Hi again, I just wanted to make this Korra fic because of the new season and I LOVE BOLIN anyways I hope you like it, and Read/Review please! Also mpreg.

"Mako! Korra! I have a surprise for you!" Bolin yells as he walks into Makorra's room, wanting to tell them his big surprise. "In here, Bo." Korra comes running in to hug Bolin and squeezing him tight, not having seen him in months while he was away with his boyfriend General Iroh.

"Bolin! How are you? I haven't seen you in forever!" She exclaimed, now noticing the baby bump she hugged. "Um, Bolin what's this?" Mako asks as he walks in kissing Korra's cheek and sitting down. "Oh Good! you're here, so guess what? I'm pregnant!" Bolin says, smiling and rubbing his belly.

"Your WHAT?!" Mako yells. "I'm pregnant, I found out three months ago and it's Iroh's! Aren't you happy?" Bolin said, looking disappointed that Mako is angry about this. "Of course we are, right Mako?" Korra said the last part through gritted teeth, clearly mad at Mako for hurting his baby brother. "Yah I am, um, Bo? Where are you and...Iroh... staying?"

"We're staying on one of his ships, why?" "Oh no reason, but I would like to give him a visit." And with that Mako shot out of the room using fire to propel him to Iroh's stationed ship. "Where is he going." "Oh no, no no no no no no no no." Bolin stutters out, running in the direction that Mako went, Korra following close behind.

"Mako, Mako, wait, wait, just calm down." Bolin finally caught up to his brother, with Korra having to air bend her way to Mako he was so fast. "I just want to talk to him." "No you don't! Don't hurt him!" "I just want to talk to him."

"Mako why are your hands on fire?"

"I just want to talk." Mako said as he opened the door to Iroh's cabin, immediately shooting fire into the room.

"WHY DID YOU GET MY BABY BRO PREGNANT?! YOU SICK FREAK!" He shouted while Iroh blocked the fire with his forearm. "I didn't mean to hurt him, I just love him so much! I wanted him to bear my children!" He tries to reason, but knowing he didn't when the fire intensified. Bolin running into the room just then, shocked, immediately bending a rock pillar up to block the fire's path. Then putting Mako in a earth cast, sending him into one of the walls.

Korra now in the room, that is littered with burn marks and smoldering earth. "What the HECK is wrong with you, Mako?" Bolin yells, not wanting to swear though; he's just so innocent. "WHAT THE FUCKING SHIT HAPPENED IN HERE DUMB AND DUMBER?" Korra yells at the two, looking furiously at Mako.

"I was just trying to protect you from THIS MONSTER!" Mako screams at Iroh, still shocked of what just happened. " You don't need to protect me! I am a grown boy and just because I'm dating an older gentlemen doesn't mean you can go set him on fire!" Bolin states. Korra putting out the fires that remained and walking over to Mako and slapping him hard.

"Owww thanks a lot babe." Mako sends out. Korra ignoring his words says. "Hey its your fault for trying to kill Bo's boyfriend and going crazy."

"And now that that's over I would like talk to my boyfriend, please?" Bolin cuts in, feeling sorry for his love, still sitting on the bed looking confused. Korra said okay, moving her boyfriend out of the room, still in the cast, muttering something about punishment on the young firebender.

"Hey, look, I'm sorry about my brother. He can be very protective at times." Moving to sit next to him, Bolin places a hand on his. "He might come out as a sicopath but his heart is in the right place." "I know, I'm just glad you two are okay." Iroh says bending down to kiss his belly.

"AW! You big lug, I might have to show you how sorry I am." Bolin smirked, kissing Iroh on the lips. Iroh pulling him close.

Hello, this was my first LoK fic and I hope you liked it!