"MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY!" Glens screams echoed down the hallway of the house.

Tiffany rolled from her bed and rushed down the hall. She threw open the door to his room and flipped on the light before falling onto his bed with him.

"I'm here Glen, I'm here." She said softly.

"Mommy." He buried his face in her neck with a sob.

"What happened?" She asked gently.

"I had a bad dream, about daddy." Glen said.

"Oh, sweetie. You're father wouldn't really hurt you." Tiffany said.

"No, He wasn't he was dying in some dirty toy shop...on the floor." Glen sobbed.

Tiffany took a deep breath, stroking Glens hair.

"It'll be okay, I promise." She said kissing his head.

"Did daddy come home yet?" Glen asked.

After Chucky stormed out Tiffany didn't have time to feel sorry for herself. She made breakfast for the twins and after they ate she took them to the park. They had lunch at a local pizza place. When they came home there was still no sign of Chucky, Tiffany bathed both children then made dinner. After dinner they watched a movie and the twins tried to stay up insisting their father would come back. At midnight she had carried them each to their beds and collapsed alone into hers.

"Not yet sweetface." She said.

"He's not coming back. Is he?" Glen asked.

"I don't know baby." Tiffany said honestly.

"That's okay, we don't need him." Glen said.

"Get some sleep." Tiffany said pushing him back onto his bed.

"I love you." he said.

"I love you too." She said.

She shut off the light and closed the door behind her. She drug her tired body down the hall stopping in the hallway just for a minute. She tipped her head back and forced her feelings back down. That sick in the stomach, hurting in her heart. There was no place for it in her life, she had children that depended on her. She pushed the tears down with a deep breath and moved into her bedroom. She climbed into her empty cold bed and buried herself beneath the blankets.

Their relationship had always been this way, she was his cure for his disease, and he infected her. He would walk away when he had enough and she would stay there overdosing. He would be fine and she would go through withdraw alone. He would make his way until he tripped and screwed it up then he'd come crawling back to her for his cure, she would be feeling better, stronger and she'd still let him in to make her sick again. She was going to save him and he was going to eventually kill her.

Chucky staggered drunkenly out of the bar. His bottle of whiskey clutched in one hand. Stupid, he was stupid thinking he could slip back into her life again, for the hundreth time. How many times did they do this to each other? They fought that's what they did. They dated, they broke up several times, until one day he was killed in a toy store and there was no more going back. Then TIffany brought him back and they were together for a breif time until he killed her, then they came back and she killed him. Now, he wasn't sure what they had.

Stupid, he was stupid thinking that they could ever make it work. All he ever did to her was wreck her and all she ever did was worship him. He chuckled at the idea, she worshipped him as if he was some great man. He was a murderer, and sometimes a drunk. There had always been love though, always. She loved him and deep down he loved her more than any man ever loved a woman. He hated the way she made him feel, not on purpose of course.

When he was with her he could see more clearly, the man he used to be, the man she needed, the man he wasn't and the man he could never really be. All of it was so easy to see. It was a constant struggle seeing the pieces thrown in his face. Broken fragments of the man he would never be. He didn't know why he came back to her, and the twins just because there once was love didn't mean there still was.

He staggered down an alley using his hand to guide his drunken steps. He could hear her soft giggle in his head and he took another drink, trying to drown her out. He tripped and leaned against the wall for support before sliding into the sitting position his back against the wall. He let his head slump forward his hair a curtain around his face. He took a deep breath even this alley stirred up memories, one in particular he wished he could forget.


Chucky laughed as he and Tiffany walked down the sidewalk together. She smiled sweetly back at him and for the hundreth time he wondered why she was wasting her time with him. This was their fourth date in as many weeks, and still she kept coming out with him. Sometiems he was afraid she'd leave him, sometimes he was afraid she wouldn't.

"Charles! Hey!" A voice echoed down a nearby alley and he turned to see his friends.

"Hey guys, do you mind if we stop?" He asked Tiffany.

"Not at all." She said.

She followed him down the dark alley as he high fived his friend Frank, his friend Roger handed him a beer and his other friend Louis offered one to Tiffany.

"No thank you." She said shaking her head.

"Chuck man, where'd you go and find a girl like that?" Louis asked.

"Around." Chucky said taking a drink of his beer.

"So Susan said you haven't been around." Frank said.

"What's he need a whore like that for when he's got that?" Roger asked motioning at Tiffany.

"It isn't like that." Chucky said already not liking where this was going.

"Come on Chuck, share with your friends. Is she a wildcat?" Roger asked nudging him.

"You keep talking about my girl I'm going to knock your teeth out." Chucky said.

"Woah woah, no need to get hostile." Louis said forcing a laugh.

"Yeah, We all share Chuck, you know that." Frank said.

"Not this time." Chucky said grinding his teeth.

He hadn't even kissed Tiffany since that night he dropped her off after their first date. He barely held her hand when they were out. She was just so damn sweet.

"Come on." Frank teased.

"I said no." Chucky said.

"Chucky...can we go?" Tiffany asked softly from behind him.

"Yeah babe, we're going." He said.

He turned towards her and the two of them started down the alley. Roger jogged up on the other side of Tiffany.

"You don't like me do you?" He asked.

"I don't know you." She said.

"Roger..."Chuckys voice was warning, but Roger persisted.

"Come on Chuck, Share the wealth." Roger said.

He snaked out a hand and pinched Tiffanys butt. She squeaked in surprise. Chucky grabbed her and roughly pushed her behind him. He towered over Roger.

"I warned you I told you nicely." Chucky said.

"Come on Chuck, you're going to get all upset over an easy lay." Roger argued.

Somethings inside Chucky snapped. He smashed the beer bottle over Rogers head, and followed him to the ground. He punched him, once, twice, three times before Louis and Frank pulled him off. He turned and kicked Louis in the groin before punching him in the face. Frank took off at a run dragging Roger with him as Chucky began beating Louis. Tiffany grabbed hiss arm giving a firm tug, he shrugged her off harder than he meant to and she hit the concrete. Her small frame let out a light thud and the sound drew him away from Louis. He let go and Louis bolted from the alley.

"Tiff, Babe." He turned towards her and she winced away.

"Don't." She said softly shielding her face and he felt like a jerk.

"Tiff." He pulled her gently to her feet.

She didn't struggle but tried to curl into herself. He dragged her a few feet into the alley and gently pressed her against the building. His eyes searching her face.

"Tiff, I'm sorry." He said.

"Why did you do that? They're your friends." She said.

"You're my woman, mine. Nobody touches you, nobody looks at you." He said.

She kissed him, her arms wrapping around his neck and her lips crushing onto his. It only took a minute for him to get over the shock and kiss her back. His arms wrapped around her waist. His tongue dove into her mouth and she bit it lightly. He pressed her body against the building, resting his arms above her head.

His body was on fire from every timid touch, every tiny noise she made. His hands finally moved to her thighs sliding up her leather skirt to bunch around her hips. He nipped at her jaw line and kissed his was down her neck. She didn't protest and he shrugged out of his leather jacket. He lifted her to wrap her legs around his waist so he could press his body tight against hers. Her back against the building she let out a small moan and ran her fingers in his hair.

She wasn't a virgin and he was slightly relieved, he was in no state of mind to be gentle now. In the back of his mind he knew she deserved better, but he didn't care. He screwed her senseless against the brick wall in the dark, dirty alley. Anyone could have came, but nobody did and he cries echoed until they thundered in his brain. When they were both shaking with exaustion and well satisfied he lowered her to the ground resting his head aginst hers.

"I'm sorry, I should have taken you...home." He said.

"It's okay." She said slightly breathless.

"No, it's not. You said you'd only sleep with someone you love." He said.

"I know...and I did." She said softly.

He couldn't say it back, it just wasn't in him. So he kissed her again and wrapped his jacket around her shoulders over her jacket. She smiled at him and he noticed the bite marks on her collarbone. Anyone who saw her would know what he'd done to her. He smiled and took her hand, good. She was his and everyone would know it now. They walked out of the alley together and he wondered again, what she saw in him. He knew what he saw in her, a future and a glimpse of the kind of man he could be with her.


Chucky took another drink of the whiskey with a wince, if he didn't know better he'd swear he could taste her lipgloss from that night. Cotton candy. He could smell her perfume, and feel her nails clawing up his back. Never mind that they had sex twice just a few hours ago in her shower, he could feel her on his skin as if she was there with him.

He laughed at the though Tiffany was beyond that now, beyond the fast rough screws in back alleys, the rock music and heated encounters in the backseat of his car, the days they spent in bed just exausting themselves. She was better than all that, always had been and now he knew if with a certainty. He wasn't good enough for her, wasn't good enough for their children.

His brain began to feel foggy he took one more drink and passed out where he was sitting. One memory playing on a loop in his brain, one voice in his head and one name on his lips. Tiffany.