Ultimate Sonic


Kid Eternity

Disclaimer: Sonic the Hedgehog belongs to SEGA and Archie Publishing.

It started with...the sky...

It happened on a day like any other...

The kind where you just go about without a care, and never even knowing if it'll last...

With my best friend goading me on to catch him, I pursued and before I knew it the wind had carried him away from me...

I couldn't catch up, but sometimes he'd lessen the gap between us enough for me to reach him ever so slightly...

Then all of a sudden it got dark...

At first I thought it was just a storm. I called out to the boy already far in front of me to come home...

I knew by then that he couldn't hear me, but to my surprise he stopped..

It was then that he looked up, and as I went near and beheld his face, I saw wonder and curiosity, along with...


Then I looked up as well, and instead of a storm...

I saw something much worse...

Sally had just finished putting up the finishing touches to N.I.C.O.L.E's new graphics components which she managed to salvage from the junk piles in Robotropolis.

It was the middle of the day, and having done all of her other chores like gathering food and water, and maintaining their makeshift security systems strategically based on certain parts of the forest to help defend them from any badniks, she decided to check on her best friend and second in command Sonic the Hedgehog.

Entering his home, she found him leaning against a chair with his feet on his desk, asleep. Expecting nothing less for him to be napping at such an hour, she was even more unimpressed by how messy the inside of his house was.

With slow, heavy footsteps; careful not to step on anything, she marched right up next to him and said in a stern and forceful tone, "Sonic? Sonic wake up!"

No response. with Sonic still deep in snooze land for him to even give notice. Irritated, she breathed in and said even louder, "SONIC HEDGEHOG! WAKE UP THIS INSTANT OR ELSE!"

To her amazement, still nothing out of him; save for a snort and a rub of his nose. Having had enough, her lips contorted into a wicked smile as she raised her hand.

Hesitating for a moment, she opted to give waking him up the old fashioned way another try, only to immediately shrug it off and proceed to lay down a hard slap on his chest causing him to wake up in shock. Losing his balance, Sonic fell from the chair and fell down onto the hard wooden floor; with his body welcoming a new pain greater than the last.

He shook his head and groaned as he struggled to get up. "W-what the heck!? Who the-?" Looking up from his dazed stupor, he made eye contact with a very ticked off chipmunk.

He quickly bolted up and brushed away the excess dirt, before giving the lady in front of him a nervous smile. "H-hey Sal, good morning!"

"It's noon," she replied in a deadpan voice.

"Oh? Oh! Noon, right, so uh...are you done with your chores?" He said while rubbing his eyes as well as his sore posterior.

"Are you?" Sally's voice was more authoritative this time. With her hands on her hips, she stared daggers at the hedgehog. She then crossed her arms as she continued to question him. "Sonic, how many chores did you do...exactly?"

"Who me? Uh...well that depends...how many are left?"

"None! In case you haven't noticed I did my entire half, but had no other choice but to do all of yours too when you decided to do a little r&r! Weren't you supposed to be the one to gather the food? I had to do double checks on our rations, not to mention the modifications I had to do on N.I.C.O.L.E and don't even get me started on our secu-!"

"Okay, okay I get it! Chill Sal! Look, you know I did a major patrol run last night. I was beat, so sue me. Somebody had to make sure Knothole's perimeter was secured."

"That is so typical you; making excuses, always trying to avoid any responsibility around here. In case you haven't noticed we're not the only Freedom Fighters living here. We have to keep maintaining a smooth operation if we're going to go through the next winter and that includes stocking up!"

"I know!" Sonic scratched his head indignantly. "But you need to calm down for a minute Sal."

"Oh I'm definitely calm! I'm as calm as anyone can be! Especially when it comes to dealing with the laziest, most irresponsible hedgehog this side of Mobius!"

"Well sorry, I didn't realize that I was so useless! I'll try to be a lot more "responsible" the next time you barge in here and give me hell for it!" And with that, he ran passed Sally and headed for the door.

"Don't you walk away from this Sonic Hedgehog, I'm not do-!" She was stopped by a hard slam of the door. Sighing heavily, she rubbed her head and gave out a loud grunt before stomping on the floor.

"Why do I even bother with him!?"

"Who does she think she is anyway? Okay she's the princess and all, but still..."

Walking past huts and houses that made up most of Knothole Village, Sonic was still a little drowsy from having his nap interrupted like that. Rubbing his chest and shoulder, he grunted and tried to ignore the still persistent soreness.

Looking up, he was surprised to find that dark clouds were forming. "Rain's a comin', looks like Sally wasn't too far off in trying to fortify our resources...oh well, we'll do the whole forgive and forget routine later. Right now, I've gotta check on my little buddy!"

Turning around a corner, he soon arrived in front of a small house. Walking up to the door, he knocked three times. The wooden plank that was strung up by a nail with the word "Tails" etched in black paint wobbled as he did so.

No response

Sonic knocked again, only much harder this time, but still nothing. "Hm...might as well check out to see what's going on inside. Now normally this would be an invasion of privacy, but I am his best bud!"

Stealthily, he opened the door, causing what little light from outside to illuminate the interior. As Sonic got a better look, he noted that nobody was indeed home.

Deciding to investigate, he entered and closed the door. With a quick burst of speed, he managed to search the entire living room, or at least enough of what made up the living room considering its small size and that it was just a one person residence.

"Hm, looks like Tails isn't here. I wonder where...wait, don't tell me!"

Quickly exiting the house, he ran past several people at full speed, some of which were still hard at work with their own duties. "(Sigh) Guess I should have been a lot more considerate about what Sally was bawling on about..."

Reaching past the border of the village, Sonic immediately found a path that led to a place that he was all too familiar with; The Lake of Rings.

Bolting clear through several trees, Sonic was careful not to set off some of the booby traps installed to prevent anyone from entering the Lake without the proper clearance.

The Power Ring generator; being the most important power source for both the village and Sonic himself, was hidden deep beneath the lake to help hide it.

It was one of the few mementos left to him by his late Uncle Chuck. The other being his custom sneakers, which were made out of the same material used on Power Rings and were thus designed to be highly resilient against friction.

The only known people who knew of the Lake's location was Sonic, Sally and...


Picking up speed, he managed to get a glimpse of a small figure sitting next to the lake, and sure enough, it was indeed his best friend. The young fox was sitting on a big log; his attention fixed on something that he was working on.

Hearing a whizzing sound, but still not turning around to look, the young pre-teen immediately knew that it could only be one person; who stopped at just the right distance behind him.

Sonic tapped his foot rapidly, with his hands on his hips and looking slightly livid. "So, I suppose this is where you keep yourself busy from doing any chores huh?"

Smiling, Tails simply replied, "Hey Sonic, finished with your nap I see?"

Grinning, Sonic ran a hand through his face. "Yeah and I got called out on it by her royal assertiveness for not pulling my weight around here."

"Sally's just doing her job, it's been getting kind of edgy ever since several of our raid squads got picked out by SWATbots...it's just been really hard on her."

An uncomfortable churning started in Sonic's stomach. "And how do you think I feel about it? I was leading most of those squads on and Robotnik was able to beef up on security since the first few times, so I guess credit goes to him for living and learning."

"But at least we were able to get some choice parts and weapons, didn't we? Just look at what I got here." Lifting it up for Sonic to see, Tails presented the hedgehog with what he had been working on.

"Is that a laser gun?" Sonic asked, a bit surprised by the weapon that Tails was brandishing, which appeared to be a small, orange handgun-like device with a metallic, cylindrical cartridge installed inside the grip.

"Not exactly, point it up a tree and pull the trigger."

"Wait, you want me to actually shoot this thing and waste a tree? Can you say 'forest fire'?"

"Relax it's not a laser, just pull the trigger and be amazed. I promise it won't be disappointing."

Taking the weapon in hand, he gave Tails one final look with a raised eyebrow. While the fox just smiled and nodded his head.

Doing as he was instructed, Sonic raised the gun and aimed it at a tree, making sure it was just far enough from the lake and them.

Once he pulled the trigger, a clear stream of fluid shot out of the muzzle at high pressure, latching itself on to a branch.

"Woah! What the heck? What is this!?" Sonic asked in bewilderment.

"Like it? It's something that I was able to develop from the chemicals that you guys managed to salvage from your last raid. By combining a distinct set of polymers and resins that I found in the Forbidden Forest together, I was able to make a fluid that instantly dries when exposed to air.

"I came up with the idea ever since we got captured by that sticky foam that Robotnik's SWATs got us in the last time."

"Man I knew you were smart, but this is just way past cool. Does it work Tails?" Curious, Sonic examined the fluid that was sticking out from the muzzle, although now it had dried into a thick cord.

Grabbing it with his free hand, he was surprised by its adhesion as it instantly clung to his glove. "Ugh, it's sticky!" Sonic said as he tried to tug at his hand, but found the now dry substance to be highly persistent. He then dropped the gun on the ground and stepped on the muzzle before giving a harder pull.

"It's supposed to be sticky, here let me help you with that, you might break it." Getting a hold of the gun; all the while being careful not to get any on himself, he signaled for the both of them to pull in opposite directions at the same time.

Unfortunately, the task proved to be more difficult than expected as it proved resilient to breakage. Realizing that it was futile, Sonic took off his glove and handed it to Tails.

"Well, I must say that this turned out to be an excellent test run!" Tails exclaimed.

Sonic scratched his head. "Wha-since how is this excellent? I just lost a glove, so now I have to go home and grab a new one." He rubbed his hands together, feeling the fabric of his remaining glove against his bare palm.

"Sonic, just think of what we can do with this. I mean, we'd be able to increase our security exponentially! I've already tested the fluid out earlier this morning and believe me when I say this; my magplas is some pretty strong stuff."

"Well how can I-wait...'magplas'?"

Tails nodded. "Uh-huh, if I can mass produce this we'll be able to set some up as traps."

Sonic paused for a moment in thought, then glanced one more time at the device in Tails' hand. "But are you sure it's safe? I mean, will it really work?"

"I'm sure of it, just trust me on this one."

"I don't know, I mean don't you think it might, y'know, muck up some of our operations?" Sonic grinned, taking in the humor of his remark.

"I'm still trying to come up with a solution for that, but so far, this is all I've got. I've already made a few batches of this stuff and I'm planning on asking Aunt Sally to give me the green light to use some."

"Well good luck with that, but just keep your magplas away from me. Anyhoo, come on Tails' let's go home, it's about to rain and judging by how dark the clouds are getting, it's gonna be one doozy of a storm."

With that, the duo made their way back to the village and went about their separate ways to their respective homes.

Nearing his house, Sonic saw that Sally was still waiting for him on his front porch; who then slowly made her way to meet up with him. "Where have you been?" She then noticed his glove. "And what pray tell, happened to that?" Crossing her arms, she pointed a finger at Sonic's bare hand.

Peeved at her tone, Sonic just dismissed her with a huff. "Tsk, just went out to look for Tails. Found him by the lake with some kind of new invention. He'll be talking about it with you some other time, but right now, I've got to buck up for this storm."

"Oh so now you're being responsible. Well that's just peachy, next thing you know you'll be asking to call the shots around here."

Sonic just flashed her a grin. "You know, that doesn't sound like such a bad idea. Maybe I should be the leader."

Sally rolled her eyes, "As if I'd ever let you again. You remember what happened the last time I let you lead a team? SWATbots will be mowing us down in no time."

Hearing this, Sonic stopped before the steps to his porch. He looked down and heaved a heavy sigh, then turned around to look Sally in the eye, "So you're still mad about that huh?"

Sally stared coldly back, taking in the hedgehog's emerald green eyes that seemed to reflect her emotions. "They were good men Sonic, and they counted on you; I counted on you, and you failed...Harold and Chuck are probably clanking their metallic hides for Robotnik now thanks to you."

Sonic gritted his teeth, now even more incensed at her merciless tirade, "Believe it or not Sal, Harold went off the deep end when he panicked! He got himself captured by SWATs, and Chuck somehow; in defiance of all that is logical, paid attention to his stomach and tried to get a free lunch from a vending bot."

"As if you're not guilty of that. Don't tell me you don't go gaga over a chili dog whenever one catches you off guard!"

"Jeez louise Sally, you talk as if I have an obsession!"

"That's not the problem here, the problem is that you need to be more responsible!"

"I AM! I'm trying to be the best damn leader that I can be, but if some people just learned to follow orders and not walk off with their own stupidity, everything would be a-okay, instead, Harold and Chuck brought their troubles on-" he was cut off by a slap to the face, as Sally's scowl hardened, tears welling in her eyes.

"We're done here Sonic...just be sure to actually be on time for tomorrow's meeting at the square...or don't bother to come at all." Turning away, Sally walked off. Leaving a slightly dumbfounded, but nonetheless hurt hedgehog.

"Right...see you tomorrow Sal," he whispered, and wheeled around to enter his home.


Then the storm came.

To all readers, I have heavily edited all of the grammar mistakes that I have made and thus.

From the mind of KidEternity comes another exciting one shot. This is going to be a reboot for Sonic the Hedgehog, my own re-imagining of our favorite blue blur. I will (unofficially) be referring to this as the Ultimate Mobius universe.

As a general rule, I will include information on any new characters that will pop up. However, to put everyone into speed, here are some of the basics.

Sonic is 18

Sally is 18

Tails is 12

I decided to make Tails a bit older to at least not make him into just a tag-along kid, and Sally here is the leader of this version of the Freedom Fighters, as opposed to Sonic who usually fills this role. In addition, unlike Sonic SatAM or most versions, the Freedom Fighters are not a small group, but an entire village of Mobians.

On a brown note, to avoid confusion, Uncle Chuck is long gone and "Chuck" is merely another mobian who had the misfortune of having not eaten before being deployed. Also, I edited some parts out that were...suggestive.

As a one shot, I will continue this based on reviews, so enjoy!