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There was definitely something about the air on the other side of those prison walls. It was not the same as the air he had been breathing and rejuvenating his body with other the past two years; it played across his skin and made him tingle all over with its possibilities. He felt as though a weight had been lifted, and he was clean again. And there she was, the most important thing in his life, her smile so big it looked like it was going to break her face in half, and there were tears in her eyes. His beautiful sister, getting more and more beautiful as the years went by, and looking more like their mother every day.

"Dom..." she breathed as she grabbed his shoulders and pulled him close. Dominic Toretto smiled into her hair, his arms right around her. Mia Toretto was the first to pull away, her eyes scanning over her brothers face. She held out the keys to the car behind her and Dom smirked at his sister. She knew him so well. It was a nice car, an import, that had obvious modifications. "She's Letty's baby, thought you might want to try her out." Dom shook his head with a half smile.

"Never thought I would see Letty choose an import over American Muscle," he murmured as they made their way to the car. Mia shrugged.

"She's got a few cars," Mia replied. Dom raised his eyes but didn't comment. Over the past two years, Mia had been his rock. His whole team had got him through, but it was Mia who was there at least once a week, usually twice. He wasn't sure how she managed to make the four hour round trip twice a week while going to college four days a week and sorting through the paperwork at the garage. He had heard a guys name mentioned a few times as well, Brian O'Conner, and her eyes always lit up. Dom had mentioned it to Vince Reese, who also came every week. Vince had said that Brian seemed alright, he was good with cars, he played nice with the other boys and he treated Mia well. Vince was as close to a brother as Mia was gonna get when Dom was away, and Dom trusted his friends judgement. He always made Dom feel better, keeping him up on the stories of the street racers and his tales with the race bunnies. Leon Peters and Jesse Martin were less frequent, maybe twice a month. Leon always felt nervous in prison and Dom knew it was a big deal for him to come and visit, and he appreciated it. Jesse's ADD made it hard for him to stay in one spot for an hour, but he loved seeing Dom. Dom was like a big brother to him, maybe even a father figure. Jesse's parents had given up on him years ago, and it had been Dom who have him a job, invited him into a family that spoke his language, made him feel at home.

It was Leticia Ortiz that had surprised him. She had visited him a couple times over the first few months he had been there, and then she'd stopped. She had only visited him twice since, on the two anniversaries of his fathers dead that he had spent in Lompoc. She hadn't really spoken to him, they had sat there in silence but just her being there meant the world to him. From what he heard from the boys and Mia, Letty had been the centre that had kept them all together once he left. She pretty much ran the garage, and for the first few months was the only one working there, as the boys fell down a drinking spiral. Her and Mia had pulled them out of it, straightened them out but it was still her that put in all the long hours. According to Vince she had built quite a name for herself in the racing world, and Mia had said she brought home a few grand a week just from racing. Apparently that was the only reason the garage had managed to stay afloat and the mortgage was getting paid. He'd known that girl was strong, but she had really stepped up. The reason he had been surprised by the lack of visits was the six months before he was taken away, things seemed to finally be getting a move on with the two. The rest of the team had been hopeful, so had Dom. He wasn't sure what had happened.

Mia talked the entire ride home, and Dom was more than happy to listen. She talked about the garage, the boys and her studies. The two hours seemed to fly by, something that definitely never happened in incarceration. He pulled into the familiar driveway and took a second to breath it all, taking in the feeling of being home.

"Dom-I-Nic!" Came a growl from the doorway as Vince flew out the front door. Dom slid out of the car, coming around to the other side where Vince clapped him on the back and rubbed his shaved head, letting out a few yells in a very Vince like fashion. Jesse and Leon stumbled out a few seconds, all the boys crowding around Dom like he was a returning God. Maybe in a way he was.

Dom had three things planned for his first free 24 hours and they were going to be done in the rank of importance.

His family.

His cars.

His ladies.

"Dominic Toretto," came a husky voice from the doorway. The boys all turned to where Letty stood, a smirk on her face. Mia noticed the spark that crossed Dom's face as he took her in. Things between the two of them had finally started escalating before Anton Toretto had been killed and Dom had been sent off to jail. But that was two years ago, and twenty year old Letty had definitely matured into an even more beautiful woman in that time.

"How's it going, bro?" She said as he took a step toward her and she punched him lightly on the shoulder.

"I hear you betrayed us for imports," he replied, nodding over to the car. Letty gave a half shrug, rolling her eyes lazily over to the car in the driveway, licking her lower lip.

"Food! Come in guys!" Mia called from the kitchen. Dom had to blink and look twice at Letty to know he wasn't imagining things. She reached over and rubbed his shaved head, that same cheeky glint in her eye as he remembered.

"It's good to have you back," she laughed, clearly reading his expression. She had on a miniskirt and a tank top, which he head seen her in a hundred times before. Except instead on skinny, her legs were toned. They were long and tanned and Dom couldn't believe he had ever called her 'chicken legs'. Her boobs were pretty good too, Dom definitely did a double take in those. He was pretty sure they hadn't been around when he had been put away, and if they were, she obviously didn't have the confidence to show them. The top hugged them, showing the edges of a lace bra. And her face...Dom let out a whistle through his teeth. She was bloody gorgeous.

"Races tonight, man," Leon said with a grin as he fell down in the seat next to Dom. "You ready to get back out there."

"Hell yeah," Dom grinned as Mia put dishes out on the table. Leon and Vince just seemed to be talking non stop and Dom leaned back in his chair, just taking everyone in. Mia was trying to contain everyone's excitement but she kept shooting looks in Dom's direction with a big grin on her face. Letty and Jesse were talking, he couldn't make out what about over the two boys joking but they were laughing, they both looked relaxed. Jesse absentmindedly picked at the crust of the garlic bread that was sitting in front of him and Letty shot forward, jabbing him in the chest.

"Jesse's got grace!" She yelled. Jesse made a face while everyone else at the table laughed. Mia sat down, closed her eyes, and grinned as Jesse fumbled through grace. The youngest of the group look immensely relieved when he was done and everyone's attention was now on the food. Dom just wanted to eat Mia's food forever-compared to what he had been living off, this was like an orgasm in his mouth. Mia just sat back in her chair, nursing a cold bottle of beer in her hand, and watched as her brother ate as if his life depended on it. All the food was finished, which was expected when you were feeding four boys, and Vince let out a loud burp that Letty scrunched up her nose at. It was already six thirty, the races started in less that three hours.

"So, Mia," Dom's gravelly voice dominated the room. "When do I get to meet this Brian guy?" Whistles and laughter rang through the room as Mia's cheeks flushed.

"Later," she replied with a half grin. "He's away for work this weekend, he'll be back later." Leon and Letty helped Mia clean up before the two of them went outside, leaving Vince, Mia and Jesse to spend time with Dom.

"He looks good," Leon noted with a grin as the two of the sat down on the steps outside the house. Letty grinned and rolled her eyes.

"He always looked good," she replied.

Racing was like sex to Dom. The faster you went and the more skilled you were, the better it was. After two years of not being behind the wheel of a car, and then only being able to drive the designated speed limit after he left the prison car park; sitting on the cool leather and smelling the fumes was like a high for a strung out junkie. He hadn't raced in years but he dreamed about it every night and he hasn't forgotten a thing. He had taken Letty's import, she had merely shrugged when he had asked her, and he had wiped the streets clean on his two races of the night. Vince, Leon and Jesse were bouncing up and down on the sidelines next to their cars, looking just as happy as he did to have him back behind the wheel. Letty and Mia were standing next to Letty's other car, a 1973 Jensen Interceptor—a car Letty had obviously put a lot of time into by the way she kept looking at it lovingly. That was the car that Dom really wanted to try out, but by the vicious grip that she was holding onto the keys with, he doubted anyone was allowed behind the wheel of that baby. The instant Dom got out of his car he was surrounded by girls, the race bunnies—racer chasers. That was defiantly something he missed.


"Bet you got quite an appetite after two years, bro," Vince laughed as Dom put his hands comfortably on the asses of the girls either side of him. Dom flashed a cocky smile over his shoulder as Vince walked over to join the two girls. The two girls were more than happy to accommodate, one of them already running her hand up and down his thigh.

"I assume its just a given that there's a party at ours after," Vince murmured, leaning against the car next to Mia.

"Yeah, we gathered," she replied, rolling her eyes in her brothers direction. She let out a huff and crossed her arms. "And it's gonna be me cleaning up in the morning while you guys are still in bed!" Mia acted annoyed, but she couldn't wipe the grin off her face. Letty knew that she was going to riding high for a few weeks, just having her brother back in their house.

The alcohol was flowing in the Toretto house and music vibrated the walls. Jesse was smoking up a storm, Mia was running around after everyone, the boys were all choosing their girls for the night and Letty...Letty was bouncing between everyone. Dom couldn't take his eye off her. She exerted energy, her eyes so full of life that Dom couldn't draw his eyes away. She was still wearing the miniskirt and tank top she had been wearing earlier, but her hair was down, curling around her shoulders, and her cheeks were flushed from the alcohol. She finally settled down on Leon's lap. Dom looked between the two of them as Leon whispered something in Letty's ear and she laughed, sucking back more of her drink. His hand was resting easily on her bare leg and Dom cast a questioning look over at Vince. Vince waggled his eyebrows suggestively and then let out a shout of laughter at Dom's surprised expression.

"Nah bro, he wishes," Vince told him. "We all know Letty is as out if bounds as Mia." Dom raised an eyebrow and was about to pursue that conversation when Vince nodded his head in the direction of the door.

"Welcome home man," he said with a slight laugh. "Me, Jesse and Leon searched high and low for ya." At the door were two girls, identical girls, clearly sisters. They wore different clothing but it all looked the same to Dom, short, revealing, just a plain nuisance to someone who had been in prison for the last two years. They spotted him and smiled in his direction. Dom could already feel himself getting hard in his pants as they made their way over.

The rest of the night was pretty blurry, a mixture of his boys laughing, Mia yelling at them all, the haze of cigarette smoke and a lot if booze. The part he remembered clearly was in his room, with the twins, satisfying his 'appetite' as Vince had put it. They had been good, and they hadn't been shy—with him or with each other. Maybe he should have been worried about the incest between the two, but he really didn't care. Both girls were gorgeous, and they were kissing each other, then they were kissing him. He couldn't think straight. One of them had her mouth wrapped around his sex, her tongue moving over him thoroughly, and he gritted his teeth. The other one was laying kisses over his bare chest and shoulders, and he tangled his hand in her hair. He didn't know either of their names, and he didn't care. He felt himself letting go, and a smile settled over his lips.

At some point, around four o'clock, it had been over and Dom had fallen into a light sleep. He wasn't sure if it was the moans or the thudding that woke him up, but his eyes flicked over to the wall just before five. Someone in the next room was having sex, and he could hear husky, feminine moans. Dom grinned, rolling over. He wasn't sure if it was Vince or Leon in the room next to him, but it was good to know his boys hasn't changed.

The seven o'clock mornings for the past two years wasn't going to be an easy habit to break. Even though he had barely slept last night, he couldn't get back to sleep once seven o'clock came around. The two girls next to him were sleeping, their naked bodies twisted around his. Dom grinned as he slid out of bed, pulling on a pair of jeans and making his way down the stairs to the lounge. He rubbed his eyes and bumped into the kitchen door. It thudded open and he blinked. Bent over in front of the cupboard was a girl in a lacy blue pair of panties and a white tank top. Dom raised his eyebrows as he got a good view of the perfect tanned ass in front of him. He was pretty sure if their was a chick at the party with an ass that good he would have noticed her.

"Enjoying the view?" The girl asked, standing up and turning around and Dom let out a short laugh. Since when did Letty have the nicest ass around? And since when did she wear panties like that? Letty laughed and shook her head, smirking over his shoulder as Leon stumbled into the room.

"Letty. Looking as lovely as always," Leon grinned at her, unabashedly checking her out. Letty rolled her eyes at him and threw back the two panadol she had been digging around in the cupboard for.

"Bro, is it you or Vince in the room next to me?" Dom asked as Letty began to leave the room. "I could hear some chick getting it hard last night." He heard Letty snort from behind him as she made her way up the stairs, that perfect ass swaying . He looked back down to Leon, who raised his eyebrows at Dom, a smirk on his face.

"Me and Leon share the basement, man," he replied. Dom's head snapped back up to the stairs where Dom had disappeared. "You heard sex last night? That would be Letty."

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