Title: Prisoner.

Rating: T for Teen or PG-13. I like to push the rating so be warned.

Summary: Takes place DIRECTLY after seed of Chucky. It's been five years since Chucky died, and Tiffany is still held prisoner by her love. Will she ever be free?

Author Note: This is my FIRST childs play fiction, but I LOVE the movies. Tiffany rules, and I find the relationship between her, and Chucky oddly romantic, and passionate. I love the whole Love/Hate relationships.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Childs play, anything affiliated with it, or the characters. I wish I did! Alas I don't so I'm just playing with them. Please don't sue me

I'm going to refer to her as Tiffany just because I think that makes it easier to follow then if I referenced her as Jennifer.

Glen felt the warmth of the urine running down his leg, it had been a year and a half since he last wet himself. He didn't have time to react before the plastic hand that once belonged to his father lunged from the box gripping his neck. He fell back onto the ground with a scream of pure terror.

"MOM! MOM!" He screamed pulling at the hand gripping his neck. It was so tight he couldn't breathe.

"Glen, Glen...I'm here. Glen." He felt his mother grip his arms, and shake him heard her voice over his own screams.

"MOM!"He yelled again shooting up off the ground.

He sat up in his bed with a gasp. It took him a minute to realize he wasn't in his yard anymore, but in his bedroom safe in his bed. His fathers hand was gone replaced by his mothers soothing arms wrapped around him.

"It's ok Glen, I'm right here." She said softly stroking his back.

"What's going on?"His sister asked rubbing her eyes, and standing in his doorway.

"Your brother had a nightmare sweetie. It's ok go back to bed." His mother said sweetly.

"You're such a freak." His sister said to him before walking down the hall.

"GLENDA! you know better." His mother yelled before they heard his sisters bedroom door close.

"I'm sorry mommy." He said burying his face in her neck.

"It's ok sweet face." She said kissing his head.

"I wet my bed." He said miserably.

"It's ok. I can wash the sheets. Do you want to tell me what the nightmare was about?" She asked holding him at arms length to brush back his hair.

"Dad." He said simply.

"Oh...I see." She said softly.

Glen wiped his nose on his sleeve. Then swiped at his teary eyes in misery. She sighed heavily before forcing a smile, and pulling on his blankets.

"Come on baby lets get this cleaned up, and you back in bed." She said.

Glen climed out of bed, and moved to his dresser pulling out some fresh pajamas. He picked up the old worn photograph of him, and his father back when they were still dolls. His mother hated the picture, but had allowed him to keep it. Glen didn't know why she hated the very thought of his father.

"Mom?" He asked gently.

"Yeah sweetface?" She didn't turn around from stripping down his bed.

"Do you miss Dad?" He asked moving towards the bed.

She froze, and took a deep breath. She pulled the fresh sheets tighter on his bed, but didn't reply, and for a second he didn't think she would answer.

"Yes, I miss your father. Everyday, but there's nothing I can do about it now." She said tossing his pillow back into place.

"Did you love him?"Glen asked, and she sighed.

"Enough questions for one night. Come on into bed with you." She said pulling at his pajama top.

"Mom I can do it." He said irritated.

"Alright, Sorry." She let go of him, and tossed his shirt aside, as he pulled on the fresh pajamas he had selected. She wiped at her own eyes that suddenly filled with tears.

"I'm sorry I made you sad mom." Glen said, and she smiled.

"Come here." She pulled him close for a hug. He wrapped his tiny arms around her neck, and let her hold him close for a few minutes. Finally, she pulled away.

"Bed time." She said lifting him into the bed.

"Goodnight mom." He smiled at her snuggling down into the blankets.

"Goodnight sweetface." She leaned over kissing his forehead.

She stood moving towards his door she switched off his light. His nightlight of stars reflected against his ceiling. She pulled the door shut moving into the hallway. She walked across the hall to Glendas room, and pushed open the door looking in at her daughter. She was sound asleep in her tiny pink bed. Her wild, red hair all over the place as usual. Tiffany smiled sadly she was a spitting image of her father. Tiffany loved both her children equally, but everytime she looked at Glenda it was a knife in her heart.

She closed the door, and moved to her own room. It was beautiful really, but so cold, and empty. She climed into bed pulling up the blankets she stared at the ceiling her mind running wild. Glen has nightmares more often than she'd like she wished she could take that awa from him. She knew it hurt him not having a father, and she knew that it hurt Glenda too. Glenda was tougher she pushed the hurt down, and kept going Glen was letting his guilt eat at him. Tiffany tossed, and turned before giving up she sat up in her bed turning on the bedside lamp she grabbed her book from the table.

Men who kill, and the women who love them.

She read deep into the night praying somewhere in the pages of that book she would find a way to free herself from the love that held her prisoner even from beyond the grave.

The next morning she was up bright, and early like always making breakfast for the kids. She had debated hiring a nanny since that seemed like the right thing to do. She was after all pretending to be a rich, and famous actress, but in the end she wasn't really. She was Tiffany a regular everyday person who loved her children, and didn't want anyone else raising them.

She pushed the toast down into the toaster taking a sip of coffee. She glanced out the window into the fenced in yard. She stared out across the grass. She had everything she ever wanted. Fame, A beautiful house, beautiful children, but nobody to share it with. Sure she could date if she really wanted to, but she didn't want to. She was never going to be free not really. She thought that when Chucky died she'd be free, but now she realized as long as she lived he would always have a part of her.

"MOM!"Glen yelled from the livingroom, and she jumped spilling the hot coffee over her hands.

"What?" She grabbed a towel dabbing her burning hands she rushed to the living room.

"Mom, Glenda won't let me watch bugs bunny." Glen said pointing at his sister.

"Glenda...you have to share the remote." Tiffany said.

"It's MY turn I want to watch Scooby Doo." Glenda said making a face that was a hundred percent her father, and that caught Tiffany slightly off gaurd.

"Glen...can you watch Scooby Doo?" Tiffany asked not taking her eyes from her daughter.

"It scares me." Glen said sadly, and Tiffany finally pulled her gaze from Glenda.

"Well sweetie it is your sisters turn." Tiffany said.

"But Mom..."Glen was interrupted by the doorbell.

"Sweetie just please cooperate." Tiffany begged before turning, and walking towards the entryway.

She looked out the tiny spy hole, and saw a man she didn't recognize. He had his back to the door, but she could tell he was tall, and average built. His black hair was a little long almost reaching his shoulders he had it slicked back. She moved to unbolt the door before pulling it open.

"Can I help you?" She asked.

"You sure can Miss Till...or should I say...Miss Ray?" The man asked as he turned around.

Familiar blue eyes turned to meet hers, and if she lived to be a thousand she would never forget that voice.

"Chucky?" She began to shake, and he grinned.

"Hello Tiff."

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