SNK vs Capcom

A near blood red Harvest Moon and a darker night than usual overlooks the Grand Palace of Ajuda in Portugal. It has seen many dires in it's time, such as a great earthquake that ravaged it during 1755. It's rebuilding was paid for by an unknown benefacting family for exchange of the deed in the later 20th century. No one understood why such a late contract, but the peoples of Lisbon, desperate to have their pride returned to them, heartily agreed. Now after almost
one and a half centuries, a new presence resides within it.

"How much further damnit, I hate heights," gruffed Ralf.

His only reply was his commander Heidern's sternful and piercing glare intense enough to stop a raging bull. Along with the two were Clark Steel, grappler of extreme prowess and quiet reserve, was leading the quartet of climbers; Clark and Ralf's senior commanding officer, Leona, who had been raised and trained by Heidern since his discovery of this orphan to be a competent and efficient soldier that was always cool and reserved under even the most absolute of pressures. Albeit
with all her training, recent events had managed to upset that notion.

Clark signaled that they had finally reached an open window in which they could enter. With as much stealth as they could muster, the team quickly climbed through and moved into the shadows. As they traveled through the decadent hallway, Leona tried to hide her awe behind her usual emotionless face.

"Commander, this doesn't seem to fit," Leona softly whispered, "Rugal may be rich, but he was never one to indulge in such
extreme lavishness"

"I agree with you, but the news we had received of Bernstein still existing, and sources pointing to this location could not be ignored," Heidern replied in a quietness matching Leona's voice. "We'll finish our reconnaissance here and if we do not find anything, we can go back to base and rest easier."

"But it would not be polite of you to leave before meeting your host," whispered a voice from behind the group.

"Ralf, we have no time for your inappropriate levity," scolded Leona.

"Hell that wasn't me, hastily said Ralf in reply, 'Clark?"

Clark was still leading the group.....

As if in synchronization, the quartet spun around and fell into their fighting ready positions to meet a man in a radiant black and red lined cloak who towered over even Heidern's overbearing frame.

"Plus I must insist that you not whisper," The sinister looking gentleman replied with a smile, "it's such an impoliteness."

"Shit, who are you?" demanded Ralf.

"Well, you obviously are not Rugal, but what is your connection with him," asked Leona, taking note of a hunger within the eyes of the man in front of her. She had seen a similar look upon Iori Yagami's face when he was within a fight.

"I do not know of this....Rugal you speak about, but do not trouble yourselves with him no longer," said the regally dressed man, "as for me, my title is Count and owner of this castle, Demitri Maximoff," taking a bow as he proudly announced his name.

Maximoff, COO and chief stockholder of Maxilevels industries," Heidern recalled, "but no pictures of you even exist, how can we be for certain you are who you say?"

"True, no pictures exist of me in part because I cannot be photographed, vampires just are that way." Demitri smiled to bear his overly sharp front teeth and his voice turned into a solomn hiss, "As for needing to truely know for sure who I am, that is something that does not matter in your current predicament."

"Like what is that supposed to mean?" Demanded Ralf, but his only reply was Demitri's eyes narrowing and him throwing back the cape that was wrapped around him.

"Shit esse, you're insane!" was Ralf's last reply, and seeing what was imminent made the first move. Running at Demitri, Ralf exploded into a straight punch, backfist, then uppercut combo only to meet with dead air as the Count gracefully glided back as though he were blown by the wind. Grabbing Ralf by the neck, Demitri just casually tossed him over his shoulder and was immediately met with Clark's foot from a jump kick.

Taking the blow in stride, Demitri spun on his toe and returned the attack with a forceful backfist. As soon as Clark was dealt with his eyes met with Leona's hard stare as she rushed low with her right hand cocked back.

Rotating her arm at her shoulder in a 180 degree, Leona hand left a trail of ki energy that sliced the air and managed to barely snag the Vampire's cloak. Before she could actually register where he could have vanished, Leona heard his chuckle behind her. As she spun around, she could now easily see the vastly sharp and toothy grin of he opponent, at that moment Leona's face melted from a Cold and competent soldier of the highest one of utter horror.

Before Demitri could return her attack, his back was met with a slash, compliments of Heidern, which sent the Vampire staggering forward. As Demitri fought to regain his balance, Ralf was up and kneeling right before the Count. Leaping from that position, the top of Ralf's head connected with Demitri's chin, felling the Vampire back a bit, and then knocked him down as Ralf came crashing down on top of him engulfed in flames. As Ralf connected with ground there was an explosion that sent Demitri flying off his feet.

Now Demitri was royally upset, and had resolved to close this matter with haste, but before he could begin, he felt himself tackled and painfully rolled along the floor by Clark. After the fifth roll Clark slammed Demitri to the floor a slight distance away, and ran along side Ralf as both him and Ralf dropped their elbows onto Maximoff's chest. Ralf wasn't done yet as he began to wail frantically with both fists upon Demitri's handsome face at a machinegun pace. As the vampire felt the hammering blows from Ralf he began to see red.

"GET.....OFF" Demitri shouted as he vanished from under Ralf and reappeared in the air in with his feet at a point and drilled into Ralf's back. As Ralf fell to the ground barely conscious, Demitri spun around knocked the wind out of Clark with a thrust kick. As Clark fell back Heidern was right there to make sure the vampire had no time to recover and stabbed fiercely into the right side of the Count's chest.

"GO....TO....HELL!!!" Heidern bellowed as a stick of ki dynamite exploded within the count's chest, seeming to disintegrate him.

As dust and debris was stirred up, Clark and Ralf slowly got up, holding their back and stomach respectively. Heidern noted that they'll survive and looked over his shoulder to see how Leona was doing. She was obviously shaking but he was glad to notice how she, despite herself, was cursing herself for freezing up.

"Oh, shimatte." Heidern turned back forward to see what Ralf was cursing about, and noticed a crowd of bats viciously flapping in a tight pattern around the point where Demitri exploded. The bats began to tighten closer until they were locked onto each other in a human form. As it solidified, the features were less so human and VERY demonic looking, as if it were a giant humanoid bat-demon. Then finally the creature's features formed into the handsome countenance that is Demitri

"Lastly, please keep the explosions to a minimum," requested Demitri, "repairs on this palace are rather expensive, and I do so hate having to look for replacement furniture."

Ralf and Clark wearily sunk into their fighting stance, with Heidern following suit. Leona hesitantly did the same, but it was obvious that she was rather nervous still.

"Eh heh heh hehhh, that was a grand tete de tete," complemented Demitri, "but it is time for my dinner, why don't you stay?" Upon his last word Ralf and Clark each felt a pair of arms lock down their own with an iron grip, and both were to wore out to do anything about it. It took 3 pairs of arms to subdue

"I think I'll allow my lovely ladies to be entertained by you gentleman, while I tend to the newest addition to my harem." With that Demitri's eyes met with Leona's and her eyes locked onto his, at that moment her eyes dilated and all she knew was an empty, voidlike, calmness. All Leona could do was stand there, unable to defend herself as Demitri glided across the floor to her.

"Come'ere baby," Demitri soulfully said as he transformed into his demon form and hissed as his fangs came to bear. Right before he was about to sink his fangs into her pale neck, Demitri reeled back.

"Your blood, it's so potent, full of some energy, what is the secret locked within your veins?" Demitri questioned as he once again resumed to take his bite.

Right as his saliva dripping fangs touched Leona's flesh, Leona let out a scream of anguish. Realizing that he had not yet broken the skin, the Count looked down to find if she had been injured.

Sticking out from the muscular part of Leona's shoulder was a wooden arrow, that was also piercing himself, and dangerously close to his heart. Demitri staggered back as his vampiresses let go of Ralf, Clark, and Heidern and collapsed to the ground in pain.

Turning to see where the arrow had come from, their sights met with a girl who couldn't be more than 15 or 16 in a white dress and a red hood and cloak.

"You want to keep your collective asses," Shouted Baby Bonnie Hood, "get a move on it, my night's already blown thanks to you guys."