Disclaimer warning: Sorry for the long Hiatus,I NOT own PoM character except the following character: Draco*male*(fire Dragon), Drace*female*(blue fire Dragon), Milda*female*(Ptereodactyl), Terra*male*(Komodo Dragon), Yumi*female*(Victorian cat),Clark*male*(Cheetah), Trace*male*(Flying Squirrel) , Dale*male(Bat),Shelly*female*(Crocodile), Frieda*female*(Panda) & Dolley*female*(Deer).


Milda: Hiya, guys!

Skipper: Who are you?

Private: Actually, she kind of a cute anyway *giggles*

Milda: *slaps Private* -_- I've got a news for all of you.

Yumi: *Ignore*

Trace: What news? Who are you? Where's Draco and Drace?

Milda: I'm Milda Milady. As you all can see, I was a Ptereodactyl. The news is.. Draco and Drace cannot be a ToD host tonight.

King Julien: Ack! Why not? Actually I loved that Drace one _

Mort: Can I touch your feet?

King Julien: No! *kicks mort away*

Kowalski: *takes a note*

Milda: Well, duh. They sick, so thew can't be a host. I will!

Rico: *cough up a screwdriver* rawrk rawrk! (I'll fix them!)

Skipper: Aw, come on! Why you, not me?

Yumi: Because you're TOO handsome to be a leader. -_-

Skipper: *blushed* Aw.. thanks :3

Milda: By tha way, I will introduced some o my friends.

Dale: Who?

Milda: Well, come in Frieda!

Frieda: Hi, all! :D

Private: *fall in love with her* Oh, mother McArthur, you're so beautiful!

Fries: Thank you, but sorry, I already have someone else in my heart.

Private: *heartbroken* Bu-bu-but...

Milda: Emma the Penguin!

Emma: Hello! How do ya guys doin'!?

All: *Ignore*

Emma: -,-

Milda: Clark the Cheetah! *thinks* Oh yeah. He huge. -_- So he waited outside with Dolley the deer & Shelly the Crocodile.

Kowalski: So, how about the ToD? With it'll be tonight?

Frieda: Probably.

Emma: Ye-ah. It will be.

Milda: They both are right. I invited Doris, Blowhole, Parker & Hans,too.

Dale: And the location are in Kiara's hideout.

Rico: Who Kiata?

Emma: She was a Snivy ya know, a Pokemon.

Shelly: *shouted from outside* Booyah! And came from Kowalski's world Dimension!

Later that night . . .

Kiara: Welcome all! *Shows her huge hideout*

Skipper: Nice hideout.

Marlene: It is, honey. Maybe perfect for our honeymoon.

Skipper: We haven't married yet! _

Kiara: o,o

Milda: *shouts from Microphone*Have every body arrived yet?

Frieda: Naah!

Clark: I wish I could be a Penguin. . . u,u

Frieda: *takes out her wand, then zaps Clark into a penguin* There you are!

Clark: Wow! Thanks a lot, I like it! *hug Frieda*

Frieda: NP ^^

Dale: I don't know that you're a wizard!

Frieda: Am I.

Terra: Polka dots! Finnally I here. *groaned*

Kiara: *whisper to Milda* start now, and you wasn't pay me for this!

Milda: I'll pay you lateh!

Kiara: Sorreh. :P I don't know.

Trace: *Brings many paper on his small paw* I already ha-have, the-dare! *fell uncoscious*

Shelly: Hooha. -.-

Milda: *talks from Microphone* Welcome all! Here's the Chapter two of the episode! First dare, from catty-cat-cat & her OC, Emma the Penguin, who dares Hans to run circleling(Not fly) the whole U.S.A in 10 seconds!

Hans: WAT?!


Parker: Just do that, ma friend. *crossed arm*

Hans: But, that's imposibble!

Clark: Make that possible. '~'

Hans: *growls* Argh! Okay then! *starts circleling the U.S.A*

Kowalski: *look at his watch*

Private: *still sad*

Kiara: *takes a bite of her food*


Dolley: He's drunk.

Kiara: WHAT?! NO DRUNK GUY ALLOWED HERE! *drag Blowhole away*

Hans: *Enter Kiara's HQ* I—DONE! *Pass out on the floor*

Emma: Boo-yah! Can I get a What-What?

Terra: What-what?

Milda: Naah! Next dare, are from.. Um.. Emma again -_- dare Skipper to kiss all girls in this room?! Kwaah! *pass out*

Skipper: *shiver* I-I don't su-sure it wi-will work.. *pale white*

Kowalski: *Tap Skipper's shoulder* Aw, come on! Its time to show your real love story.

Emma: *smirks deep* hahahaha. Hahahaha. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA! *Anime thunderclouds backround*


All: (._.)v (peace)

Dolley: This gonna be a long night.

Skipper: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Kiara: Skipper? Please. I started to drowsy. :T

Skipper: Um.. alright. *kiss all girls on the ToD studio*

All Girls: *pass out*

Private: So they more loved Skippa..

Skipper: *growl, then slaps Private* Don't ever think like that again, soldier.

Milda: *wakes up* Ukay.. Next dare.. AW COME ON! WHY SHE AGAIN?!

Emma: :3

To be continued..

Yeah! After a year, Chappy to is a done! Apologize for tha long Hiatus... By the way, I already added some of you reviewers OC, the rest of it will be in Chappy 3. See you! *fled