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Chapter 2 First Kiss Gone Right

Alex's POV

It's been a few weeks since Miranda told me that she was pregnant. I woke up before her which is weird for me because I am definitely not a morning person. I turn around to see my beautiful girlfriend sleeping with her arms around my waist. She looks so peaceful and did I mention that she is beautiful. I love her so much. If I could take the pain away from her I totally would but it's not physically possible. At least I know my son or daughter will be a wizard that helps me a little bit.

The part that will help me is that my brother will never hurt my girlfriend ever again. I just wish I can know soon, I don't ever want my child to go through what Miranda did. Miranda is just too sweet to be hurt. I've never been through this first hand but I do know that there is a lot of denial that can either be taken as truth or lies. Sometimes victims of assault especially sexual assaults end up committing suicide because they feel that it's their fault they got in this situation. I don't want to lose Miranda to anything like that.

For a while now I've thinking of what life would be like in the future. I know it's strange for me because I'm Alex Russo who doesn't usually think about the future. But I just can't picture a life without Miranda in it. It doesn't matter to me how many kids we have or if we have a nice house or an awesome car, all that matters is that I have Miranda with me. I slowly disentangle myself from my gorgeous girlfriend and go downstairs to get some breakfast for us. Yes I know I'm being somewhat selfless so what? She's my girlfriend and I love her. Now I don't really know how to cook but let's see how well I can make eggs and bacon without using magic. This is going to be a lot of work; even I don't handle a lot of work.

Miranda's POV

So I know it's been a little rough for Alex and me, but I know we can overcome this. I woke up and noticed that Alex wasn't in bed next to me so I went downstairs to the kitchen and noticed my beautiful girlfriend making breakfast, sadly the eggs made me want to throw up so I went to the bathroom and let out what I ate for dinner last night. Then I heard footsteps come in the bathroom and hold my hair up. I knew it was Alex because of the affect she has on me.

She rubbed my back while I kept vomiting until everything was gone. I don't really like how I have to let everything I ate back up but I know it will be worth it for me and Alex to see the baby in the upcoming months from now. I wiped my mouth and looked at Alex, who smiled sadly. I stood up and hugged her and said. "It's okay, Lexi, I'm alright."

Alex pulled away to look at me. I looked into her gorgeous brown eyes and saw nothing but love and concern. She is so wonderful for helping me with this; I mean she's fourteen years old for crying out loud, most teenagers her age wouldn't want to do this. They'd run off, or if it's a girl they will either get abortion or let someone else adopt it. But she is truly amazing, I love her so much. I am so glad she is willing to help me with the baby. She's just truly perfect.

Her brother on the other hand, could've just owned up to his responsibilities as a father, like he usually does with things he needs to do, but yet if he hadn't have said he wouldn't I probably wouldn't have Alex here right now.

"Are you sure you're alright?" Alex asked.

I smiled and nodded. I brushed my teeth and then used some mouth wash.

"I'm perfect right here with you Lex." I said.

Alex smiled. "I'm sorry if the eggs made you not want to eat anything."

I smiled. "No, it was just the smell, I'm still hungry, and don't you worry about me losing my appetite. Can I help you make some pancakes?"

Alex nodded. "I might've used some magic to make sure the bacon doesn't burn, because I need my bacon." She said.

I just laughed and took her hand getting us out of the bathroom.

After breakfast we sat on the Russo's orange couch and just cuddled. I noticed Alex was drawing circles on my stomach and I smiled. I swear she is just so good to me. I sometimes think I don't deserve her at all, but I feel so lucky at the same time. It's so hard to imagine a life without Alex. I don't even want to try to imagine it. I notice that she has her thinking face on so I decided to break the thought.

"What are you thinking about baby?" I ask her.

She sadly stops her wonderful ministrations and says. "Well, I was just thinking of how lucky I am to have you my love." She said smiling.

I smiled as we basically thought the same thing.

"Aw, well I'm lucky to have you to baby. I can't imagine life without you in it."

She kissed my forehead and said. "Neither can I love, I wouldn't be the person I am today if I didn't have you."

I smiled and rested my head on her shoulder.

"Do you want to watch a movie?" I asked her.

She smiled and said. "Sure, what do you have in mind, beautiful?"

I smiled. I got up and got out the movie "Princess Protection Program."

I could tell she wanted to roll her eyes but instead she just smiled and nodded. I put the movie in and sat back in my comfortable position with my head on her shoulder.

Alex's POV

I could tell she was enjoying the movie when she saw the main character Carter Mason. I for one thought that we looked alike. However I could not stop staring at Rosie? Princess Rosalinda. She was hot, but no one is as beautiful and gorgeous as Miranda. I started thinking about how Carter would be so right for Rosie. I mean anyone like me would be perfect to a girl. We just got a charm that can't be bought.

Or is that just Russo's? I honestly have no clue; I'll get back to you on that one. Oh, wait I know now, it's just me and so that would mean that anyone that looks like me could be amazing to a girl. Maybe I'm just full of myself.

Then I hear Miranda talk to me through my thoughts. "You know they would make a great couple. Why would you say that about yourself my love? You're anything but full of yourself."

Whoa that was interesting, why was I able to hear Miranda through my mind and how did she read my thoughts? Well I at least know now that she doesn't think I'm full of myself. She even agrees they should be together. After the movie I just looked into Miranda's gorgeous hazel eyes and I could feel the love she has for me and the baby. I always had a hard time explaining my love for Miranda.

There are just no words that can describe it. I fall in love with every single flaw that she has because I know she's not perfect, but she is perfect for me to live the rest of my life with. Yes I know you might be thinking you can't be serious about this love you have you're a teenager, but let me tell you. I am dead serious about my love for Miranda.

I watched as she fell asleep while I stroked her hair. I know that even though we will have haters and people questioning our love for each other but I know without a doubt that we do this this together and show this world that love can exist, it's always going to be intense for us, maybe some more days than others, but it's not going to be impossible to overcome the problems ahead of us. If we just work together like we are doing right now with the baby, then we can just have it easy at most points in life. When her arms are around mine I feel so secure and that I won't be leaving this world without her. When I first met her I felt like I had known her for forever. It's like we just get each other and it's never been any other way.

Normal POV

Alex just watched a little romantic comedy while Miranda was asleep and started thinking about names for the baby; she was really excited to meet the little one that possibly be so much like their mother. She doesn't understand why her brother wouldn't own up to his responsibilities as a parent but she was sort of glad because then she would be able to teach the little one how much music and life have together. Music can be so much like life; it has expressions, accidentals, and natural moments of heartache. It's just music gives some people more of a way to express themselves.

Think of someone you know of that really loves music, then think of how they've talked to you or used music to inspire you with the things you do. Well that is Alex for you, music is such a passionate thing for her, Miranda has seen the look in her eyes whenever she talks about music and art. It's just so amazing to have something to share with others and for them to be able to understand a little bit of what you are going through.

Alex really hopes to inspire the baby through music and art that life can be a special thing to go through. Everyone goes through something in their lives that leads them to their breaking point but whenever Alex or Miranda go through something very challenging it helps them both to either talk about their problems or express it through music. They have always felt that music is such an inspiring piece of their lives that would never have been there without it.

Alex then touched Miranda's stomach and smiled brightly. There is nothing in this world that could possibly break this moment for her. She leaned down and started to talk to the baby even though she knew the baby probably wouldn't be able to hear her.

"Hey baby, it's me Alex, I know you might be feeling like I wish I would see you right now, but just hang in there love bug, you'll meet me soon. You'll also meet your mother, who is very loving and is the most selfless person I have ever met. I love you so much and I can't wait to meet you, little one."

She placed a gentle kiss on her stomach and felt all warm inside which she now knows that it's called compassion which Miranda has a lot of and so does she when she actually take the moment to stop and think before saying everything. There are many things about Miranda that she loves; for starters she loves her eyes, they have such a lovingness that everyone wishes they had, next is her nose, the way she scrunches her nose when she's confused is so adorable. Another thing about her is her lips, they are so soft and gentle yet she can kiss someone passionately while being gentle.

There are many more things she loves but sadly she is dozing off into a gentle sleep while hearing her girlfriend's heartbeat. It's soothing to her ears that she feels such a wonderful feeling in her own heart. Lying next to Miranda she falls asleep peacefully.

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