SNK vs Capcom: Drink your troubles away

Vega narrowed his eyes, and hissed a curse on Eiji. They had searched all over the grounds, and even ventured into the countryside and neighboring towns in order to find him, but to no avail. It was only luck that Vega had returned home to oversee a few things that he happened upon Eiji there. Unfortunatly, luck did not stay with him, since this was the third time the Japanese Ninja managed to elude the Spanish Ninja.

First to return were Vice and Mature, with no news of his whereabouts. Even tracking the blood stains they found led to dead ends. Next, were Cammy and Juni with equally dissatisfying information to report. Vega wasn't so much worried that Eiji had escaped him, but to the fact that he was obviously in his residence searching for information as to why he was attacked by the Spaniard in the first place. The reuccuring thoughts in Vega's head was of the many things Anansi was going to do to him if he found out, so he decided that it was just going to have to be personal between him and Eiji, "It shall be his survival or mine."

Iori glided around a deadly axe kick delivered by Gill, that landed in the pool and instantly froze it solid. The crimson haired warrior aimed to take advantage of this, since it appeared that his opponent was stuck, and rushed after him with a his power hand trailed back for the strike. Suddenly, Gill leaped into the air as a trail of pulverized ice followed his foot. Jumping backwards yet flipping fowards, the flame and ice encrested man intended for a brutal counter with Iori's head as the target. Iori was fast to react as he spun into his Oni Yaki uppercut. Maroon and crimson flame collided in the air, and canceled each other out, as both Iori and and Gill landed and went into their fighting stances.

Gill immidiatly lauched a cyro-kinesis sphere at Iori, who retaliated with Yami Barai. As the two projectiles met a brilliant flash erupted. Not wasting any time, Gill charged after Iori with his arm stretched out for his Pyro Sabre Lariat, and Iori went to meet the attack with his nail gail, spinning around and leaping foward with his trailing hand lit with Orochi energy. Gill stopped short of Iori's attack and parried it away upon impact, allowing Gill into the Yagami fighter's defence, as he grabbed Iori into a chokehold. The crimson haired fighter managed to snake one hand behind him and dig his nails into Gill's torso with a cry of "JAMA DA", as he raked up, forcing Gill to release him. Iori got a good look at the wound he had caused to his opponent's chest and watched it heal expediently. The Yagami karateka let out a shallow breath, as he once again prepared for the apparently long fight ahead of him.

Both Chizuru and Athena had been out for four hours in almost nonstop clubbing. Athena never really had much experience with nightclubs, only going on a few occations with Kyo and Sie. Even though her inexperience, she was enjoying herself, despite still a bit flustered about earlier that day.

After dancing a bit by herself on the dancefloor (and warding off a few suiters with ice cold glares), the young woman returned to the bar where Chizuru had parked herself. Once she got there, she noted several empty shot glasses in front of the Priestess, and caught faintly over the thundering music a bit of her ramblings.

"And Amaterasu shall rise once again and all is lovely with the damn world. I get to be the protector of the seal, lucky me. I shouldn't even have the job in the first place," mumbled Chizuru with her chest resting against the counter almost slouching off her seat.

Now it was Athena's turn to be concerned as she gently grabbed Chizuru's shoulder. "Any other drinks I haven't tried yet," Chizuru asked in responce as she raised her flustered face and met with Athena's. "Oh, hello."

"Chizuru-san, is something.... wrong?"

"Nothing a few more white russians should solve for the night," Chizuru replied through a drunken giggle. "you have to try on the..."

"That's okay," interrupted Athena. "It's probably best we get going now."

"Just... heh, as well, I bet your still a virgin anyway," Chizuru said with a slight slurr as Athena helped her up. Athena knew that Chizuru didn't have her mental facalties in order, but that didn't stop her from almost dropping the drunken woman, anyhow.

As they headed up the stairs to the exit, Athena asked, "I didn't know Shinto priests were allowed to drink." Athena lacked a great deal of knowlege about the Shinto religion, and assumed that it was her question that caused Chizuru to collapse out of Athena's brace and onto her knees in tears...

Both warriors were locked hand and hand in a battle of sheer strength and will.

"IMPOSSIBLE," thought Gill to himself, "I know this warrior, and though he is formiddable to the other rabble, he matches my power! How is this so?" Similar thoughts raced through Iori's mind also. He could tell this man before him should be that much more powerful than him, yet he has been able to pace him. Something is amiss.

"Enough, congradulations," interrupted Demitri. Both fighters released their grip on one another and relaxed. "I assuradly had doupts of your abilities, but it is highly apparent that your skills and power would be a great asset to us in the upcoming battles. Shall we retire for the evening so we are fresh to go through the proper paperwork to make this official?"

Once again Iori was tuned to his own thoughts instead of what his partner had to say. "Such an increase of power, I can feel my senses being heightened and always becoming more acute, I move much faster. What could be the cause of all this?"