MY LIFE! I can't believe you would defile someone as sweet, loving and innocent as Miranda! Especially since she told you that she wasn't interested! Do you have to be reminded by my fist?!"

Justin stayed quiet smirking. "I don't know what you're talking about Alex."

Alex punched his cheek. "YOU absolutely disgust me!"

She kicked him in the stomach, punched him in the face and kicked his shin until Miranda used her will power to get her away from him.

Just came back and said "You stole my girlfriend! All I wanted Harper for was to get her away from you dyke!" He spat out. Harper gasped at this and started to tear up.

Alex broke free and slapped him in the face. "You will never do that or say anything degrading about me or my best friend!"

They got into a fight which was stopped after Jerry broke it up. Miranda held Alex and started to sooth her. Alex had some cuts and bruises on her face and body, but it didn't hurt as bad as hearing the word dyke from her own brother.

"Now what is this about defiling Miranda I heard Alex?" Jerry asked trying to get everything straightened out.

Miranda spoke up for Alex. "Mr. Russo sir, what she by defiling was that Justin raped me."

Jerry looked at his bloodied up son in disappointment and anger. "Justin Vincenzo Pepe Russo I thought we taught you better than that to treat women! I don't care that you lost Miranda to Alex because frankly Alex has done a lot better than she's ever been since she started dating Miranda. Miranda looks at Alex the way I look at your mother and I feel happy that they make each other happy."

Justin just smirked yet felt a tinge of remorse.

"Mr. Russo, that's not all, I'm also pregnant with his baby." Miranda added.

Justin looked at Miranda "well I'm not old enough to be a father so I suggest you abort the little demon."

Alex really wanted to beat him up again but she just said "Well, if you're not going to help her raise it then I will! And don't ever call the baby a demon it's no demon if anything it will be sweet like their mother."

Miranda smiled sadly. Jerry and Theresa smiled at their daughter and then looked at Justin with disappointment.

"Justin I am very disappointed in you." Jerry said.

He looked at Alex and said "I'm not saying you can't do this because I know you can, but are you sure you want to do this with Miranda?"

Alex smiled at Miranda and her father and nodded. "I've never been surer of anything in my life."

Jerry smiled. "I am so proud of you sweetie. You are really changing and growing up to be a fine young woman. Miranda can stay with us. Have you told anyone else this?"

Miranda shook her head. Jerry nodded knowing what to do next. "Justin, you are going to come with me and turn yourself in the police." Justin followed his father while everyone else stayed.

Theresa looked at her daughter and said, "Oh mija I am going to be an abuelita. You will let me teach the baby Spanish right?"

Alex looked at Miranda who nodded.

Alex nodded. "Mom, I'm sorry if I disappointed you and dad. I just don't want Miranda to raise the baby alone."

Theresa smiled at Alex. "Alex I'm not disappointed in you, I'm very proud that you want to keep the Russo family going. As for your brother I'm disappointed in him, he not only hurt Miranda but he hurt you also. Miranda is you okay with sleeping in Alex's room since you might not be comfortable in Justin's room."

Miranda nodded. "Welcome to the family and call me Theresa." Miranda smiled.

"Thank you Theresa. I love Alex so much; she has made my life so much better."

Theresa smiled and nodded. "I know you do mija. She blesses a lot of people when she wants to. I'm just glad you opened her up again."

Alex never opened up to anyone except for her friend Mikayla. Mikayla knew everything about her; sadly she passed away from leukemia when she was thirteen. Alex broke down in tears when she heard about her best friend, Mikayla was the first girl she ever had a crush on. She met her when they were three. She knew her longer than she knew Harper. Alex knew that her mother was right when she said that Miranda opened her up again. Even though it's only been almost a year she feels that Miranda has helped her a lot. She feels thankful to have Miranda and she hopes that she could be a great mother to Miranda's child. She really doesn't like her brother at the moment, but she has to live with what happened she can't change it.

So tell me if you want this to be a multi chapter or just a few shots! I love your opinion, maybe get some ideas on baby names in here also and what you want the gender to be. Sorry if the AU ness is crazy I wanted to dabble and see how Miranda would act as a wizard. Read and review.